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In my case, I had arches...and then I didn't. My foot still had an arch when there was no weight on it, but as soon as I stood up my arch disappeared, my ankles rolled in, and the front of my foot splayed out...I called it my "duck foot." When viewed from behind, my heel was clearly not under my foot anymore (my Achilles made a C shape instead of being straight), my ankle bulged on the inside, and most of my toes were visible on the outside ("too many toes" sign). On weightbearing xrays, the angle between my heel bone and the ground was nearly nonexistent (it just layed flat instead of rising up to meet the joints of the foot), my metatarsals were also pretty much just flat on the ground (which caused the problem with bone spurs in my first MTP), there was not a straight line through the center of the talus through the 1st metatarsal (broken line = collapse through a joint), and I had significant talonavicular uncoverage (subluxation of the navicular moving the front of the foot outward...aka duck foot). Like I mentioned before, if you have issues like this, just fixing the tendon won't help in the long term. The surgery is not only about repairing (or in my case replacing the tendon) but putting the foot in correct alignment using bone cuts and grafts. Now, I have arches whether sitting or standing, my heel is underneath my leg, and my foot is straight...It took a lot of surgery to achieve that though :) Hopefully, all that makes sense...I was VERY overwhelmed when I was first diagnosed/started realizing that I would most likely need major reconstructive surgery!

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