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Bossemom, your situation sounds identical to mine! I had fusion surgery Dec. 2013 for an arthritic joint (navicular cuneiform). A podiatrist surgeon did that surgery and put an external fixator on the outside of my foot (and used cadaver bone, which I never knew about!). He made me start walking within 3 weeks! Well, I was in pain for an entire year, walking incorrectly due to the pain, causing other issues with my back, etc. This surgeon told me at every appt. that the fusion was a success! Finally, this past December, 2014, I got a second opinion from an orthopedic surgeon. He ordered an MRI and then told me that the bones had never fused!!! ARGH!! So, Dec. 26th, I had a re-do surgery--this time, using bone from my hip, along with internal screws and plates. I was in a hard cast for 6 weeks (non weight-bearing). I was put into an air boot cast Feb. 10th with partial weight bearing and crutches for 2 weeks. Next week, I assume that I can start to bear full weight and wean myself off the crutches.... so said the physician assistant I saw at my appt. That being said, my foot has really begun to hurt!! It woke me up out of a sound sleep last night. I'm just wondering if this is normal; or if I'm putting too much weight on it at this point? I'm thinking that I will listen to my body, despite what the PA told me---- if I need to use crutches and bear partial weight for another 3 weeks--- so be it!! I cannot afford to have this surgery fail also!! What happens then?? I saw the xray Feb. 10th and the PA pointed out the gap that needs to fill in yet. Eeeeek!! I do pray that this surgery is a success---- I am 52 years old--- a teacher, on my feet all day. The only solution I see would be disability retirement!! Please keep me posted on your recovery!

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