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Very Sore Baby Toe
Aug 30, 2008
... At the bottom of my baby toe, on the side,where the bone is, oh its so sore..not to bad wearing sandals, but when its shoe time, I am afraid it going to hurt... ... (0 replies)
... I stubbed my foot yesterday HARD. My baby toe is hurting so incredibly badly, and it is actually a bit numb. ... (1 replies)
... Saw pod today, exactly 5 weeks post-op. Replaced boot with lace-up ankle brace. Said time to walk normally and strengthen the atrophied muscles, but still no running or jumping. Forgot to ask if I can swim kick. I forgot the right shoe so put boot over brace to walk to car. Went to work with one running shoe, one dress shoe, and shorts! Looked silly until I got got my... (84 replies)

... Im really not sure how the toes number but I have had severe pain on the bottom side of my foot, I guess the ball of the foot between the baby toe and the next toe. It started in 2005 while I was pregnant. It doesn't matter what kind of shoes I wear or if I wear shoes. ... (1 replies)
... but now I don't feel that I can enjoy my very active life. My other foot now hurts at the big toe joint as well ... There is no way that I can return to my job .... I need to be able to walk long distances all the time ... ... (14 replies)
Wish me luck
Sep 26, 2012
... Todays good news! I have apparently either sprained or broken my baby toe on my good foot. ... (66 replies)
... and the more I weight bear or put pressure on it, it inflames, burns and hurts more and more. ... (14 replies)
... Make sure your doctor works on both the big toe area and the small toe area. You will be so happy about it and it will greatly increase the room you have in shoes if he works on both sides. Do you trust the doctor you're seeing? ... (15 replies)
... First, let me thank you for documenting your experience with surgery. It has been very helpful to me.I am in bed right now because I can't walk, my bunion hurts that much. I had to take a week off because the pain was so bad. ... (15 replies)
... ms for what they had done! I just know they cut my heel, put in a few screws, broke a few bones on the top of my foot, put in a few screws, took a tendon from my baby toe and replaced the posterial tendon with it. If those sound like the surgery you're having, whoohoo! I can help! ... (12 replies)
... or my leg! The nurse looked at the xrays and said it looks ok, but the doctor will need to look at it, and may have to go back should there be anything wrong. My toe is so straight, it was weird in a good way, although it does lean lower than the rest of the toes. ... (240 replies)
... However, last night I woke up in the middle of the night with the biggest pain in my baby toe on the same foot that was operated on. It felt like someone had taken a hammer to it. I'm not sure why. ... (240 replies)
... problem.He has been to a vascular doctor and a bone specialist.He had xrays and an MRI of the foot nothing really found.His issue is pain which is usualy in the baby toe sometimes the outter side of his foot. ... (4 replies)
Toe Exercises
Feb 6, 2004
... I think how hard you push yourself depends on your stage of recovery. At first, as we know from some posts on this board, pushing yourself too hard can cause complications. After your bone is healed, though, you can push yourself a lot more and do it safely. My doctor told me today that my bone is fully healed (I'm two and a half months post-op) and it is safe for me to... (3 replies)
... eem to be doing well. After my first surgery, I stopped taking the pain pills after the first 3 days becuase they made me sick. I didn't have a pin put in my big toe though, so maybe it didn't hurt as much. ... (10 replies)
... I had to stop taking my pain pills three days after surgery as they made me SICK! I am able to tolerate the pain, but there are times where I can "feel" the incision. Really uncomfortable. If I could have, I think I would still be taking the pain pills. I keep my foot up also with out the ice. My stitches also come out next week...WooHoo! Kassy : ) (10 replies)
... The stitches aren't bothering me any so far.That is surprised me but my big toe hurts some still and the pin hurts where it is. ... (10 replies)
... in. I am there now... I meant to say I use the walker to take those steps. I also hold the handle bars of my scooter and walk a bit like that at home only. It hurts a bit but when it gets to be too much I stop and use the scooter. ... (75 replies)
Bunion surgery
Feb 2, 2012
... I agree about doctors not telling you about recovery time. I do agree anyone considering bunion surgery or any foot surgery for that matter should exhaust all other methods first; shoes, orthotics, etc. Surgery does not come with a guarantee even with the best doctors. I had 3 unsuccessful surgeries and would give anything to walk without pain. Good luck to you. (2 replies)
Bunion surgery
Feb 1, 2012
... p above on top of my big toe, pain in certain shoes and heels, thought I would deal with the surgery and recoop but wow I know I am only 4 weeks post op but this hurts still. I go to the Dr tomorrow and as he said I hope to start walking on it, cannot imagine how I will get into my sneaker which is what he has me bringing. ... (2 replies)

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