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... Its been years since my injury. The pain levels vary. I'll have periods of good and bad. I think changing weather can effect. I think not taking a break after I abuse it does too. That can be hard to do. You are focused on getting something done. It can be hard to just stop. Though some days it is a good excuse to take a break. I am still trying different boots. ... (3 replies)
... Did you have surgery? Some do and some don't. Mine was shattered bad, but they were unable to do the surgery do to swelling. The injury varies, by the extent of damage. Bunch of pieces or one fracture? Damaging the subtalar joint is typically worse. Did you do physical therapy? In my opinion this may be the most important thing for healing. This is a life... (3 replies)
... dealing with the achilles tendon. There are others but they are a few years back. I hope someone can offer you advice or atleast share their experience. I had calcaneus fracture surgery 5 weeks ago and I cannot imagine weight bearing. ... (2 replies)

... Iím ten months in now from my calculus Fracture, I had a MRI scan late December and got results today, Apparently itís shows a lot of my pain is due to arthritis Iím having a lot of trouble with dorsiflexion (bending my foot upwards) which is causing me to have a terrible limp that I canít get rid of , the more I try to stretch it the more pain I get the next day and this... (2 replies)
... ve been lurking just reading everything for a while now but wanted to pop in and say hello. I fell down a few stairs back in May 2017, fractured my Calcaneus and fourth metatarsal. ... (4 replies)
... I also had a bad calcaneus fracture last February and a subtalar fusion 8 weeks later. I think it's normal to be anxious about starting to walk. ... (40 replies)
... very low dosage. With the calcaneus fracture, I started taking the other 10mg and it has helped. So... ... (40 replies)
... Hi. I'm new to the board. Had a very bad calcaneus fracture May 08 from car accident. ... (10 replies)
... Hi all , got the results of my second CT Scan this week from my 6 months previous calcaneus fracture (no surgery) Over the last few months I've been getting a lot worse with pain and now can't even bear to put foot to the floor it's that bad , feel I'm going backwards, 3 Months ago I felt I was doing ok and making progress but have had to go back to hospital a few times... (2 replies)
... My problem is the swelling, thats what really hinders walking and gives you pain. Its what causes you to limp as well. But in my case its usually after PT, its bad for a few days, than gets alot better. I hope one day we can get to the point where we dont have pain or very little of it. ... (6 replies)
... Hello Martine Thank you for your message. I am doing ok. I am back at work now and even though my job is a seated job in travel agent it still piles pressure on my foot. I am doing my exercises regularly. I really would love to get back to the gym. I do experience a lot of pain still too. As for my weight I feel maybe that doesn't help me. I'm 5ft 6in and weigh 69kg... (21 replies)
... I hope you are improving. I want to tell you about my calcaneus fx. I shattered it about 45 years ago, in 1966, also my tailbone. ... (21 replies)
... On June 22nd I had a bad accident on a wave runner which resulted in a displaced calcaneus fracture of my left heel, orif. ... (16 replies)
... because of my mode of injury. The final result was a shattered calcaneus and subtalar joint and a broken L1 vertebra. ... (8 replies)
... Hello there, I shattered my heel in Sept. 2010 it was very bad also. it is 10 months now and still very painfull. Doctors don't know what to tell me exept to fuse bones together....Is there any hope for me? ... (14 replies)
... Chelle my doctor said it would be a year before the possibility of running but she left that door open and my therapist was much less optimistic. I have noticed my heel pad veers to the left and I wonder why or if this can be moved or fixed in some way? I am walking ok short distances and the picking up the pencil with the foot is strengthening it so far. (14 replies)
... I broke my calcanues into pieces and had a fixator on my leg for a long period of time. I want so bad to be able to run a 5k again. Im determined. ANY HELP ATALL? ... (14 replies)
... foot for almost 5 months and i wanted it out so bad that i let them take it out for me in the office without any form of numbing medicine. ... (40 replies)
... (40 replies)
... hey chelle94, hope you are doing better by the time you read this. just wanted to let you know that your not allown. i to am sceard to the wageezes. :dizzy:, i fell down a flight of stairs on april 4th, was hospitalized, and the doctore recommended surgery, i had to wait two weeks till the swelling went down. after the surgery, the doctor told me "it was a lot worse then i... (40 replies)

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