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... n't scare you. I truly believe what everybody says, however it's not the most convincing answer, but "everybody does react differently". It is very true. Most of the pain I experienced was nerve pain. Some people have a lot of bone pains, others have soft tissue pain. I think everybody experiences a little of each. ... (21 replies)
... in the balls of the foot, but I feel no pain I went to 2 DPM's The first said it was mortons neuroma. I do run and hike, so I thought it could be possible. ... (3 replies)
... ray the foot looks aligned. It also looks like I have a bacteria infection in my toes. He said any surgery would open a new can of worms and hopes the bacteria infection stays dormant. ... (124 replies)

... omeone can tell me what's going on, or at least direct me to someone that can help me. For about a month or two I have been experiencing discomfort on the balls of my feet. There's no pain, but it feels like it's swollen right under my toes. ... (3 replies)
Jun 8, 2009
... o loosen up again, what I would is concentrate on what my good foot is doing then try to mimick it with my injured foot for example, like heel down transfer to ball of foot push of with toes, lol like everywhere I walked I would be thinking that in my head and I would overexaggerate every step and now I barely have a limp. ... (689 replies)
... I had an Austin Akin procedure with the 2nd metatarsal shortened. I was having pain in the ball of the foot and not the bunion. Didn't have anything done with 5th toe. I was wondering if he did the wrong procedure and I should have had the lapidus procedure. ... (41 replies)
Fractured sesamoid
Aug 10, 2008
... issed at the therapist. After a MRI, result was "Sesmoiditis VS Fracture". Meaning, they dont know. So began 1.5 years of Conservative treatments as your husbands and also the discontinuing of my life. I was unable to bear any weight whatsoever on either ball of foot. ... (82 replies)
... the only pain I have at this point is in the ball of my foot...this has nothing to do with the surgery I think. I have not done any PT. ... (16 replies)
... I'm attributing some of it to the rainy weather. The area feels very hard and is still swollen. ... (10 replies)
... on, but I was reading on the AAOS website that often times, the first symptom of PF is pain in the heel. I have zero pain in my heel...just in the ball of my foot and my 4th toe. I'm not trying to play doctor and diagnose myself but my pod. appt isn't for several weeks. ... (10 replies)
... In October of 04 my feet began burning and down from my left knee. My knees also hurt unbelievably to kneel on. I couldn't stand to wear shoes, even socks. ... (6 replies)
... Well, I have chronic low back pain and left sided hip pain. As far as physically feeling the pain from my hip or back shooting down my leg...hmmm...I don't think that's the case. ... (6 replies)
... e board while standing and holding on to my counter, and even did a few circles. I also was excited because I was walking better than I had in years with better foot placement and less limping. Then yesterday I had PT and left with it swollen but not hurting. ... (75 replies)
... I had my surgery, and my aftercare instructions consisted of the nurse advising me what to do just after coming out of anesthesia and then sending me home. ... (4 replies)
... cysts in the bone. Contributing issues are that I have a long first metatarsal and my joint is elevated. Much of the pain also comes from my sesamoids. ... (3 replies)
... in a grassy feild in a concert park. My ankle went down to the ground on both sides twice each way. The pain was INTENSE, very sharp like a knife cutting my arch of the foot. It felt like someone took my foot and forced sideways. I could not even put any pressure on my foot. My foot swelled up huge and did turn blue. ... (3 replies)
... I cannot walk on that foot without having extreme burning and a tearing feeling esp at the cuboid area, and a feeling of a "rock" under my foot. ... (14 replies)
... Good to hear you a getting better with each day. I still have total numbness under my foot and toes, I feel a ball under the ankle when I walk, does anyone else out there have this problem? ... (165 replies)
... About 10 days ago, I woke up with unbearable pain in my right foot. The pain is on the bottom of my foot, in the ball, and extends up through my big toe. My other toes and the rest of the foot are unaffected. I cannot put any weight on it. ... (2 replies)
... Hi everybody, I sprained my left foot on December 30th 2008 and Workers comp sent me to a family doctor. ... (124 replies)

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