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... After reading these boards... - I'm amazed at how many types of foot surgeries there are. - I've learned there are so many approaches to recovery. - I'm surprised that surgeons use so many different techniques for what appears to be the same problems. - I've acknowledged that each person's case is different; we all bring unique things to the table, whether it's our general... (2 replies)
Healing FOOTIES!
May 5, 2005
... (I'm posting this again, because it didn't show up the first time. If this ends up being a duplicate, I apologize in advance.) I am just about 13 weeks post-op, having had a closing base-wedge osteotomy, austin & aiken bunionectomy. I've been off crutches for 4 weeks and in physical therapy for 5 or 6. I was so good during my NWB period - didn't really do a thing,... (8 replies)
Healing FOOTIES!
May 5, 2005
... I am just about 13 weeks post-op, having had a closing base-wedge osteotomy, austin & aiken bunionectomy. I've been off crutches for 4 weeks and in physical therapy for 5 or 6. I was so good during my NWB period - didn't really do a thing, and didn't swell or anything until I became weight-bearing. It's been pretty tough, actually. My foot really hurts at the end of... (8 replies)

May 3, 2005
... Oh - the Crocs! I wanted them so badly - can't believe they're under $30 - but I'm BETWEEN sizes! They make a 6-7 and an 8-9. If only they made a 7-8, I'd be in them right now. Of course now, my left foot is smaller than my right, so after I get my right foot done they'll probably fit, but that strap kinda pushes your foot forward into the shoe anyway. I really wanted... (17 replies)
12 weeks post op
Apr 16, 2005
... When you said you had a "base wedge osteotomy, a chevron and an aiken", was this all at one time? ... (14 replies)
12 weeks post op
Apr 14, 2005
... kensi - Totally normal! I'm 12 weeks post-op, having had a base wedge osteotomy, a chevron and an aiken; two screws. I just saw my doctor today and they were really pleased with my ROM - it was a surprise to me, since I've always been double-jointed, I'm used to being able to bend my big toe almost 90 degrees back, so since I've been doing my PT exercises with my big toe,... (14 replies)
... It's all about that base wedge - if you don't have to have a base wedge osteotomy (wedge taken out of the bone further down the foot - maybe two inches below the bunion), it makes all the difference in recovery time. That cut adds at least a month to your me. (8 replies)
... In the book I have it says the head osteotomy requires you to wear a surgical shoe for a few weeks while the base osteotomy says not only might you be in a case but you'll be asked to be non weightbearing for several weeks. ... (7 replies)
... In short, everything's going to be a guess until you're out of the operating room, but if you don't have to have a base wedge osteotomy, you'll be in much better shape. Good luck! ... (7 replies)
... My doctor is apparently a perfectionist and said ... "hmmm, I'm pleased with the looks of your foot, but that big toe could be a little flatter/straighter . . . I could tweak it a bit more in a simple procedure that would only take a weekend recovery. He told me that some women want "designer" feet and that he does multiple procedures on them to try to achieve that. I... (16 replies)
... Cyclist, glad to hear everything is on track for your recovery! I wish I took a before picture of my right foot (worse then left). The only reason I wanted surgery was to tackle my ongoing foot pain.. never thought much about the cosmetic part of it, but after surgery, the nurse told me I had a "pretty foot" with the toes nice & straight & big bump gone.. now I can hardly wait... (16 replies)
... 3/31/05 Update: Hi, It’s been 5 weeks since my surgery, and the podiatrist cut my cast into two pieces when he removed it today. Things are progressing on schedule, and my x-rays show that the bone is healing okay. I still cannot put weight on my foot for another 3-4 weeks. Much to my surprise, the doctor brought the two pieces of my cast back to me after having lined... (16 replies)
... I had the base wedge osteotomy, the chevron, AND the Aiken, all on one foot, so here I am at 9. ... (28 replies)
... I'm with you, I had one of my surgeries Jan 7th and now due to have another one also on the fourth.Good luck to you :) Sue :angel: (65 replies)
... rollargirl, so your left foot is worse than your right one, is that why you will have the Base wedge osteotomy? ... (65 replies)
... FeetFirst--I'm with you. My second surgery is Monday 4/4 and first my daughter was sick wit a bad cold and now my son has it. I'm so scared I will get sick too. I'm taking all the herbal immune boosters I can think of and they are bothering my tummy but I want to get this behind me!!! My first Austin bunionectomy and hammertoe surgery was 1/10/05 and now I'm going... (65 replies)
... Hi . . . here is an update: I visited my podiatrist/surgeon on 3/10 for a checkup. I was convinced he was going to cut my leg when he used a 3” circular saw hand tool to remove my cast. (I’ve never had a cast before.) Of course, he didn’t. I was amazed at how different my foot looks -- no bunion and my toe is straight. He must have sanded down my foot, too, because my... (16 replies)
... Pakemuumama, No matter what you went through, big or small, it was still hard.....sure, some are worse case conditions and others are an easier procedure, but they are still hard...especially if it is "yours" some of us heal better then others, thats all ,but all of our surgeries are a big deal! (16 replies)
... I'm afraid I had a snap-reaction, due to what I went through, which wasn't a lot compared to these ladies, but more than I expected for sure! It is too bad you didn't get any encouragement, but I am glad you went ahead with it anyway and the surgery was so successful. Good healing to you! (16 replies)
... Pain and cabin fever......makes us all crazy!!!!! I wish my recovery was as good as yours... I, too, chose to sit it out, I have over done it in the past and had more problems because of it. All we want is for everyone to heal well...... (16 replies)

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