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... I don't think I would go for steroids. If I have bone on bone in the joint then it seems to me I have to refrain from bending it. If I didn't feel pain then there would be the risk of injuring the bones from bending.....I am guessing. ... (11 replies)
... Hi, it's on the top of my right foot and about 6" from my shin. When I move the big toe up and down, the bone goes in and out of sight. It's hard to describe. Almost like its on or near a vein but not sure. ... (2 replies)
... I just happen to notice this when I was bending my big toe down that a bone stuck out on the top of my foot but when I bend the toe back to normal I can't feel it or see it. ... (2 replies)

Ouch My Big Toe
Jan 26, 2014
... Its possible you have a sesamoid issue (the two tiny bones under the big toe, as Peach noted). Conservative treatment is to try custom orthotics, a carbon graphite insole (to prevent the toe from bending), regular icing to bring down inflammation, and avoiding anything high impact (running, aerobics, etc.) -- for about 3 months. (3 replies)
... ve pain but was recommended by my doctor to have it done now, if I let it go much longer my recovery will be worse. Well my recovery was horrible anyway. I had the lapidus procedure done. After this my big toe was much shorter than my second, I could not bend my big toe very well at all. ... (22 replies)
Big toe fusion?
Feb 7, 2006
... Which joint of the big toe is your doctor recommending for fusion? ... (2 replies)
... I've had my big toe joint fused and the only two things is impedes is anything that would require bending that joint like squatting, calf raises, lunges etc but those can be wworked around and the height of the heels I wear. ... (2 replies)
... Exactly where is this bone? (2 replies)
... I'm smiling at your question about the surgeon. The surgeon is as good as can be, but you won't catch him making any promises. ... (14 replies)
... Thank you so much for your reply. I saw the orthopedic specialist last Thursday. He is a surgeon in the Foot and Ankle Center in Grand Rapids Mi. I read all his qualifications and man oh man he sure is qualified. He does surgeries 3 days a week. I like him alot. ... (8 replies)
... a calcaneal osteotomy of my left foot. my healing process seems fact according to my surgeon i'm ahead of the curve. i have good days and bad days... ... (3 replies)
... Yes, thank you for making me feel normal about the weight gain. All around the tummy area. I only got the bending the big toe back and forth exercise and wondered what other ROM there are. I will see the doctor in a day and will check about that. ... (149 replies)
... Yes, I am very happy with my decision to have gone ahead with the fusion. It has been 18 weeks since the surgery and I am walking well. No one would know that I ever had surgery on my foot to watch me walk about. I often forget myself that I went through with it. ... (162 replies)
... That's it! I'm staying in bed! I just did it again tonight. This time I was coming down a few steps and my heal didn't clear the step before I set my foot down and I ended up bending the toe towards me. OUCH! So I will be taking the percocet again tonight. ... (6 replies)
Toe joint pain
Apr 8, 2008
... I seem to have pain in the first toe joint of the big toe. This is the joint right below the toe nail, not the bunion joint. I have had this pain ever since I had the bunionectomy, and more specifically ever since I was told to use the dynasplint to push my toe down. ... (3 replies)
Broken pinky toe
Oct 9, 2007
... Eric, glad to hear that you went to you pcp and are going to follow up with a podiatrist. My problem was that I broke the knuckle of my big toe when I was 15 and being so wise to the world at that time, I felt there was nothing that could be done. ... (9 replies)
... my 2nd toe does not lie flat. i have had it done 3 times. i am going to do it again where they cut the bottom and when able go to physical therapy. bending the toe both ways is supposed to help. i wish they would invent something so the toe can lay flat. maybe tape would work. ... (2 replies)
Jun 27, 2006
... but when I go anywhere I have a big bulky walking boot I am supposed to wear. ... (10 replies)
... but assume that will improve once I can become more active again. The main tenderness in my feet is with the second toes which had become hammertoes from the bent big toes pushing under them. ... (72 replies)
... Fusion would be last ditch with me because I jog and dance...fusion would take both of those away from me as bending the big toe is a requirement for both. I'm 59 now. You just have to consider the alternatives... ... (6 replies)

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