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... t it depends. Your injury may not have been as bad as some. It varies a great deal. Myself my leg was broken on other side, and I shattered talus and subtalar joint along with calcaneous. They wanted to do surgery, but I was to swollen. ... (3 replies)
... op. There's still a lot of soreness, but I can walk with a cane, wearing the surgical sandal. Some of the pain is on the bottom of the big toe between the first joint and the arthritic joint. Sometimes it really hurts as I take a step. ... (15 replies)
... Hi, yes elevate toes above nose. The higher you elevate the better! Hope it goes well. Keep us posted! (15 replies)

... I've read a lot of posts on the board about this procedure, and tomorrow is the big day for the right foot. ... (15 replies)
... because you can't bend the toe. Can't do lunges, calf raises. I'm short so have to get on tiptoes to reach some things but I'm right handed and it's the right big toe. So have to remember to do it on the left side. Things like that. ... (4 replies)
... Beyond having limits on wearing heels, does having your big toe fused bother you in your daily life? ... (4 replies)
... Can anyone share their experience with having a big toe joint fusion with a bone graft after having a joint implant removed? ... (4 replies)
... bones in foot shortened and pinned to relieve pressure on big and little toes. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, Big decision isn't it. ... (3 replies)
... It could just be scar tissue if you didn't work them once the sutures were out. I'd investigate that first. Joint replacement is an option depending on your age. Fusion is another. I've had cheilectomies in both big toes. after 5 years I had the right one fused. ... (2 replies)
... So I had a Cheilectomy in both big toes almost five months ago and it has not worked. ... (2 replies)
... So in fusing that joint he fixed both problems in foot. Originally I was also going to get metatarsal arthrodesis in big toe, the fusion fixed that too! ... (11 replies)
... Depending on your age, that would be the next step. I had a fusion at 69 because I didn't want to have to have it 5=10 years later when the replacement failed.Just be sure the ortho you choose has done LOTS of them. It's relatively new . (1 replies)
... It's been 3 weeks and one day since my big toe fusion. How long should I expect to be in this awful cast? ... (10 replies)
... sneakers, slip ons, ankle boots etc cause blisters. Because my big toe now no longer moves, but my shoes and my other toes do, i get blisters on the bottom of my big toe and on the side of my next toe within about 20 minutes. ... (0 replies)
... I've had my big toe joint fused and the only two things is impedes is anything that would require bending that joint like squatting, calf raises, lunges etc but those can be wworked around and the height of the heels I wear. ... (2 replies)
... to correct complications from a bunionectomy. That was the last of three surgeries. The first surgery, the bunionectomy, was about 6 years ago. But, there was a big space between my big toe and the second toe, which has always affected my gait. ... (1 replies)
... Never NWB because you basically are in the Aircast- as you have found out it doesn't put pressure on that joint. So I walked into the house fromthe hospital. I did borrow a walker which helped me learn to navigate with the air cast on with an ice pack on top of it for the first couple of days. But I was done with it pretty shortly....None of my surgeons have believed in NWB... (7 replies)
... had it fused angled in so I could wear more pointy toed shoes. If foot wear is important to sure to get a complete understanding on this because that joint will NOT move afterwards. ... (7 replies)
... Seems overkill to fuse the joint if it's not what's bothering you. ... (7 replies)

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