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... About a month ago I went to the podiatrist to have an ingrown toenail removed. I was given an injection to numb the toe. However, when the Dr. tapped on my toe with the tool he was going to use to remove the toenail I still had feeling in my toe. So I was given another shot. ... (0 replies)
... I am really feeling squeamish about this, but I am tired of my bunion hurting and my big toe going numb after walking around for just an hour or two. ... (22 replies)
... Yes, the tip of my big toe also went numb prior to bunion surgery. It wasn't numb all of the time, but seemed to get worse when it was extremely cold, or after I had been standing for a long period of time. ... (2 replies)

... So, I'm just curious if anyone else experienced numbness in the end of their big toe caused by their bunion? ... (2 replies)
... bruising and I have begun doing stretching exercises for the big toe. My left foot, however, has one complication I didn't big toe is numb and rubbery and feels like there is a tight band around the base of it. At times I get pains that feel like electrical shocks going through it. ... (6 replies)
Fusion of Big Toe
Dec 21, 2009
... ou posted having. You said yours has gone. I will admit I sometimes go for days without the pain but it then comes back with a vengeance. I described mine as a numb tingling pain and so my POD removed the nerve in October. Low and behold about the 5th day after surgery there was that pain again. ... (162 replies)
... my big toe going numb, and occasionally limping after walking around for only an hour or two. ... (0 replies)
... Hi Everyone, My second toe is numb on the side where the tendon transfer was done and it's seems very sore and tender. I can raise the second toe but it will not bend down AT ALL! ... (18 replies)
... My big toe is really numb on the top also. and it is sooo swollen,, looks like a fat short sausage! ... (6 replies)
... Hi, I too had bunion surgery six weeks ago. I wore a "bunion shoe" from the beginning and was told by my surgeon to start the toe exercises the day after surgery. I have to say, that until the pins were removed from my big toe, the exercises were painful. ... (6 replies)
... even though it was swollen and bruised, I couldn't walk on it, and my big toe was numb from the swelling... ... (9 replies)
... i had some numbness on i think my big toe and another. ... (2 replies)
Help me please!
Nov 4, 2015
... it was pretty severe I went too hospital they said I lost 500ml of blood, I cut 2 tendons an artery and hit some nerves, my big toe is numb will it stay numb forever? ... (3 replies)
... I felt my recovery was going pretty well in that the 1 week visit with doctor didn't find problems in xray, but I noticed yesterday (day 9 post-surgery for bunion, which fused my MT1 to medial cuneiform), that if I tap the top of my toes I can feel it, as well as regular sensation on rest of the length of the toes on *most* toes if I run my finger down the toe. But for the... (10 replies)
Lisfranc fracture
Jul 10, 2013
... ait! I am hoping to get the pin sticking out of my foot out and get a walking boot. Crossing fingers. But I feel like my foot is healing very well. The top of my big toe is numb and I will eventually get use to it. But I am going to ask my doctor about that. ... (10 replies)
No Toe Wiggle :(
Mar 6, 2013
... Sorry to hear with the toes and fair enough with the sleep glad you got some sorry to hear sleeping at night isn't going the best! Total bummer. Hope it gets better for you. ... (40 replies)
No Toe Wiggle :(
Mar 4, 2013
... Things are going to work and we will both have better& happier feet. Maybe just without feelings in our pinky toes. Its so sad cause my nickname to my family is pinky and I can't feel one of my pinkys :( How are you feeling at 12 weeks? I hope your doing well. The worst part for me is the no feelings in toes and the burning. Do you still feel a burning or serve throbbing... (40 replies)
No Toe Wiggle :(
Mar 4, 2013
... Hi Court.. At 12 weeks, I still cannot feel my little toe, and The burning and tingling is awful. I can squish my toes, I can move my big toe. The side of my foot, but not the inside but the outside is still numb. Much too soon to know if things are going to be better. ... (40 replies)
... Month goes by, pain is worse. Now I have pain in the arch, inside ankle, and top of my foot into my big toe as well. ... (5 replies)
... Today I am at the 5 week mark since getting bunion surgery on my right foot. The incision is still not fully healed but its trying to. The top of my big toe as well as the outside of it are numb and I have very limited movement in it. ... (0 replies)

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