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... and the more I weight bear or put pressure on it, it inflames, burns and hurts more and more. ... (14 replies)
... I had a severe gout attack about 4 years ago. It was extremely painful with the weight of a sheet almost bringing me to tears. The pain was mostly in the big toe but my whole foot was red and purple. It lasted about a week. It came on in a few hours and then left pretty quick. ... (5 replies)
... I fractured my big toe in late January. It was a stress fracture. Surgery was mentioned because it was fractured at the joint but supposedly unlikely. ... (0 replies)

... What's weird is that my foot hurts in different ways on any given day. Mostly unpredictable, too. I do know when the weather's about to change though. ... (151 replies)
Sprain foot
Jun 8, 2009
... hot some swelling at the end of the of my foot hurtand my big toe,I walk with a limp. ... (0 replies)
... My RIGHT foot. This is my biggest problem as I don't know what is wrong with it, neither does my podiatrist. The ball of my right foot hurts and I notice swelling in the evening when I take my shoes off. It hurts behind tbge second metatarsal and when you move my toes in certain ways. No know injuries. ... (17 replies)
... rays too. Its swells so big during the day that it almost pops, and the toes are NUMB.I cant even walk, but I do try because I have to work to make ends meet. ... (3 replies)
Fractured sesamoid
Nov 18, 2008
... my big toe still hurts when i move it up ways not so much down. ... (82 replies)
... Joe, fill us in on your foot swelling up again after your PT visit today. Has it subsided at all? ... (78 replies)
... well, I've done lots. I do the regular flex and bend...which doesn't seem to be helping but I do it anyway. I also pull the big toe up while holding the other four down.... ... (3 replies)
... My big toe and the toe next to it, in the webbing between, has "scar tissue" pulling them both towards each other and down. ... (207 replies)
... Hi Badtoe, No my foot was swollen after the fusion but is not swollen now. ... (8 replies)
... Dbgoalie, I am no cast whatsoever, just the Velcro shoe. ... (240 replies)
... op and I still occasionally wake up and suffer from a leg ache not foot ache. The nerves still spark up! The little toe, I know what you mean, and I have no idea why, but that went after seven days, I thought they operated on it, because it felt worse than the bunion area! ... (240 replies)
... My big toe still hurts and my foot is constantly swelling. I can wear a sneaker and a loafer. Underneath my big toe is very sensative. I can hardly rub it. Oh, and it's hard to bend. I do the exercises and I see no difference. ... (2 replies)
... The ball of my foot feels like a bump or swelling. It was so bad last Wed. I called my podiatrist and he had me come in. Says I have a lot of inflammation and swelling in my foot so he gave me a cortisone injection into my foot. The swelling has gone down some but is still there. ... (15 replies)
... I also had bunionettes shaved. I had the removable pins in both big toes. My left foot ended up getting a staff infection in it. Of course it had to happen right before my pin was to come out, so when the dr. ... (0 replies)
Sue...are you OK?
Mar 15, 2005
... Belize was OK.Very sad and a poor place,what we saw anyway. Houses with no windows on stilts and little kids begging for money at thier school.I don't know I just found it to be very sad,I guess we don't know how lucky we are. ... (377 replies)
... g the end of the handle of the vacuum handle fell on my foot just in front of the right ankle on my right foot. I was surprised that there was not much pain and no redness. I went about my business, but about 5 hours later I developed pain to the point that I was limping and it got worse over the next few hours. ... (0 replies)
... I feel virtually no pain in my left foot at all, only every now and then again. The incision is a very clean cut and the swelling is hardly anything. In fact, if you just don't look at the cut, you can't even really tell that I had anything done with the foot. ... (9 replies)

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