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... ately for me though it is hard to predict others actions. Coming back from a patient transport with a Bipap machine, the nurse put the patient transport monitor on the floor in the middle of the doorway. I tripped over it and came down hard on my feet. I now have bilateral ankle sprains and bilateral tendonitis. ... (64 replies)
... Raikin performed a bilateral fasciotomy on both my legs in 2002 and did the calcaneal osteotomy and FDL transfer in 2009 on my left foot. And now in March 2011 this week he is doing the right foot! ... (32 replies)
... Oh okay...whats the chevron procedure? Do you have permanat screws in your toes? I had scarf osteotomy on both feet plus an extra procedure on my left (akin). Oh thats okay if your in a least you wont be stuck in your room like i was for 4 weeks!! (64 replies)

... Oh, yes, I had a scarf osteotomy on my right foot and a chevron on my left as it was nowhere near as bad. It's amazing that we're all so young with these bunions! What procedures did you have, and you DD? ... (64 replies)
... It's exciting to see a normal foot isn't it!!! ... (40 replies)
... footed all my life. I have bilateral bunions. ... (2 replies)
... I'm a 51 year old woman with bilateral adult acquired flat foot deformity. I've suffered painful flat feet all of my life and in the last few years I've become increasingly disabled. ... (10 replies)
... resolved, or so I thought. Actually diagnosing it at the time was difficult as I had pretty crappy insurance through my grad school and insurance wouldn't cover foot problems unless there was an actual injury. ... (7 replies)
... done on both feet 21 yrs ago by a top podiatrist with minimal incision technique and the fact that bunions and foot problems which I told him about run on my mom's side of the family. I started developing bunions at the age of 12 or so if you can believe it. ... (8 replies)
... I had the surgery done privately though as I was lucky enough to have this covered by my work, so I'm not sure how it'll be on the NHS. I got the special shoes straight after surgery so I used them to walk from the car. Are you having both feet done? ... (18 replies)
... ar old active female, I really enjoy running, I try and run everyday for about 40mins but its getting the the point im struggling to run even 5mins with terrible foot pain in both feet. So I scheduled a Bilateral Chevron Osteotomy and im really nervous!! ... (0 replies)
... Sounds like there will be quite a bit done on your foot. The best thing to do is to ask your surgeon about this. ... (7 replies)
... and the other way is to hold on to your big toe with your thumb and fingers and press down toward the sole. ... (18 replies)
... I'm in PT so i have toe excrises to do but i can't really bend the big toe when i'm doing that excrises. where on the foot do you massage, how long do you do it (5 or 10 mins or more?), and how many times a day? all i have on right now is a bandage (over the incrision and a blister next to the incrision). thanks for the advice (18 replies)
... From what you have said, try to keep your feet elevated when you are not on them so the swelling can be reduced. ... (18 replies)
... was able to get out of the walking boot and now i just have a bandage over the incision. It seems like i was able to bend my toe more when i had a more bandages on the foot. I can move my toe but its really stiff. earthworm88 how long did it take for you to be able to move you toe as much as before your surgery? ... (18 replies)
... I had a chevron osteotomy and akin to my left foot in dec '10. i started running at week 7. i did start off slowly and built it up over the weeks. My recovery has been great. ... (64 replies)
... fit them and b look good in them!!! I never had that before as my big toes crossed over my next toe and the bunion was always to big and painful to even allow my foot to fit properly!!! Also discovered socks with individual toes LOVE THEM!! Wear them to bed and to gym!! Has this helped? ... (40 replies)
... Naah would have been a different surgeon... had two surgeons working on on each foot. Yeah the more u keep ur feet up the less swelling. Did you have osteotomy done? ... (64 replies)
... (40 replies)

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