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... I will try that, it's bleeding atm and hard to clip - are there places you can get it done, i.e does the NHS provide a service does anyone know? I don't want to do further damage you see, the metal clippers might put strain on it... (10 replies)
... Those drugs make me feel pretty crummy, so I would rather not go back to that place, but for the past couple of days, I am having CRAZY pain in the "joint," or..."joint area" of my big toe. This sensation is brand new. ... (10 replies)
... et it checked tomorrow. A cortisone injection should not cause new swelling. I would also avoid aspirin, ibuprofen or any antiinflammatories that cause increased bleeding tendencies if it looks at all bruised. You didn't say which joint is involved but the amount of pain could suggest gout. ... (5 replies)

Toe nail issue?
Jul 12, 2012
... Or will that just cause a lot of pain? ... (9 replies)
Toe nail issue?
Jul 12, 2012
... Okay, bleeding under the nail usually isn't serious. The blood normally just sort of sits there until the nail grows all the way out. On a toenail, that takes months, but it doesn't really matter. ... (9 replies)
... All totally normal. With any surgery, there's going to be bruising, which is just bleeding under the skin. If you're using a knee walker, then any time you are up, the tips of your toes are the lowest parts of your foot. ... (29 replies)
... I have always had a real high threshold to pain so I guess I needed to see some blood . I was too ashamed of my tough reaction to their pain to let them know my surgery pain, although their dad was quick to reveal how painful the surgery was. ... (85 replies)
... I have always had a real high threshold to pain so I guess I needed to see some blood . I was too ashamed of my tough reaction to their pain to let them know my pain, although their dad was quick to reveal my pain to them. ... (85 replies)
... s killing me so I had a big surgery in June 2007. Firstly, if you have'nt done it yet, you may want to go out and get a silicone gel wedge to go between your big toe and your second toe. Get one for the other foot if that is a problem too. ... (9 replies)
... Well, The pins came out earlier today. A lot of people on here said it was painless, which was not the case for me. It took a lot of pulling and tugging and excrutiating pain and then yank, they slide right out, with some bleeding. I had 8 total rmoved, and only 2 of them slid out easily. ... (16 replies)
... t somehow got caught under the door gap and my flesh was torn and the nail seem to be half coming off! It was horrible! What a great way to start my day! The 2nd toe on my left foot was the one that got injured and it was in excruciating pain! Does anyone have something similar happened to them? ... (0 replies)
... get better by the day. Since I had some bleeding, It LOOKS like there's blood on my skin, but it's actually under my skin, and healing. I have no feeling on my toe where my incision is either, and the numbness really freaks me out, though yes, it's better than pain! ... (35 replies)
... It's the beginning stages of a ingrown toenail. Soon you'll start getting yellow puss going through your sock instead of blood. That's also when it REALLY starts hurting. ... (4 replies)
... the nail might also be rubbing against the inside of the toe that's causing the bleeding. I have problems with shoes that didn't have very good cushion and my toes skin ended up tearing. ... (4 replies)
... I didn't think it was from my shoes but now that I think about it, it seems like the only time I notice it bleeding is after I have taken my shoes off, it looks kind of swollen where it's bleeding from, sometimes it itches and gets red. ... (4 replies)
... Well my big toe often bleeds through my sock, I noticed it comes from the bottom left corner of the nail and it looks like tissue may also be coming out. It kind of hurts when I press just below the skin of the nail. Has anyone else had this problem or know what it might be from? ... (4 replies)
... how great my foot looked! I think I will actually be able to buy shoes in shoe stores after this! I've also "peeked" at it a couple of times and the incision looks amazing. ... (2 replies)
... So I was at Kroger this one day, I picked up a can of tomato soup... ... (0 replies)
... So, I've been doing some research and think I may have severed my FHL tendon on the bottom of my foot. The wound is right below the "ball of the foot", near the side of the foot, on my big toe. Dropped a fillet knife, tried to dodge it, but it went in from the side barefooted. ... (0 replies)
... The problem is I was on vacation recently, and my diet was high in salt and sugar. I did a lot of walking. ... (0 replies)

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