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... About 3 years ago I suspected Peripheral artery disease in my fingertips and toes. The doctor I had at the time said it wasn't PAD. I have since seen a foot doctor and a regular doctor and both said I did have PAD. I was put on gabapentin for this, which has helped about 40%. The problem is I was on vacation recently, and my diet was high in salt and sugar. I did a lot of... (0 replies)
... the nail might also be rubbing against the inside of the toe that's causing the bleeding. I have problems with shoes that didn't have very good cushion and my toes skin ended up tearing. I also have ingrown toe nails and they were infected and bled too. But now with good shoes, my toes are much better. ... (4 replies)
... Are your shoes comfortable and do you have enough space for your toes to wiggle in? ... (4 replies)

Cracked feet?
Jun 2, 2017
... you name it. It sort of looks like athletes foot, but the rips and the cracks just reached inbetween my toes. It did not start there. It just keeps ripping and bleeding constantly. When I was born I did have to have total reconstructive foot surgery on both feet for Metatarsus Adductus. ... (0 replies)
... through the night sometimes called diazepam has helped immensely...I was told by dr never to use ibuprofen for bone breaks as it delays healing...something about bleeding etc... ... (6 replies)
... but I still had incredible amounts of nastiness to get off when the final cast was removed. Because my toes were casted they had so much dead skin I couldn't even move them and getting that off was the best feeling I think I've ever had. ... (14 replies)
... and he's had a purple blotch form on the other side of his foot which to me indicates bleeding inside. ... (11 replies)
... Thanks YogaDancer for coming back to me. I don't bleeding excessively or hemorrhaging or the reverse, or DVT that I know of. ... (5 replies)
... nerves are crazy it's better to let them tell you it is ok than to assume. I had knee surgery when I was in high school and for days had the feeling that it was bleeding heavily. I'd poke around in the dressing and find no blood. When it came off it had never bled more than a drop. ... (13 replies)
... On Monday (six days ago) I had a modified kidner and an open strayer procedure performed on my right foot and leg. My accessory navicular was removed, and about half of my post tib tendon (the part that was on the accessory bone) was anchored to my navicular with a synthetic anchor. The strayer lengthened my Achilles' tendon by loosening some of the fibers from my gastroc... (21 replies)
... oked good and told me to follow up on Mon with the surgeon in the cast clinic. I was surprised to see how beat up my foot and leg look...I'm black and blue from toes to thigh and soooo swollen. Still bleeding too. So hopefully when I go to clinic on Mon they will change the dressings and put a new splint on. ... (87 replies)
... I was put in the boot because of the blood clots. I was told from day one to wiggle my toes as much as possible, so I've been doing that all along. ... (3 replies)
... I was put in the boot at two weeks post op. My stitches werent fully closed yet, so I had a tiny bit of bleeding but, that happened after showers it seemed. But, a small amount is normal or atleast I think so. Now if its soaking your sock than I would call the OS. ... (3 replies)
... Good morning to all i will try to explain how all this came about on (Sept 27 th 2012) i was getting off a airplane with my 12 yr old daughter as i was walking my left knee gave way and i fell on my right knee it was very embarrassing 2 nice men came over and help me up so,off i went bleeding and faced red so i returned home and went to my pain Dr and had injection in the... (1 replies)
... in practice. Guess I won't have to worry about osteoporosis. He is going to shave all of the bone growth from the fusion out that is busted up and expose some bleeding bone in the subtalar joint to better get the bone cells producing. ... (46 replies)
... taxi trip outside on a bus but regretted it because my foot got really swollen and started bleeding a bit from that, prompting me to stay home for another week. The rest of the time was uneventful... ... (2 replies)
... But since I worry a lot I now think something is wrong. My left foot and leg feel funny. I have callus on my both feet and have two bad toes on my left foot. My two toes are yellow due to fungus. I know, its gross. But now I feel like something is wrong could it be the glass I stepped on? ... (2 replies)
... Wow Fenn, you had a very eventful day, I hope today is better for you. Yes, I'm in the middle of the "Mitford Series". They are very good. I couldn't concentrate after the surgery for a long time either. I had surgery on 2/22 - same day as Hollywood. I stayed with a dear friend and her husband for five weeks, so I'm just now starting to feel that I'm back... (124 replies)
... and I forgot my ice packs. I think I can transition to my knee scooter next week if having it down doesn't cause too much swelling. Now I'm home with my toes above my nose, loving my ice packs. ... (124 replies)
... I'm regretting this surgery and wonder what I got myself into. I think I will be calling the OS to request a script for more pain meds. I have a possible bleeding ulcer and can't take ibuprofen, Tylenol doesn't do squat fo me ny more. ... (124 replies)

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