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... if the fact a lot of people actually end up worse because of it. May not be straight away but eventually the other joints that are taking the burden of the fused joint give out too hence causing more pain. ... (103 replies)
... I had the bone fusion with a graft from the hip bone. Actually when they went into the foot they found that they needed to do a more extensive graft thant they expected. ... (85 replies)
... I haven't seen a posting since february...i am seeing a dr. about bone fusion - 29 years ago i had an ball joint implant put in and it is deteriorating - choice, live with it or bone fusion (they do not want to do a replacement implat) okay - i thought one week pain, another week heavy discomfort and then i would be getting better. am i completely naive? i was told i... (85 replies)

... dbgoalie, I wonder about the hardware rejection issue, too. My history is not nearly as long as yours. My toe has been hurting off and on for about 2 years. The joint at the start of the year was pretty inflamed and swollen when I went in for my yearly checkup in March. ... (85 replies)
... removal of the plates and screws a year after surgery. As far as I'm concerned the bone fusion surgery is a failure. I am in more pain now than I was to start with and would go back to the joint implant in a heart beat. ... (85 replies)
... Can anyone share their experience with having a big toe joint fusion with a bone graft after having a joint implant removed? ... (4 replies)
... respected in the community, and quite frankly it was an Ortho who started it all back in the 90's. I had double bunionectomy by an ortho and she shaved too much bone off which led to the problems I'm having now. I knew within two weeks she'd screwed up when I tried to walk and stumbled to the left. ... (85 replies)
... i recently read somewhere and i wish i could remember where, but it was regarding better chances of a union if hip graft WAS used and not just trying to fuse the joint only. i'm going to ask my ortho next week when in go in if he knows anything about that. if it's true, that might be something for you to consider. ... (85 replies)
... Kelly, I sorry I haven't gotten back to you. The truth is, I just didn't want to keep complaining about my foot anymore. It's not doing to well. ... (85 replies)
... union. I have been doing a bone stimulator for the past two months with, I fear, little success. The POD has ordered 6 more weeks of bone stimulator which will put me sometime in December still in the boot. I wish I could be positive for you, but I'm so ready to get out of this boot. ... (85 replies)
... You must be discouraged to have had that happen. This is not my problem. I had a titanium joint replacement in the big toe 14 months ago but the operation was not a success and I have decided to have it removed and go for a fusion. ... (85 replies)
... c/s- don't know how you managed back at work in 4 days:) luckily I am on short term disability. doing e-mail now, will be in office next week. still can't drive for about 3 - 4 weeks...did you try Earth shoes? the sandal wasn't adjustable but with the heel lower than the toe, they kept the pressure off the toe/joint area when you walk. I found a sandal that I thought was a... (85 replies)
... are so positive and if I had to do it over I would have stayed in for 3 nights as well rather than day surgery, the 2nd and 3rd being quite bad. Yes, that is the joint I had replaced with a titanium joint replacement. Mine was not successful but that was just me. ... (85 replies)
... finally back at computer. corkysue i just had a ball joint implant replacement is that the implant you are replacing? ... (85 replies)
... I am scheduled to have my big toe fused soon because joint replacement has failed. Has anyone had this done? ... (85 replies)
... this kept the weight off the toe joint which made it more comfortable. ... (85 replies)
... I have arthritus in the joint and the bonecartilage in gone, and is bone on bone, making the bone fusion necessary. I have a bone spur on top and buion on the side of my foot. Can't wear any of my shoes, only if they are a half sizwe bigger or sandals. ... (5 replies)
... Really feeling bummed lately! My foot and toe have been hurting a little more lately. Saw the doc Monday. ... (85 replies)
... why did you have surgery again if you were not in pain? (85 replies)
... Debbie, Six months ago I had surgery on the MPJ where they cleaned out the joint, straightened the large toe and shaped the area where bunions usually exist, (I had no pain there but the doc felt it needed shaved). In addition to a screw in the large toe, a pin was put in, somewhat in the shape of a golf club or a wig pin in the shape of an L instead of a T. This pin was... (85 replies)

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