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... but eventually the other joints that are taking the burden of the fused joint give out too hence causing more pain. Also I know multiple people who have had back fusion where the thing has failed and even after 3 to 4 fusion surgeries they are so much worse off than they were before. ... (103 replies)
... thanks for replying sunny, i saw yours and others' threads and i was trying to compare the injury to the recovery. to see where i should be at i guess. my heel is what bothers me most. from the chopping i guess. ... (18 replies)
... I didn't have the heel moved and pinned, but did have posterior tibial tendon repair and an Evans osteotomy, which involves putting a bone wedge in on the outside of the foot to straighten things out. I was in a splint for 2 wks, a fiberglass cast for 4 wks and a walking boot for 4 wks. ... (18 replies)

... So in late January, I had the navicular accessory bone removed, my heel moved over, several bone grafts and pins etc, as he repaired the back of my foot. That involved six weeks NWB in a cast and then six weeks in a boot and PT. ... (0 replies)
... union in late April 2011. CT scan revealed very little bone growth. ... (8 replies)
... After surgery for a shattered heel, I had 25% side motion and now down to about 0. It has NOT been a problem for me. Unless you need to see the bottom of your foot, it is not a big deal. At least by doing one foot at a time, you get to see the results before doing the other. (1 replies)
... sn't nothing like it was, all of my strips are off the wounds, but I still have some dry blood sticking on the heel, also I have 2 major scabs on the back of the heel where the screws where put in the heel bone. ... (18 replies)
... I'm sorry to hear that about your heel. Every once in a while I get some real sharp pulsing pains in my heel, but it only continues for a few seconds. Hopefully your PT will help out with everything. It will probably not be a very happy experience. Speaking of.. ... (18 replies)
... t of mmy foot sort of. So i i had this golf ball like bump on my foot. i also had flat foot and lots of arthritis and pain when i walked which is why i had the fusion done. ... (18 replies)
... e when I was 11and injured the growth plate so my ankle grew at a funny angle. On top of moving my heel, and shortening the tendon, and doing all the cutting and bone grafts, my doctor cut a wedge out of my tibia...and screwed the "bottom" of the cut up towards the top part. I haven't heard of anyone else having that done. ... (18 replies)
... not nearly as long as yours. My toe has been hurting off and on for about 2 years. The joint at the start of the year was pretty inflamed and swollen when I went in for my yearly checkup in March. My family MD said he thought I had gout, which I didn't really agree with and he didn't check any bloodwork to verify that guess. ... (85 replies)
... e condition tends to get worse. Just before the surgery, I couldn't take any walks. Even a 10 min. walk was a problem. Also, once you are no longer flexible, the surgery becomes even more involved then it already is. There is all kinds of information on the internet about PTTD surgery. ... (13 replies)
... Left foot is horribly flat, tendons are gone. It pancakes when I walk, and I need to wear shoes all the time. No barefoot for me. Ankle has turned in a lot, I am selfconscious of my ankel and try to hide it . ... (13 replies)
... Your recovery sounds very frustrating to say the least. I had a subtler fusion 5 yrs ago as a result of dislocating my heel when I fell in a gopher hole while walking my new puppy in my backyard. ... (3 replies)
... I have no discernible pain in the other parts of the bottom of my heel pad other than where the screw is obviously pushing out. ... (3 replies)
... I had a subtalar fusion in November 2014 for pain due to Osteoarthritis and poor alignment of heel which caused pain with walking.In case anyone is wondering what that is like I am doing this post. ... (3 replies)
... I am in my early 50s. ... (2 replies)
... I was hit head on by a drunk driver two years ago. I had a severe calcaneus fracture. In fact, a large piece of my heel broke off and was pushed under the ball of the foot. Long story short... ... (23 replies)
Broken Heel
Dec 18, 2012
... I broke my heel in an accident on July 30. My break was extremely severe, and I had surgery 3 weeks later. I was non weight bearing for 12 weeks, and went back to working a part time job where I could sit down a lot of the day at 14 weeks. ... (13 replies)
... imes it's hard to know which pain is normal and when you are pushing too hard..I've had pain for so long that I think my brain is totally screwed up. I have pain in the heel, the top of my ankle and sharp twinges everywhere else. ... (14 replies)

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