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Top of foot pain
Jul 30, 2011
... No I don't think that's the problem, no it's never been a problem. I think it may be a bone? There is a bump on the top of my foot, it's a bone. And It pops out more then on the other foot (5 replies)
... foot feels like it pops out and then it goes back in place. ... (3 replies)
... I had a grade 3 sprain around 5 weeks ago and my test results say ive completely ruptured the ATFL and CFL. My physio says ill need surgery but im a bit hesitant to do so because there is no pain when i walk, the bone on the inside of my ankle just pops out to the side a bit and my foot rolls inwards(doesnt hurt). I must admit though my ankle feels not as strong as it used to... (2 replies)

... years ago I fell and broke my foot. It was misdiagnosed for a month as a sprain, even after my foot swelled to twice it's size after a soft cast was applied. Lucky for me he told me to cut the cast off if it got too uncomforatable. ... (14 replies)
... use of some computer error with covered california which saddens me because i want to see somebody asap about this. i may have to go see some specialist and pay out of pocket just to try and get a clue about this process. i had to move away from area i got the surgery. ... (18 replies)
... Have you tried a GOOD physical therapist-one who can strengthen your ankles? My ankles used to be very weak, and I have come to learn that it was not only my ankles that were weak, but my hips as well. I have had a man come to my house who, majored in body mechanics and he has worked and worked on me realigning my who body. I now have strong ankles as well as hips. (5 replies)
... Two months later, my ankle is back to hurting like no other. Just two days ago, I was out and about, out of town, with my father. Barely up and walking for an hour or two combined, out of maybe 5 or 6 hours being out. ... (5 replies)
... stories about general orthos and especially podiatrists. Personally I had a podiatrist who I really liked but he was only going to repair my ligaments, missing out on the worse injury to my tendons. ... (2 replies)
... Are you talking about the area behind the big bone that sticks on the outside of your ankle? ... (4 replies)
... mall avulsion fractures in the top of my right foot. I thought I was still on a landing when instead I was going onto a step. I tried too late to catch it and my foot when comepletely over in plantarflex to the side. I heard and felt two loud pops and the pain was incredible. ... (4 replies)
... ry for almost a year now. Looking back I knew something was wrong and voiced this but the conservative approach was taken to let a fracture heal, so after I got out of it almost 2 months later and again voiced about an issue just like yours I was told to brace and slowly try and get my activity levels back. ... (12 replies)
... m four weeks post op from flat feet reconstructive surgery. I had a Calcaneal osteotomy, FDL transfer, Achilles lengthening and removal of an accessory navicular bone on my RIGHT foot. I was in a splint for the first 10 uncomfortable.... ... (4 replies)
... My regular ortho was much more thorough. Although he said he was not a foot and ankle specialist. He also checked the xray said there was NO fracture that it was a calcium build up. ... (51 replies)
... and I sprained my ankle 2 months ago. It turned out and hurt but wasnt too bad. The next day i caught on a cars running board. It plantarflexed and turned in and hurt like crazy. I could hardly walk on it. ... (4 replies)
K-wire removal
Jan 2, 2009
... On Sept 25th I fell in my backyard. I tripped over a fencepost and had a twisting fall. I'm 32 and healthy, I couldn't believe it when I found out that I had 5 broken bones in my foot. I heard 2 pops when I fell. I broke 1st and 3rd Cuneiforms, 2,4 and 5th metatarsls proximaly. ... (5 replies)
... Julie!!! I am walking!! I had the mtp fusion done for a third time at the beginning of May along with a bone graft from my heel and I was using a bone stimulator from day one! 8 weeks nwb and guess what....IT WORKED this time!! ... (3 replies)
... the cracking is two different things for me, depending which foot we are talking about. ... (38 replies)
Hallux Limitus ?
Mar 21, 2004
... I'm surprised your doctor has you working on bending your toe when your bone can't be healed yet. ... (3 replies)
Hallux Limitus ?
Mar 21, 2004
... don't remember the name of the procedure I had done, but it entailed cutting off all the bone spurs, cleaning out the joint, and then then cutting the metatarsal bone vertically and both shortening the metatarsal bone and lowering the joint and then screwing it back together. ... (3 replies)
Short fourth toe
Dec 2, 2003
... Another treatment option is surgery to lengthen the short toe. This usually is accomplished by cutting the short metatarsal and grafting a piece of bone between the two ends. When the graft heals, the metatarsal and toe are the correct size. ... (8 replies)

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