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... lose the pain killers! pain is natures way of saying "don't" and the "no pain, no gain" thing with us "heelies" just doesn't work! ... (12 replies)
... ement, no surgery, just want to walk now without pain , fed up of pain killers, I keep trying to loose the crutches everyday but walking is so painful on outside of ankle and down back of heal at bottom, should I be trying to walk or am I doing more damage, currently having physio but not helping much , at wits end !!! ... (12 replies)
... Hi, just wanted to reply with what I think your healing. Get in a pool chest deep ay have to be a fitness pool wear water shoes cuz bottom of feet will get dore. And walk heal toe back and forth. Start off slow. ... (5 replies)

... So, I've been doing some research and think I may have severed my FHL tendon on the bottom of my foot. The wound is right below the "ball of the foot", near the side of the foot, on my big toe. Dropped a fillet knife, tried to dodge it, but it went in from the side barefooted. ... (0 replies)
... I am not really sure how to describe. I had ptt surgery in August and went back to work in January. My foot just wasn't ready for the demands of my job and the aso wasn't helping much. It is along the lines of the Arizona brace but better and more comfortable. Includes the ankle. ... (5 replies)
... ent stem cells can develop down several pathways across a few lineages, but they can not become ANY tissue cell in the body. This is quick, dirty and off the top of my head, so please don't consider this gospel. " So to me, using the real living thing I want, cartilage from a talus, is the best way to go. ... (131 replies)
... Apparently the tendon was split the entire length, and half of it was so badly torn, they just removed that half. They also removed a sharp part of the bone that had likely caused the tearing. ... (22 replies)
... Last August I fell down the stairs in our new home and sustained a bimalleolar fracture of my left ankle which required surgery that day on the fibia and then a surgery in October of the bottom of the tibia which did not heal on it's own. ... (2 replies)
... urgery 9 wks ago. After two weeks, they took my stitches out and told me I could start walking around as I felt comfortable. The wound started to separate on the bottom half right away and was soon split all the way open. I went to the dr weekly and they kept saying it was doing ok, despite looking horrible. ... (7 replies)
... bness and electric shock feeling. At first I thought I had Sural nerve damage, but it turned out I didn't, as it is gradually improved. Now I'm taking 1,200 mg of Neurontin and have no plans to go higher than that. After 4.5 months, the electrical shocks are finally very minimal, as they gradually improved over time. ... (7 replies)
... uggle much with pain and stiffness anymore. My Dr told me that my foot was only going to move from side to side a little bit. He told me that I do not want a lot of movement from side to side because of the way my foot was before surgery. I still have a little swelling in my toes but that is about it. ... (8 replies)
... Other than the bottom of your foot hurting near your heal, have you noticed a big difference in your overall recovery in the last 2 months? ... (8 replies)
... or almost a year now. Looking back I knew something was wrong and voiced this but the conservative approach was taken to let a fracture heal, so after I got out of it almost 2 months later and again voiced about an issue just like yours I was told to brace and slowly try and get my activity levels back. ... (12 replies)
... because I'm having pains on the outside of my toe. ... (5 replies)
... Wow, so you didn't have incredibly intense pain before detecting the fracture? My pain was really bad at first but now I've been shrugging it off, and I've convinced myself that if there was any 'real' damage, I wouldn't be able to put ANY weight on it. (6 replies)
... Just a warning, I had a similar wierd hit and rolled onto my face all in one motion off the bottom step of a step ladder. I knew something was bad because I couldn't shake it off and my foot instantly swelled with pain and lack of motion. ... (6 replies)
... r nerves to take a very long time to heal. Even when no main nerve is cut, teeny nerves and blood vessels, muscle and other tissue is cut and it causes a variety of sensations while healing. Esp. ... (10 replies)
... concerned because we can't see what's going on inside that cast. Some of those concerns will no doubt be relieved once you can actually see what things look like after the cast comes off. How many more weeks until then? ... (10 replies)
... s padding is doing it's protective job. The nerves are not telling the facts. The nerves are like a hungry baby wailing like it's being tortured, with no concept of time. ... (10 replies)
... This made it almost impossible for him to do much more than walk. After about a year of on and off pain he saw a Podiatrist and a therapist but got no answers or improvement. Taping around the back of his ankle helped a little. ... (1 replies)

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