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... least three times a day. I can also walk well with my Teva sandals and my athletic shoes. I had a massage yesterday and I think it helped improve circulation and break down scar tissue. I am going to include massaging my foot in my daily routine. ... (9 replies)
... nt so we skipped it. As I expected my plantar flexion is really bad right now, as well as, inversion and eversion of the ankle. In addition, I have very little toe curling ability in my big toe and the two next biggest toes. ... (50 replies)
... I am 3 months post op. I had the bunion cut down and the main toe bone broken. I had two pins to hold the toe stable. The pins were not pushed through and sat on nerves inside my foot. ... (28 replies)

... Hi KB! I totally sympathize with you on scar nerve pain. ... (28 replies)
... She wasn't very helpful...the part that is the problem is internal. It is pulling the toe to the left, it is painful under the incision, it is causing the stiffness. The kicker is that the more I work the foot, the stiffer the scarring becomes... ... (11 replies)
... eeks post bunionectomy. As I discussed with my doctor, I tend to create excessive adhesions internally and keloids externally after a hysterectomy scar took 3 years to finally break down and soften. If anyone has had a similar issue can you please respond? ... (28 replies)
... due to scar tissue at first my bad foot was pulled in and was an inch shorter than the other. ... (18 replies)
... I was really afraid of PT because I didn't start until I was 11 weeks out and had had a lot of time to scar and had very limited ROM by that time. ... (52 replies)
... My big toe is kind of stiff and I have a metal plate in it which makes it difficult to bend it all the way down. My Dr has advised me to manually move my toe a couple times everyday to break up scar tissue, but it hurts ALOT!! ... (2 replies)
... no pain. I had lot pain when I would put my foot down or when I would try to walk with crutches so I opted hop like a bunny! ... (2 replies)
... on isn't it. My physio was fairly simple really, and I had regular follow up sessions with my surgeon. The main exercise he got me to do was to gently move the toe up and down through its full range of motion for ten minutes every day. And to massage the surrounding area regularly to break up scar tissue. ... (34 replies)
... I am told it is scar tissue which I am being treated for with ultrasound as well as deep tissue massage. ... (11 replies)
... weeks ago. I just started the therapy which includes ultrasound as well as deep tissue massage hopefully to help break up scar tissue as well as get rid of soreness and a little numbness on ball of foot. ... (27 replies)
... if possible, but with some practice putting it down low now, because that's a hassle to get used to after it's been up so much. You want to do as many leg exercises as possible that your doc allows. ... (50 replies)
... NLJ.. the thickness is normal... mine was like that for awhile after surgery. It's a combination of swelling and scar tissues, which for some can take months to go away! ... (19 replies)
... Gosh...never heard of doing that! With mine and everyone else I know that had this they have you pull on the toe and move it up and down...many reps, many times a day. I have read that ultrasound will sometimes help to break up scar tissue. ... (3 replies)
... PT is a definite must for getting back as much ROM as you can. Bending your toes forward is going to be much more difficult than bending them back -that's pretty standard for a bunionectomy. Did your doctor give you exercises to do? Taking your toes in your hand and bending them and HOLDING that stretch for 30 seconds, each way - I had to do this with both feet (left... (8 replies)
... has extensive scar tissue and loss of bone from the three surgeries and the two infections. ... (5 replies)
... After I registered, they sent me down to xray, which surprised me as I didn't think I would have xrays at this appointment. After Xray I proceeded to the exam room using my crutches in my boot. ... (23 replies)
... I still have a decent amount of swelling in my foot but, especially first thing in the morning after it has been elevated all night, it is going down to the point that I can almost get it into most of my dress shoes in the morning if I wanted to do so. ... (16 replies)

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