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... put hop up with my 'good' leg upright, with all the weight on the crutches. I'm hoping it will subside because the pain is without a doubt more painful than the break ever has been! ... (3 replies)
... but I can't say she was overly helpful... Wear more supportive foot wear, which isn't that easy for me, was pretty much all I got and to keep a diary of when I get the pain. ... (9 replies)
... ctor to see if I would need surgery but it never got mentioned again... In a way I am hoping I will as I don't want to be dealing with this and the repercussions of it not being fixed properly for the rest of my life... ... (9 replies)

... n for a second opinion and I was in tears and didn't care by this point and just wanted to get out. He said if I had worn more appropriate shoes I could walk out of that appointment. I had my back slab taken off and was fitted for a boot. ... (9 replies)
... Hi, just found this helpful board after a search! Feeling a little worried so was looking for some guidance. This seems to be a common break but I can't find any threads with my problem with a search, but please let me know if this has already been discussed! ... (0 replies)
... Another thing with fractures is taking any sort of NSAID can severely limit the ability for bones to heal. ... (3 replies)
... I got the complete results today for my CT scan of my left foot, and it showed I have "significant traumatic arthritis" between the 5th metatarsal and the cuboid. ... (3 replies)
... ray and went in today fully expecting to be rid of the cast. It was not to be ... ... (3 replies)
... Yeah, that's what I've been doing. I'm not pushing the WB -- I figure when my foot is ready, it'll show me with minimal pain. Right now, I've been balancing only, and my foot is aching like mad. Considering taking an XS Tylenol. Don't think it's ready to actually walk with for sure. Just wondering how I'd ever walk in this thing when it comes to that?? I was given... (27 replies)
... So now they squeezed me in to see my doctor on Monday so hopefully he can answer my questions. I think I would like an ortho to follow me, esp. because of what I've read on here about how this bone can be hard to heal fully sometimes, esp. because I'm over 50 and won't heal as fast as a 20 year old. ... (27 replies)
... as in the boot for 6 weeks, tendon gets week from non use. Have PF as well, but I knew what that was, put me on Ansaid and more therapy. All this from a broken 5th metatarsal. He said if it got really bad to put the boot on, but trying not to otherwise I won't break the cycle. In my new balance with my orthodics. ... (3 replies)
... It is natural for you to be cautious at this point. Take it slow. I fractured my 5th met. about 3 weeks ago and can't wait to get out of this boot. ... (5 replies)
... done. I'm using a bone stimulator as my fracture was a complete spiral break. I didn't admit to him that I'm afraid of wearing shoes. At this point, it's been a comfort knowing the bone is protected and healing. But, I'm sick of wearing the boot. ... (5 replies)
... You really should have been NWB in the beginning. I had a stress fracture of the 4th met and it dealth me fits for weeks. I was NWB for 3 weeks and then still in the surgical shoe for another 5 weeks. ... (7 replies)
... I broke my fifth metatarsal on June 6th and went on holiday to England at the start of August. I was limping and had a lot of pain then. it still hurts. I did also break my ankle on the same foot in August, but the pain I am having is more around the first break. I think it is normal. ... (7 replies)
... ried about the swelling but I got to keep the foot up when not walking. I also keep using the boot til I can use a shoe. I was told off to not rubbing the bottom of my bad foot, when he did that....the pain was bad. He told to use the foot now and get my other bones and mucles working. ... (57 replies)
... Well the last check up I had, the doctor pressed near the ankle bone and a little way up my foot. The worst bruising in at the side of my foot, the briuse is deep and painful. ... (57 replies)
... Are you sure you only had one break at the fifth metatarsal? ... (57 replies)
... Where did your break happen? ... (57 replies)
... s told to walk but dont over it, so when I walk now, I place the bad foot down but wont add to much pressure, the pain still hurts if I do. Can I ask how did you break your metatarsal? ... (57 replies)

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