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... On the 6th of January my husband shattered my first Metatarsal bone by dropping a very heavy piece of pottery on my foot. The bone broke in several areas and there was a problematic overlapping at the point of the worst break. ... (9 replies)
... I saw your reply to Trixie and it seems I am in a treatment similar to yours. I had my first metatarsal broken by a moving cart last Thursday. This was basically a giant flat frame on wheels, must have been more than 5ft high. ... (9 replies)
... ray last week, and will be getting a bone scan to make sure there is no bone infection. ... (9 replies)

... I would think by then a cast could take care of setting the bone the rest of the way. The Dr did not say what I am coming in for at the 5 day post op appt. ... (9 replies)
... That is great that your friend recovered so incredibly well. I think if your overall health is good and your attitude is decent then recovery happens a lot quicker overall. My father is 89 years old and is very healthy despite his condition of Celiac. At the age of 87 he was swiftly making his way through a busy section of Manhattan and tripped over a disgarded Christmas... (9 replies)
... Thanks Trixie. You make a good point too. A friend of mine had his hips replaced. The radiologist at this hospital said the joint was slipping. So he went back to the surgeon (same one as mine) and the surgeon said that people without orthopaedic backgrounds sometimes misread the x-rays. Let's hope this is the case here. It does suck to not be able to do the activity part... (9 replies)
... Northwind, I do hope that your recovery continues in a positive direction. Perhaps I can help you with something - I was told by the earlier flaky surgeon that a person without a radiology background could not decifer the beginning of a union. Perhaps you are healing more than you think but actually misread the x ray? I hope that is the case for you - as for me we did not... (9 replies)
... Thanks for the info regarding the pain meds and yeah I figured I would be taking the pills atleast until Monday. I actually have four kids but thank God two are 12 year old twins who have been nothing but kind and thoughtful since the accident. My three year old daughter is lovely but not impressed with my down time - we would walk to Barnes and Noble a few times a week and... (9 replies)
... Hi Trixie, I just want to pop in an encourage you. I had foot surgery with a plate and no external hardware, so I can't comment on that. I think Janesfoot made a good point about how we who had surgery had time to get mentally prepared for being out of commission. You had it thrust on you, plus with three kids, you have more challenges than I did, that is for sure. I took... (9 replies)
... Sorry you are in so much pain. I've learned through this board that the second or third day is usually the worse, it was for me. It sounds like you had a complicated break and surgery, so my experience with foot surgery will not exactly match yours. That being said, elevation is very, very important. Swelling causes pain and I would guess disrupts circulation. Ice and... (9 replies)
... Hi Kate! I have a similar situation with my subtalar joint. It was almost completly fused when it was broken in physical therapy. Since then the bone won't regrow. If you're not already, trying taking calcium with vitamin D. I am currently taking 1250 mg per day. Another option is a bone growth stimulator. ... (10 replies)
... in there. Then he talked to my parents while I was in recovery but he hasn't really told me anything other than I have to stay off of my foot. I go back August 1st and I'm going to request that he go over everything with me...because this is my job we are talking about and my independence. ... (3 replies)
... He did show me the x ray of one toe and I had a broken screw. Six weeks later I had 2 broken screws. ... (1 replies)
... There's a stress fracture on my big toe 1st metatarsal joint, and a grade 4 cartilage damage. And also the ligament in this joint is fully torn. ... (1 replies)
... and he said its not healed, from what my foot doc says its not worse but its not better well on a day that my foot was not swollen i felt around the shaft of the bone area by my scar and feel a little round bump that moves a bit. Its tender in that area too. ... (1 replies)
... I am jumping in on this one as I have good news regarding healing a shattered 1st metatarsal. I had a graft done and an ex fixator placed to hold my broken bone in place with four stainless screws. At two weeks they saw nothing good on the first post op x ray and promptly ordered a bone growth stimulator. ... (8 replies)
... Given that my foot surgery came about after an injury I was not too up on healing broken bones until after the surgery took place. ... (12 replies)
... hows the foot healing im a mum of 2 and im totally freaked out by this broken bone thing,i broke my 1st and another metatarsal in my foot 5 weeks ago, the 1st 2 weeks i was in plaster than they x rayed me again and put me in an air cast,that was bliss as i could have a bath,they told me not to but how do they exspect you not to wash,then i had a ct scan and told me i was... (15 replies)
Bruised feeling
Oct 14, 2003
... Hi, Jessica, It's OK to babble, that's what these boards are for! You raised some very good questions. While researching bunion surgery before I had my right foot done, I found out that there are many different procedures available to correct bunions. The degree of severity determines which procedure is done. On 6/3, I had a Lapidus procedure, which is done on patients in the... (4 replies)
... so it's a little tricky to compare. My problem involved more than just straightening a crooked big toe. I needed a Lapidus procedure which involves cutting the 1st metatarsal bone, straightening it and fusing the joint with 2 screws. Then it's basically treated like a broken foot until you heal. ... (8 replies)

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