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... I'm just now starting to put weight on my foot after a broken calcaneous injury. I read on another website that an ankle wrap could help with the swelling. I tried on but it felt so tight I took it off immediately. ... (4 replies)
... Lots of folks with calcaneous fractures here, but you sure seem to have had a rough go of it. Was the injury so bad or the doctors? ... (2 replies)
... In 2010 I was throwing freight down in my stockroom. I was on top of an 8 ft, ladder. I fell off top of ladder and fractured my calcaneous in several places. My heel is all that hit the concrete. I was taken to dr for drug test and sent to hosp. for xrays. I had cts the next evening. ... (2 replies)

Feb 24, 2009
... plus a broken calcaneous which was broke in several pieces, and ankle was dislocated too. Don't know if that makes a difference maybe? ... (689 replies)
Feb 20, 2009
... Hope your recovery is going well. Yes, people don't realize what a serious injury a broken calcaneous is. They have no idea that all the weight we place on our foot basically centers around the heel and people don't understand what it takes to recover from it. ... (689 replies)
Broken calcaneous
Feb 13, 2009
... Fitzcor There is a bunch of us over at Fractured Calcaneous 11 when it is up and running(moderator limits posts to a certain amount - then have to start new one) - in the mean time check out 10,9 ,8 etc. alot of information there- people have been going through what you are now -click on the posts to read -its a great bunch of people.They are suppotive and will... (1 replies)
... great information in there. The mods removed some of the info due to content or opinions we were not supposed to share or say. I would start back at Fractured Calcaneous and work your way forward numerically 1, 2 etc....I also believe heel fractures or broken calcaneous exists here too.... ... (81 replies)
... Hi Iowa guy, I'm sorry to hear about your injury. I too broke my heel July 19, 11 screws and a plate installed July 31. I know what you are going thru. There is a thread going called Broken Calcaneous 1-9 on this sight. There are about 10 of us going thru different stages. I would suggest when you have LOTS of time, go back and read all the posts....very... (17 replies)
... I would suggest going back and reading Fractured Calcaneous, then 1 thru 5, this will give you a good perspective of everyone's issues. I'd also do a search of Broken Calcaneous etc and read everything you can on this subject. ... (80 replies)
... et on the scale and weigh. My doctor said to relax and let my foot heal but it is easier said than done. My husband says the same thing and I realize that this broken calcaneous didn't just happen to me but to both of us. Thanks for listening to me... ... (79 replies)
... I have question about the weather how it may effect a healed broken calcaneous. I live in South Texas and the last couple of days we have had severe weather storms today my foot feels weird. ... (2 replies)
... I too broke my calcaneous 3 months ago and have been in a NWB cast for 3 months. ... (34 replies)
... Hi John, Your right I've been getting a lot of info from past post I did search for "shattered calcaneous" got a lot of good info. I'm gonna spend the rest of this afternoon researching somemore post. You mentioned "no pain no gain" I can understand really well, before the accident I was a jogger, I was jogging 3-4 miles daily so I do understand pushing yourself. I think... (34 replies)
... Caroline, I first suggest you search all the threads here for "shattered heel" or "calcaneous"; the past posts at HB were very valuable to me during my recovery; I'm fully recovered 2.5 yrs later and I enjoy helping the new heelers. You are very lucky you did not require surgery (no displacement); surgery add it's own issues (infection, nerve & blood vessel damage,... (34 replies)
... in each calcaneous with displacement in my left. Surgery was required for both. Each has a plate and 8 screws that are intended to stay in unless complications arise. ... (12 replies)
Still waiting
Aug 12, 2016
... Welcome to the couch potato club! I have been on my back since Sunday June 26th. with my foot propped up. I had surgery on the 10th of July to repair my broken calcaneous (heel) bone. Its Friday, August 12th today and I tried to put weight on it this week, per advice from orthopedist and its not ready to walk---too much pain! I was on a houseboat and my brother was working... (13 replies)
... Most people do not bear weight until 9 or 12 weeks, but the injury varies. If you just have a fracture you may be ok. A lot of the people on here, myself included, shattered the calcaneous. either way keep it elevated, really elevated, do what they tell you, they are doctors. Yes recovery is inconvient. Myself I wear good boots with ankle support and really good... (2 replies)
... You may or may not have surgery. I shattered my calcaneous and talus 7 years ago. They couldn't do surgery because I was to swollen. Still haven't. May some day. ... (11 replies)
... Hi Tonyb If you don't mind me asking how old are you? I had the similar break as you whereby the talus shattered my right calcaneus, 13 screws and a plate. I had my op on the 4th of Jan this year and I'm currently using crutches, no boot, I am able to drive and put a little weight on my foot. I am also able to use one crutch and the boot from time to time. I do take an... (11 replies)
... Hi im new here. So i was skiing and tried this new jump they put in the park :cool: . I carried too much speed and hit an upward slope passed the landing. X rays and ct confirmed both calcaneous are broken (ct makes a really cool 3d model). The left foot has a few fractures but the bone wasn't displaced enough for surgery. On the right foot, the talus bone got driven... (11 replies)

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