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... flew home next day and went to local hospital for "RECONSTRUCTION SURGERY" but they were unable to do it as my calcaneus was in too many pieces !!! ... (12 replies)
... Hi Jumper, no not using painkillers to sleep , take first thing in the morning just to get through the day , having a painful evening now after being on my feet most of the day , pain doesn't seem to get any better, tomorrow is not going to be good!! (12 replies)
... Ledanon, I am pretty shocked to hear you didn't have reconstructive surgery. Mine were also crushed and their seemed to be no question about it being necessary. Although, I can say you definitely aren't missing out on the nerve/tissue damage plus the risk of infection (my rt got infected). Disco, I just hit a year from the original injury last Saturday. I still have some... (12 replies)

... Hi Ledanon , did you have surgery originally when first injured? I'm into 5 th month now and as mentioned in previous post suffering a lot , no surgery and offered injections on my next visit to hospital which will be October now , best wishes (12 replies)
... I ditched the painkillers very early on. The problem is that they mask the pain which as we all know is your body telling you "NO" I get aching in the evening that's on the cusp of pain but couldn;t really be described as pain - if that makes sense. i definitely get much less pain now i've been walking than when i simply rested but DO still get "surprised" by a sharp pain... (12 replies)
... I did start walking around the house and have tried to lose the crutches and can get around with one now but the pain first thing in a morning before painkillers kick in is unbelievable , Most pain is in the subtalar joint and back of heel , trouble is you never know when your overdoing it when on the pills , Anyone had subtalar joint pain that got better ? or is a fusion... (12 replies)
... Hiya I shattered mine in April, had a visit to fracture clinic friday and established that after 13 weeks I won;t do any harm walking. Basically I walk around the house in crocs and NO crutches. Out of the house i keep one crutch to hand. On Sunday i walked for two hours in Costco! Result? well aching in the evening but no pain as such. I get the odd twinge still which... (12 replies)
... Yes I really want to ditch the painkillers now but the more I do the pain seems to be getting worse, Doctor said he wants to see me in 3 months now and will consider injections then but can't see the pain getting any better, I'm an optimist person but this is just being realistic, A month or so ago I thought I was getting better but now pain is a lot worse , my job is also ... (12 replies)
... lose the pain killers! pain is natures way of saying "don't" and the "no pain, no gain" thing with us "heelies" just doesn't work! best footwear of all that i have found is, and its embarassing to say but.........CROCS !!! basic and cheap and the best! :-) Good luck (12 replies)
... That does seem a bit early but every situation is different. I had several fractures (they called it comminuted) in each calcaneous with displacement in my left. Surgery was required for both. Each has a plate and 8 screws that are intended to stay in unless complications arise. It was definitely a rough ride but I'm happy to be walking. Being in a wheelchair for almost 4... (12 replies)
... Hi Jumper, thanks for your reply, I was told to start weight bearing from 6 weeks, which I thought was a bit soon but OS said he likes his patients to start early so have been trying steadily since then around the house,I had a hospital app yesterday and have been told to try to loose the crutches now with no restrictions on getting around , He said I may need fusion some time... (12 replies)
... I broke both heels back in August 2016. This is a very painful injury with a very long recovery. If you are still taking opiod based painkillers, I recommend easing off of them as soon as possible. They only make the frustration worse. Start taking Advil or Aleve to relieve the pain. These will help and still allow you to feel your foot so you don't over do it, causing... (12 replies)
... Broke this back in March, unbelievable painful experience, slight displacement, no surgery, just want to walk now without pain , fed up of pain killers, I keep trying to loose the crutches everyday but walking is so painful on outside of ankle and down back of heal at bottom, should I be trying to walk or am I doing more damage, currently having physio but not helping much ,... (12 replies)
Broken heel
Nov 9, 2013
... I am a very fit and active 49 year old woman. I broke my calcaneus 10 days ago falling 7 ft from a dance pole doing a very dangerous trick and guess what, the crash mats were sitting in the corner. ... (3 replies)
... I've posted here before about my fracture about 25 yrs ago. I didn't have surgery and it did take a while to heal--I didn't do PT but probably should have. I was active and still am. It does get stiff after overdoing it, but I am able to run a few miles, play tennis, etc. without excessive pain -- I do not need painkillers or anything. I do think that arthritis may be an... (7 replies)
... Hi. Broke both calcaneus bones last August when I was hit by a car while walking. Both comminuted fractures. While my right foot has healed pretty well, my left is not so great. ... (3 replies)
... My dad fell off of his barn at age 62 and fractured his calcaneus. He needed surgery but since he was diabetic he couldn't have the surgery. He spent the next 4 months non-weight bearing and on a knee walker...After 4 months on the knee walker he was in a boot...this was a couple of more months. It took about a year for him to return to normal...You should recover quicker... (7 replies)
... Hello World- I am now 8 weeks post injury. I was taking the cover off of our above ground pool and was walking along the top of the pool which is about 5 ft high. I know what you're thinking, but the answer is no, I did not fall. I jumped off. I'm 33 now, and I say 10 years ago I would have been fine. I straight legged the landing and immediately felt like I probably... (7 replies)
... Hi all, On April 23,2013 ( 9 weeks ago ) I had surgery on my broken Calcaneus- I have the normal plates and screws The doctor has been pretty consistent with telling me that NO WEIGHT BEARING FOR at least 10-12 weeks! My PT has been stopped until i go back on July 3 To my doctor for another follow up --- they stopped because theres nothing else they Could do for... (1 replies)
... e bullet and joined healthboards today trying to negate going to the doctor for treating my heel pain. I've been reading for months member's post regarding their broken calcaneus. There is so much great and helpful information on here which convinced me to Finally set up an Ortho appointment. Thank you! ... (0 replies)

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