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... perience, because my foot was the least of my injuries. But it does get brought up how people don't understand why the heal bone takes longer to heal than other broken bones. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Zerk, thanks for the reply and much needed words from someone whoís knows this situation, Iíve tried most things custom orthotics, painkillers good socks and shoes ect these do get me through some days but I was just hoping I would of healed more now than i have , the first few months I couldnít work at at all now i have no Choice,I have to try and stay in one area which is... (3 replies)
... around the 3rd Dr visit..It does get better even though I know you think it's the worse thing that could happen, and by the looks of my vehicle you'd thought I'd broken more than just my heel. Keep your head up and best of luck to the recovering. ... (0 replies)

... le start weight bearing at 12 weeks and partial at 9. But it depends. Your injury may not have been as bad as some. It varies a great deal. Myself my leg was broken on other side, and I shattered talus and subtalar joint along with calcaneous. They wanted to do surgery, but I was to swollen. ... (3 replies)
Healing period
Feb 17, 2018
... My right calcaneus was broken during a car accident on January 5th. ... (0 replies)
... flew home next day and went to local hospital for "RECONSTRUCTION SURGERY" but they were unable to do it as my calcaneus was in too many pieces !!! ... (12 replies)
Broken heel
Nov 9, 2013
... I am a very fit and active 49 year old woman. I broke my calcaneus 10 days ago falling 7 ft from a dance pole doing a very dangerous trick and guess what, the crash mats were sitting in the corner. ... (3 replies)
... I've posted here before about my fracture about 25 yrs ago. I didn't have surgery and it did take a while to heal--I didn't do PT but probably should have. I was active and still am. It does get stiff after overdoing it, but I am able to run a few miles, play tennis, etc. without excessive pain -- I do not need painkillers or anything. I do think that arthritis may be an... (7 replies)
... Hi. Broke both calcaneus bones last August when I was hit by a car while walking. Both comminuted fractures. While my right foot has healed pretty well, my left is not so great. ... (3 replies)
... My dad fell off of his barn at age 62 and fractured his calcaneus. He needed surgery but since he was diabetic he couldn't have the surgery. He spent the next 4 months non-weight bearing and on a knee walker...After 4 months on the knee walker he was in a boot...this was a couple of more months. It took about a year for him to return to normal...You should recover quicker... (7 replies)
... Hello World- I am now 8 weeks post injury. I was taking the cover off of our above ground pool and was walking along the top of the pool which is about 5 ft high. I know what you're thinking, but the answer is no, I did not fall. I jumped off. I'm 33 now, and I say 10 years ago I would have been fine. I straight legged the landing and immediately felt like I probably... (7 replies)
... Hi all, On April 23,2013 ( 9 weeks ago ) I had surgery on my broken Calcaneus- I have the normal plates and screws The doctor has been pretty consistent with telling me that NO WEIGHT BEARING FOR at least 10-12 weeks! My PT has been stopped until i go back on July 3 To my doctor for another follow up --- they stopped because theres nothing else they Could do for... (1 replies)
... e bullet and joined healthboards today trying to negate going to the doctor for treating my heel pain. I've been reading for months member's post regarding their broken calcaneus. There is so much great and helpful information on here which convinced me to Finally set up an Ortho appointment. Thank you! ... (0 replies)
Broken Calcaneus
Mar 1, 2013
... With a broken leg you just wait it out while your body heals itself. With your calcaneus an enormous amount of effort and discipline is required. The healing follows a progression with requisite steps. ... (5 replies)
... I am recovering from breaking my right calcaneus on June 26, and surgery with six screws to repair it on July 11. ... (0 replies)
Broken calcaneus
Oct 8, 2012
... Exactly 4 weeks ago I slid off a roof and fell roughly 20+ feet landing straight up on my right heel. I went the next day to a walk-in clinic which is actually owned by an orthopedic specialist. After x-rays, it was confirmed that I had broken, but not displaced my heel bone. So according to him, surgery was not needed. He said that it was an 8-12 week injury. At this point... (5 replies)
... When I landed on a concrete sidewalk from about 7 feet, I knew immediately that it was broken and made a trip to the ER. I had no surgery but wore a cast for quite a few weeks and recall the pain involved. ... (3 replies)
... Back from hospital, no plaster, no surgery! YAY! doctor says there seems to be nothing wrong, but it prob is broken, but nothing major, the x-ray was not really clear, there was a little something but nothing, he said continue to walk on toes, and gradually when pain allows to walk fully, as theres a current stab pain when i put weight on my heel, told me 6 weeks i should be... (10 replies)
... Afternoon all, On wednesday night (4 days ago) i broke my calcaneus, by jumping off a pallet of sand, silly me :jester: Attended the hospital and had an xray, who confirmed it was broke/fractured, its not displaced or shattered, i was told to not weight bare and book in to see the specialists, which i have tomorrow. Now for the last 2 days, i have had full range of... (10 replies)
... n emergency both said I didn't need surgery. I'm hoping I did right by not having surgery. The Dr. said there is good bone growth now at 6 weeks, but he told me calcaneus fractures are bad breaks and people usually have pain even after recovery. ... (24 replies)

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