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... t out and do all I want to do, but with moderation, and sometimes paying for it at the end of the day. Downhill skiing with the angle may not go well. When the time comes, try it and find out. You may be able to do it, just not as often or as many times that day. Snow doesn't bother my foot cause it is soft. ... (11 replies)
Broken heel
Nov 9, 2013
... Broken calcaneus. I need it to heal now! ... (3 replies)
Broken heel
Feb 21, 2012
... What I tell people when they ask if I am all healed up, I say I do the things I want to do. You may heal up completely. I am not in awful pain all the time, but it is a life changing event. ... (17 replies)

... rays at emergency room showed that I fractured my left heel in several places. Two days later CT showed that I actually fractured my hell in many pieces. After the swelling went down some, surgery took place on May 6th. ... (22 replies)
Shattered Heel
Apr 27, 2007
... The part about the "rest" of the ankle being dependent on the heel's status is true. Bear in mind this all depends on if you need follow up surgery or not. Heel and talus bones are tough injuries to overcome and frequently you will alwas have a reminder of the injury they have suffered. ... (6 replies)
... Hi Jumper, thanks for your reply, I was told to start weight bearing from 6 weeks, which I thought was a bit soon but OS said he likes his patients to start early so have been trying steadily since then around the house,I had a hospital app yesterday and have been told to try to loose the crutches now with no restrictions on getting around , He said I may need fusion some time... (12 replies)
... mined by your healing progress and your doc. See if your insurance will cover an Exogen ultrasound bone stim to accelerate the healing process. I had a difficult time wearing two boots since they were bulky and made it difficult to walk. My doc approved me to wear good quality hiking boots that had great ankle support. ... (4 replies)
Broken Heels
Oct 13, 2015
... I fell June 5th, 2015 resulting in bilateral calcaneus fractures. Both needed surgery to realign the joint in the right foot and reattach some the back of my heel in the left. I am coming up on 5 months post op. I was in a chair for 3 months and then transitioned to using a walker. ... (13 replies)
... April 23 rd , 2015 about three weeks ago now, I fell with my entire weight of 148 lbs at five ft three onto my one left heel fracturing it and also fracturing a joint on top middle of my foot by end of my leg where it meets the top of my foot and slightly to the left of middle. ... (6 replies)
... I have a friend of mine that had a bad accident many years ago now that was dealing with a lot of joint pain from both of her feet being broken and told me to start taking Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM for my pain, she's a nurse and has been using it for years now and loves it. ... (3 replies)
... oesn't know how she did it, she's not really athletic, but she's not fat or anything, and she joined an indoor volleyball team. Next thing you know, BAM, busted heel bone. This was again, last September. ... (6 replies)
... I would ask for a second opinion. I don't think you should be swelling that bad, even though heel fractures seem like they can be quite bad, and take a long time to heal from. ... (3 replies)
... by the time I was done thinking the weeks had flown by lol. ... (8 replies)
... I must say though I kept my foot relitively still for 2 weeks after surgery. Also my ankle was broken so I didnt want to push it. ... (32 replies)
... podiatrist then suggested a cortisone shot. Doing research on my own and asking around, I determined that this was not a good idea. My heel already has a reputation for weekness due to the plantar fasciitis, and I don't want the cortisone to potentially make it worse. ... (4 replies)
... up visit, he said it was solid and gave me permission to walk on the entire foot instead of just heel weight bear. ... (9 replies)
... I fractured mine July 29th 2009, no surgery yet, great pain first month then moderate. Still can't put any weight on heel, doc said use the pool to walk in if i'm in chest high, or walk on my toes with my crutches and whirlpool 3 times a day. Have lost all muscle in calf,said it would be at least 4 months then rehab. no more jumping out of planes, that's ok with me i'm just... (165 replies)
... lar challenges. So, here's my first post, with a bit of background. Bear with me, as I am typing with one hand while my other wrist regains strength from being broken at the same time as my left heel. ... (1 replies)
Broken calcaneous
Feb 13, 2009
... foot. Broke 3 bones and broke my heel bone in several pieces. Don't even weigh that much either, my OS said I landed it on it the worst way I could have. ... (1 replies)
... who broke her left foot and had pins to heel the break. She also had a stormtooper walking boot on, it's like a ski boot and I loved the idea of one of them. ... (57 replies)

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