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... he then sent me to podiatrist and she did MRI and now I find out there is still a "SIGNIFICANT FRACTURE" in the heel...This jerk has had me walking on my broken heel for MONTHS!!! ... (10 replies)
... I do notice that at the end of a long day I will limp a little and my leg will feel fatigued... but I do not relate this to my heel injury because my knee was also injured. ... (15 replies)
... From my own experience with broken bones, I just assumed that weight on your foot bruised it, because it is not fully healed. ... (18 replies)

... Most people do not bear weight until 9 or 12 weeks, but the injury varies. If you just have a fracture you may be ok. A lot of the people on here, myself included, shattered the calcaneous. ... (2 replies)
... It was in a great deal of pain, yet I have never broken a bone before so maybe that was it, but I was a little concerned with how quick he was. ... (2 replies)
... This is a life changing injury. Recovery varies from person to person and injury. Most people are off there feet 12 weeks, some start partial weight at 9 weeks, but I doubt you will cause you don't have a good foot. Takes 12-18 months to get as good as it gets. But around 4 months you will be doing lots, but lots of pain. You may or may not have surgery. I shattered... (11 replies)
... Tony, Do all of your therapy and ask if you can do more therapy at home with bands, weights, rom, anything they approve. Allow it to heal as best it can and then progress slowly. Every injury and recovery is different so it's hard to say how active your body will allow you to be but with hard work and a positive attitude I'm sure you will have plenty of fun once you're out of... (11 replies)
... Hi Tonyb If you don't mind me asking how old are you? I had the similar break as you whereby the talus shattered my right calcaneus, 13 screws and a plate. I had my op on the 4th of Jan this year and I'm currently using crutches, no boot, I am able to drive and put a little weight on my foot. I am also able to use one crutch and the boot from time to time. I do take an... (11 replies)
... Bear in mind that my injury was not as traumatic as yours though. Good Luck! ... (11 replies)
... Sorry to be a downer but with an injury as you describe this is more likely than not what will happen. The less strain you put on your feet though the longer you can delay the process of arthritis. ... (11 replies)
... Hi im new here. So i was skiing and tried this new jump they put in the park :cool: . I carried too much speed and hit an upward slope passed the landing. X rays and ct confirmed both calcaneous are broken (ct makes a really cool 3d model). The left foot has a few fractures but the bone wasn't displaced enough for surgery. On the right foot, the talus bone got driven... (11 replies)
... Get yourself a slant board and step on it and then a tennis ball. When using the tennis ball, step on the front of the foot for a short time and then go to the middle of the foot and then further back. (1 replies)
... I broke my heel over 3 years ago, and decided not to get surgery. I think my recovery went fairly well, but I'm really not sure. I still have pain in my heel when I run...and feel pins and needles pain when I first stand up in the morning. Nothing too severe...but enough to notice, and affect my day. ... (1 replies)
... My uncle had surgery 1 week ago for braking both heels after falling of a roof and he's been in a lot of pain (we all know that) but he's been in bed all day, showering, doing #1/2 all in bed cause he says the doctor said he couldn't even use a wheelchair to go to the bathroom?? I mean is not a back injury/surgery why he's not allowed to even use a wheelchair??? I know they... (3 replies)
Broken heel
Nov 9, 2013
... the pain was out of this world! I drove home on pure adrenaline and crawled into my house praying that it wasn't broken. I took a Percocet left over from a wrist injury and it worked for about 2 hours. I was alone so in the morning my friend took me to the ER. ... (3 replies)
... The thought of possibly having chronic pain for the rest of my life scares me so much. Why oh why could I have not broken an arm instead!? ... (3 replies)
Healing heel
Jul 21, 2013
... Hi everyone, I had surgery about 3 months ago for a broken heel bone and I started walking about 1 week ago without a walking boot, but i tend to wear shoes because i'm too afraid of walking barefoot. ... (2 replies)
Broken heel help
Feb 8, 2013
... Don't know if this will help or not, but I think we are at the same point in our recovery. I had surgery on Nov. 7th. My heel was in many more pieces and they also had to do a fusion, so the injury is a little different. I have been in a boot for 5 weeks. ... (14 replies)
Broken heel help
Feb 7, 2013
... I only say 4 months because that is what I was told. I've been in therapy for about 2 months and have about half my muscles back. I was very in shape before the injury. I don't take any strong pain meds anymore, and haven't felt the need to. I was very dependent on meds in the beginning, and for about 3 months. I don't even really take tylenol. I haven't felt the pain be... (14 replies)
Broken heel help
Feb 6, 2013
... It is a long recovery. My pain started to get better about the 10th month, and probably about as good as it gets around 18 months. Though I think I made some small gains after that, as I got stronger. . I am doing everything I want, but in moderation, and there is pain with use. This injury varies between people, so hope for the best, but just realize this is a life... (14 replies)

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