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Broken heel
Jan 10, 2011
... :wave:Need PT exercises to recuperate from a broken heel (9 replies)
... ice and jumping up and down a 2' ledge. Unfortunately my screw heads were rubbing my achilles tendons so mid Feb I had 3 screws removed. I plan to run across the PT office in the next two weeks. I don't think I will run s marathon but short distance running to play with my kids is my goal. ... (11 replies)
... Hi Tonyb If you don't mind me asking how old are you? I had the similar break as you whereby the talus shattered my right calcaneus, 13 screws and a plate. I had my op on the 4th of Jan this year and I'm currently using crutches, no boot, I am able to drive and put a little weight on my foot. I am also able to use one crutch and the boot from time to time. I do take an... (11 replies)

... Get yourself a slant board and step on it and then a tennis ball. When using the tennis ball, step on the front of the foot for a short time and then go to the middle of the foot and then further back. (1 replies)
... I broke my heel over 3 years ago, and decided not to get surgery. I think my recovery went fairly well, but I'm really not sure. I still have pain in my heel when I run...and feel pins and needles pain when I first stand up in the morning. Nothing too severe...but enough to notice, and affect my day. ... (1 replies)
Broken heel help
Feb 11, 2013
... Is it possible that the swimming and PT is not 'loading' your foot enough? ... (14 replies)
Broken heel help
Feb 7, 2013
... I went to PT this morning, and after talking to them am going solo today without cane or crutch, but as you said Liz carry one as back up. ... (14 replies)
Broken heel help
Feb 6, 2013
... walking NWB for 10 weeks. I still have a ton of pain in my ankle. I still have a limp. I ditched my cane full time last week, no now it's just me. But even with PT 2x a week, I still limp and still have a long ways to go. ... (14 replies)
Broken heel help
Feb 6, 2013
... I am 4 and a half months in from my fall, usual story operation with 10 screws and a plate, heel was in 4 pieces. ... (14 replies)
Broken Heel
Dec 21, 2012
... s appt. Looks pretty good. He switched me to an air cast so I can clean my foot finally! LOL. He said I can probably go weight bearing in 4 weeks and I can start PT now. It all seems decent considering I'm 4 weeks in. I won't lie I was super stoked to get an air cast so I can clean and do PT. ... (13 replies)
Broken Heel
Dec 20, 2012
... You have to wear something over the compression sock. The compression sock has no paddinging. I wear wool light hiking socks in the summer, heavy in the winter. No they are no itchy. Modern merino wool is very nice. I also get new socks every year. They don't have holes, but I think the padding goes away. I look for 2nds or sales. (13 replies)
Broken Heel
Dec 19, 2012
... ow extensive it was until he opened up my foot. It ended up being one of the most complicated surgeries of his career. From the sounds of it, you only broke your heel in one place, maybe two, if it's "ideal". So hopefully that is in your favor, that the joint was unharmed. ... (13 replies)
Broken Heel
Dec 18, 2012
... I'm single so I don't even have anyone to keep me company, lol. I really hope this recovery is going well and that I can start PT asap. Hell, I hope that when I get to PWB I can push the clutch in my car. ... (13 replies)
Broken Heel
Dec 18, 2012
... I broke my heel in an accident on July 30. My break was extremely severe, and I had surgery 3 weeks later. ... (13 replies)
... be able to walk in the boot but only with crutches I can't put full weight on it. I tend to walk more on the top of my foot rather than putting pressure on the heel cause that kills. ... (10 replies)
... Did he say you are allowed to walk in the boot? Most people can not put even partial weight on there foot until 9 weeks, with many at 12. PT is very important. (10 replies)
... @Ginger62...He has not mentioned it at all which surprised me because over the course of many years of serious sprains to my ankle I have always done PT. I have been trying to do the exercises that I have done in the past even prior to being told I can bear weight as that I was not casted only had compression wraps over the 6 weeks. I just feel like he has waved his wand and... (10 replies)
... When I landed on a concrete sidewalk from about 7 feet, I knew immediately that it was broken and made a trip to the ER. I had no surgery but wore a cast for quite a few weeks and recall the pain involved. ... (3 replies)
Broken heel
Feb 22, 2012
... When I was seen by the OS his first comment was " You will remember this the rest of your life". I was 52 and a diabetic, active riding motorcycles, snowmobiles, camping and fishing so not in bad shape. I also did not smoke. The OS said that since my fractures were non displaced and that I did have some movement of the STJ he did not recommend surgery. When I asked him how... (17 replies)
... putting about 80 lbs of pressure on my left foot and having to use my walker. Theropist says that my range of motion is at 94 degrees now. Why is it that all the PT I do during the day to stretch out my tendons seems to vanish by the time I get up in the morning? ... (22 replies)

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