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... ist for a painful bump on the side of my foot that I've had so a while but it had gotten pretty painful the last few months. Surprisingly to the both of us I had broken my 5th metatarsal a while ago probably about 2 years ago and I never knew and I also have cysts inside the bone and its messing with my tendon. ... (7 replies)
Both feet bunions
May 19, 2018
... Hi, I am 57 years old female and have severe bunions in both feet. I was a professional dancer and my podiatrist told me that I had the dangerous combination of "very strong and very flexible" feet. Meaning, I danced on them alot because they were strong, and I wanted them to be flexible and they were -- and now the soft tissue is not supporting the bones staying in place.... (2 replies)
Broken metatarsal
Mar 30, 2009
... what do you do for a broken metatarsal (1 replies)

... I broke my 5th metatarsal about 10 weeks ago, no big deal i thought it's a fairly common injury. ... (1 replies)
... Hello, I broke my middle toe on my left foot two weeks ago. I had gone to the ER the next day, and they x-rayed and said that my middle phalange was fractured. The swelling in that toe went down after a couple of days, but the ball of my foot is still very swollen and painful when I try to put all of my weight on it. It's so swollen that when I put my foot flat on the ground,... (3 replies)
... I believe he said the 3rd metatarsal. The break is at the base also (like yours). Iv'e been walking (limping) on it for weeks, I think I'm gonna wear my shoe to bed even though he said I didn't have to. He also mention something about stimulating growth (? I'm bad about not asking questions at the right time) to the bone before we'd consider surgery. He didn't seemed to be... (4 replies)
... Which Metatarsal? I broke my 5th metarsal at the base (near the ankle) this past summer. Before I knew it was actually broken (I had been initially told it was a bad sprain), I could walk on my heel, but it was painful. Luckily it was not misplaced, but I still was in a boot for seven weeks (this began 8 days after the injury). My orthopedist said that if I had... (4 replies)
... weeks for broken bones in the foot. I'd go back to the boot for a while longer. ... (2 replies)
... A little over a week ago I fell down the stairs and immediately had a sharp pain at the end of my fifth metatarsal. At first it hurt super bad to walk. I got an x-ray but it was not broken. It seems to have gotten a bit better, but it still hurts to walk and is very sore to touch. It is a little swollen, nothing crazy, but a little swollen. It also hurts to straighten my foot.... (1 replies)
... I wondered if anybody has had any experience with this. I broke my 5th metatarsal two weeks ago, I was given an air cast yesterday after being in a cast first. ... (3 replies)
... Hi! I fractured the base of my fifth metatarsal last Sunday, so 9 days ago. ... (2 replies)
... I broke my fifth metatarsal just over five weeks ago near the head of the bone at the top and was in a cast for three weeks, I then got told to wear a boot so O have been for the last two weeks. The doctor said to just wear it for a couple of weeks and then it'll be fixed. So I've been trying to walk on my own without the boot to lead up to not wearing it at all and where I... (4 replies)
... Hello all! Newbie to these boards here! Tomorrow makes a week since my Lisfranc injury. Unfortunately I do not have a glorified story of how I broke it but basically got light headed & dizzy as I was walking up a step into my home, my legs gave out and all of my weight dropped on my foot that was on the step. As soon as it happened I knew something in my foot wasn't happy... (1 replies)
... rays looked exactly the same, big old piece still broken off. We asked about it. He said there was nothing to be done and basically suck it up and start wearing a shoe. ... (5 replies)
... I broke my foot this week in three metatarsals. The main one being the third metatarsal being completely displaced, and the other two being at the base of the metatarsals. ... (7 replies)
... Have you had an MRI? That's usually the next step in finding out what is going on in there since it shows the bones, tendons, ligaments and if anything is loose in the joint itself. The 5th metatarsal fracture is a hard one; a friend of mine did that 2 years ago and really had a hard time for a while even after the cast came off. Sometimes there are soft tissue injuries... (4 replies)
... lp me. Ive been to the hospital and doctor here, but even with the cast and crutches gone, Im unable to walk more than 1km. IN March of last year, I broke my 5th metatarsal and my outside ankle bone on my left foot. ... (4 replies)
... ot actually as long as you strap it properly. Then there's the surgical shoe that keeps your foot from bending. That's the one they would normally use use for a broken toe having it taped to the next toe for stabilization. ... (4 replies)
... Just a warning, I had a similar wierd hit and rolled onto my face all in one motion off the bottom step of a step ladder. I knew something was bad because I couldn't shake it off and my foot instantly swelled with pain and lack of motion. It was game over when I got it home with swelling and movement. Took me weeks to take sideways steps. Long story short is I went to... (6 replies)
... tchen and landed strangely on the outside of my foot, but it wasn't a typical inversion. My foot immediately bruised and started swelling and I was certain I had broken something. ... (6 replies)

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