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... This is round 2 for me with ligament reconstruction, on the same ankle...round 1 was when I was 16 turning 17. ... (21 replies)
... times a day so I went through all of the treatments possible again and ended up needing a much more extensive surgery, complete lateral ligament reconstruction with cadaver tendon and bone tunnels and tendon debridement and tublarization this February. ... (13 replies)
... years and both have failed. The first one was a brostrom but that failed and my ligaments became lax again. Then I ended up having a complete ligament reconstruction with cadaver tendon and tendon tublarization and debridement last year. ... (3 replies)

... Lucky! I would love it that happens, but I doubt it! (21 replies)
... Oh wow. Yeah he cut mine off every few weeks to check the incision and swelling. Those 15 minutes between casts were magical, haha. (21 replies)
... Thanks! That's a lot of casts!!! Last time I had this done I had the surgical cast for 2 weeks and then a regular fiberglass cast for 6...the same one! (21 replies)
... So glad it went well!! My stitches didn't come out for like 3 weeks I don't think. But that's the good thing about the cast with this procedure--they have to keep checking it so you get the cast cut off a lot. I had 3 different fiberglass casts in 5 weeks! Wishing you a speedy recovery!! (21 replies)
... Thanks! The procedure went as planned, or maybe even better! I was awake immediately upon getting out of surgery (don't remember waking up til I was back in my room though)...and I was only there for about an hour before going home. My surgical cast (splint) is actually fiberglass, I'm pretty sure! It's so much lighter and less cumbersome than plaster would be which is... (21 replies)
... I know I'm a bit late here, so good luck with the procedure tomorrow! I am 10 weeks out from the procedure on my left ankle (need to have it on my right ankle as well when I'm all healed), and my recovery has been going well. I was in a splint (plaster of Paris cast) from toe to knee for 6 days, a fiberglass cast for 5 weeks, a walking boot for 2, and now only wear the boot... (21 replies)
... Got my knee scooter today :) It'll definitely be good around my parents house and for work. Definitely not so good for my apartment...but I went through my apartment on crutches and it's not bad. (21 replies)
... I've never liked anything on my crutches...and in HS I spent 3 months on crutches! Not the best 3 months of my life lol. At about 500 sq ft, my apartment is small enough that I honestly only imagine using crutches in it. We probably have something like what you're talking about, in fact, I'm almost sure we do...but let me tell you, I'm a stubborn a** individual! After my... (21 replies)
... Something I thought of for you is crutch covers :) I got some by Crutcheze off of amazon and they have saved my hands! It's like having extra padding on the grips, I couldn't imagine the last 12 weeks without them! Also, I found out that my local village hall in the suburb I'm in has a lending closet where you can borrow things like wheelchairs, crutches, canes, etc. I... (21 replies)
... So I now have my post-op appointment scheduled: Thurs the 26th. So that means 9 days in the surgical cast, and then fiberglass! They were saying I might have to wait a bit longer because of my surgeon's schedule, but they found a way to get me in within the 7-10 day time frame! (21 replies)
... I would suggest you call the hospital or surgical center and talk to the staff there. You are not the first patient they will have treated with piercing and theit advise will be accurate for you and your doctor. (21 replies)
... Dental floss would be like having nothing in there at all, so I'd rather not put any in there. It's a 14g piercing which is 3 sizes bigger than the "average" ear piercing that you would find someone getting at Claire's or floss might do for that, but not for something this much bigger! Even when I put at 16g piece of jewelry in it for less than 24 hours it... (21 replies)
... I wouldn't think the one in your ear would be problem. I don't know about the one in your nose. If they tell you that you need to remove it, ask if you can thread a piece of dental floss through it and knot it. (21 replies)
... Nope, but 1 is a nose piercing which I'm assuming they definitely won't want due to the anesthesia and breathing tube etc. The other is on the top of my ear (forward helix)...if I have to take that one out, it'll most likely just close because its already been messed around with too much and the healing has been slow going...and I've gotten bumps there I probably... (21 replies)
... Are these piercings on your ankle or anywhere close to the surgical site? If they would impede your healing in any way, I would suggest taking them out and getting them done again after you've healed, if they're really important to you. (21 replies)
... Yeah. It should be good. Anything else I need to prep? One thing I'm worried about is my piercings...I've got 2 that close pretty quick... (21 replies)
... Yeah, if you can find something good for your leg, you don't really need the Xerosox. I liked it for my hands because I could wash my hair with both hands and wash dishes :-). Good luck with your surgery. (21 replies)

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