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... hen I had a small slip and put my foot down briefly so went back to see the DR. He thinks all is ok... Can't tell on the microfracture as too soon to say but the Brostum 'anchors' are stable. ... (87 replies)
... I have graduated to being allowed to use one crutch! I still need to use two if I go out & about plus after PT (when I am toast:). I can go single the rest of the time if I keep the other one nearby. Still in the braces - learning to accept that they are a permanent thing for the foreseeable future. Onward and upward. Yippee! :bouncing: :D :bouncing: :D jane (38 replies)
... Mary- yep we are worthy of ancient status!:jester: I am not sure of the which comes first for my drama... I do know he said he would like to wait until 1 year mark (July) to do the right foot so that the ligs, tendons, muscles, bone etc all heal up nice and strong. He said if I can't stand it or get to bad (or screw things up) he will have to go sooner. I agreed as I... (38 replies)

... the cracking is two different things for me, depending which foot we are talking about. The left foot (not repaired yet) is caused by the OCD/fragments. It is sort of muffled but you can hear it if in the same room. Almost a click sound. It sometimes smarts a little, sometimes like holy he**. It will get fixed eventually. It happens randomly -I can't make it click on... (38 replies)
... Jane, A question about your cracking and popping, I am now 12 weeks post op and still swolen and cracking and popping alot , friends and family can hear it from feet away!! this esspecially happens when going down stairs. Sometimes it is very painful others doesnt hurt and is kind of funny because everyone stops to look to see what the noise was! I had just posted a new thread... (38 replies)
... Jane, I'm so sorry to hear that you will need more surgery. do you have any idea when you are going to go for it. can he do it in one surgery, or will he have to do several? how is he going try to make it better in small steps? It seems as if we will both have to go from senior member to ancient member. haha..I mean time on board, not age. keep us posted on when you go... (38 replies)
... This is a long one but I have so much news...Saw my surgeon yesterday. Yes, he is back from Iraq and he looks great but tired. He seems to be in really good spirits. He was excited to see my foot - he said he and some co-workers in the sand have been following along via emailed reports from the other partners & my PT. Ain't technology great for some things? Kind of bummed... (38 replies)
... Oh, Jane!! What a glimmer of hope on a long journey! I am so excited for you.. it must feel wonderful to finally be able to do it! Hopefully, your recovery continues this smoothly! :) Gloat girl, you deserve it, CONGRATS! :) Britt (38 replies)
... Hot Dog! Big stuff happened yesterday at rehab- I did the usual stuff and some increased work on steping on/off a block, etc; but the big deal is I walked "naked". First we tried taking off the knee brace then eventually he let me try some walking without the ankle braces. Even took a short trip outside without them. My foot felt 50 lbs lighter and oddly "free". While it... (38 replies)
... Jane- It's neverending, isn't it? lol Hope the hip is doing better now. Maybe you ought to consider a career change and go into physical therapy. Then you could "therapyfy" yourself. lol I'm glad that you've been doing some crutch-free walking. It will just take time to get that balance and proprioception back. Britt- I cracked up when I read your story. I am... (38 replies)
... :jester: My sister and I swear that whatever these Squirrels drink in that park makes them evil... once we tried to have a picnic with our younger cousin, while we were baby-sitting, and we layed down the blanket and started to unpack the food in a previously empty spot of grass. After we had everything setup we sat down to eat, then I noticed that one squirrel was unusually... (38 replies)
... That is too funny - they are out to get you!:D :D Thanks for making me laugh- jane (38 replies)
... Aww Jane! I am so sorry to hear about your hip and your ankle, thank God for braces! At least you are making progress though. I am so happy to hear how well you did on the grass. When I was finally able to walk again, I used the crutches 90% of the time outside, because of uneven terrain. It took about a week for my foot to remember how to walk like that, and just last week I... (38 replies)
... Didn;t say anything about it to you all, but last week I dislocated my left hip in PT (it popped back in once I was up). Wow, that hurts! They took care of me right away and are really protective of it right now but it is slowing me up a tad as it aches and is a bit weaker than normal. Ah, the joys of "If ain't one thing, it's another" When does it stop? I am getting so... (38 replies)
... Jane- I do have to watch my feet quite a bit when I am walking, as sometimes I have no clue where the left foot is. Isn't it amazing how solid the ankle feels now? I was just so used to being able to turn it in at a ninety degree angle and dislocate it, it feels so weird for it to be "normal". My therapist told me to give everything a year. He said that at about the 3-4... (38 replies)
... 80 six year olds!?!? Good grief - that gives me a headache just thinking about it. It must be like trying to herd cats... jane (38 replies)
... NO, My dr. has not taken any new images of the ankle, kind of surprised he didnt. My last appt. with him was very quick and left me feeling alittle pushed through i guess you could say.:eek: I have also found that when i do too much I hurt alot at the end of the day. I work as a noon aide in my kids school so I am on my feet for 3 strait hours, the dr. put me out for 8... (38 replies)
... Megan, Yeah it makes perfect sense (no pun intended) to me. I do a lot of walking practice in rehab as well as heelto toe standing. I am not so hot. I either trip over my foot because I don't have a clue it is not where I thought it was or I wobble over like the old blowup Bozo punching bag when I am trying to heel/toe stand. I am REALLY bad at trying to walk backwards - my... (38 replies)
... Jane , I hear you on the burning of the incision, mine has had a burning sensation since i came home from surgery and also feels like it could split open. My PT told me today that is was the nerves reacting to what has been done. My PT also didnt think i needed the scar massage and such but i am not so sure it feels very tight at times. he did rub it with a towel for maybe a... (38 replies)
... Jane- Next time it might be just as well for you to fall flat on your Before I got this ankle fixed, I was rolling it in flat shoes too. Squirrels....hmmm..don't like em'! It's a big inside joke now with my family and friends. Any time we see a squirrel, we crack up. Gotta find some humor in it someway, right? My proprioception is still pretty crappy... (38 replies)

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