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... but keep the tape away from where your sore areas are. Let those body parts rest on the wool. Also you can push a wool sock or a piece of the sheep skin down the cast to protect your shin. We really need to protect those spots in order to avoid complications. ... (1 replies)
... I've had over 40 leg surgeries due to injuries in Army, first on foot though. I was issued a knee scooter from VA I use it regularly and have developed a server bruise on my knee and also my shin within the cast I have multiple equipment to use and I'm back in my wheelchair 2 days now , does not seem to be any better . ... (1 replies)
Pain in hard cast
Feb 16, 2016
... I went to dr today and had my cast taken off. He's very concerned about the heel. It's not healing like it should be. I told him about the problems with the cast feeling too tight. The bottom of my heel looked very bruise and it was swollen around my ankle. So he cleaned off the dead skin. ... (9 replies)

... Looks like we had similar stuff done. I had my surgery april 26th. I never got casted but used a splint. I was on narcotics for 2 weeks, then over the counter stuff during week 3, and take a couple advil sometimes depending on my activity at this point. The worst part of recovery for me was the throbbing pains when putting my foot down during the first few weeks. Pain... (9 replies)
... Levaquin is a powerful antibiotic. It would NOT be used to treat blood clots, it would be used for infection. But a thin black line doesn't quite sound like either one. And (unless your surgeon is a moron), I can't imagine blood clots OR infection appearing that quickly. It could be some sort of bruise? For now, just keep a close eye on it. By the way, some surgeons... (4 replies)
... ril 30 2011, and the xray result turned out normal despite brutal pain and swelling. two weeks later i required an MRI coz i still could't walk. MRI showed bone bruise on the talus and tibia, and i therefore spent a month in cast. ... (3 replies)
... g anything below my knee, but then again, I had the nerve block and lots and lots of drugs going through me, lol. But another thing, which is weird, is that the bruise is different looking, all the way around my leg. It also isn't very even, which also makes me think it might not have been a tourniquet. ... (6 replies)
... Jennafur - I bet you had a tourniquet around your leg and that's why you have a bruise. Was your surgery below the bruise? ~ Jill (6 replies)
... I didn't see the doctor today but do plan on sneaking my way into there tomorrow. My cast is even more loose now. I can move my ankle joint all over, if I so wanted. I don't know if I should be able to do that or not. ... (6 replies)
... incision on the back of my calf, not quite half way up. A day or two after surgery I started developing a weird bruise on the inside of my leg, just below the knee. Surprisingly, at a month and a half out from surgery, I can still see it. ... (6 replies)
... I had my cast put on last Friday. It never felt too tight and now it seems too loose. I can move my ankle joint and the cast is loose enough to where I feel it sort of jiggle while I crutch around. The splint I was in previously was tighter. ... (6 replies)
... partially torn then when wearing the AIR CAST for "consevative treatment" without a heel lift could be detrimental in healing the ligament. I'm being treated for a bone bruise... ... (2 replies)
... Hi, I started a thread called subtalar joint injury (it's getting long). I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced healing from a very small 6mm bone bruise on the anterior/medial aspect of the talus. THIS IS NOT "OCD." (I also have partially torn medial ligaments and some tendon damage...not too extreme with the tendons). I'd really like to know if anyone has... (0 replies)
... ray because of how much pain I was in. They then put a new cast on and told me my pain should be going away because the fracture had not gotten worse. ... (12 replies)
... I believe my injury is in the lateral part of the talor dome. I havn't had inflimation since I had the cast on, and have only had it twice since I've gotten, but the one night my ankle hurt so bad I was gonna cut the cast off myself!!!! ... (12 replies)
... boot and my pain was still there. So he put me on crutches for 3 weeks. I went back 3 weeks later and still had sever pain. Then he suggested putting me in a cast for 3 weeks. ... (12 replies)!!!!
Aug 1, 2006
... circle about the size of a nickel, to the touch it feels like ordinary skin but it looks like there is blood underneath the skin. It's been there since I got the cast off. It does not hurt to touch it, but it is def. under the skin, as I have tried to clean it with rubbing alcohol and nothing came off. ... (13 replies)
Talar Dome Bruise
Apr 21, 2006
... Well I went to the doctor today,and the Dx for now is an 'unresolved ankle sprain' (like it was before),but this time I am going to get an MRI (sometime next week),and will have a follow up after when both the radiologist and sports doctor have looked at it.So once that happens,treatment I was told will range from rest to a cast... (54 replies)
Talar Dome Bruise
Apr 20, 2006
... I can't imagine being in a cast for 6 weeks!If I can't do anything for that long I'll feel soo lazy... ... (54 replies)
Talar Dome Bruise
Apr 20, 2006
... My treatment was 6 weeks in a cast and then surgery. I was an athlete to so I understand the frustrations you are going through. ... (54 replies)

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