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... to cross and, now, those two toes are nice and straight,thanks to this man. My feet were flat because of weak muscles in the legs and feet and hips. I also had bunion surgery on each foot years ago, only to have the toes to start crossing much later on in life. ... (1 replies)
... but I'm going to shoot for more LOA until early Febuary because this surgery and recovery is so much more intense than my last one with the tendon transfers and bunion removal. I plan on PT the first week of January. ... (11 replies)
... tor. Like you, on the foot I had the surgery on I was never able to stand on my toes on the foot. I didn't mention this in my previous posts but before my triple arthrodesis I had a surgery a year ago to transfer a tendon to support my arch and also had a bunion removed.. ... (11 replies)

... nch for the reply Kathy! Good luck with your surgery. I'm going to take as much time as I need. My first surgery involved transfer of my tendons in my foot and a bunion removal and that did zilch in terms of pain relief and it got worse as it healed almost. ... (3 replies)
... t when i had the first surgery it didn't work. basically not enough was done for my foot and so my arch collapsed and in addition the surgery created at painful bunion and pain in my outer ankle. cut to 2 years later and i'm now scheduled to have the surgery again... ... (0 replies)
... I am surprised you can't find a knee walker in the UK. I would gladly sell you mine when I am finished using it ( probably 2 more weeks) but the cost of shipping would be prohibitive. Does the UK have Craigslist? If yes, post on there asking for one or search to see if someone has one. Amazon? (11 replies)
... just to help things along i have a severe bunion on my other foot that needs surgery but i cant face currently and prolapsed discs in my back! ... (11 replies)
... To clarify, you had the Lapidus Arthrodesis surgery? ... (4 replies)
... Hi - I have been diagnosed with hypermobile 1st ray, and bunions on both feet with tailors bunions. The recommended surgery to correct this is Lapidus Arthrodesis with mini external fixation (pins that stick out top of foot). Has anyone had this surgery? I am told I would have 4 pins sticking out and would wear a velcro boot for 8-12 weeks, then the pins are removed.... (4 replies)
... ime like the present. There is always something to get in the wayof surgery, if you let it. The longer you wait, the worse the foot will get. I had a mid foot arthrodesis 5 weeks ago. The graft sight was from my ankle. I also had a bunion on my big toe fixed, and an ugly toe nail removed. I am 57 yr. old. ... (74 replies)
... I am in a quandry about this Mid foot arthrodesis surgery. I have it scheduled for Nov. 24th, but am so tempted to cancel. The Drs. nurse said that she would never have it done. ... (74 replies)
... han the doctor thought it had. So lets see if I can explain. If you start at the top of the big toe the first joint down is fine. The second joint down is the bunion that had to be fixed and that is where the problems are. The doctor cut the bone below that joint and plated it to hold. ... (74 replies)
... Wednesday will be 21 weeks since my right foot surgery. And it will be the day of my left foot surgery. For this one I am having the triple and bunion surgery. ... (74 replies)
... erent techniques to correct hammertoe, but three are commonly performed, or a combination of them in other cases. Based on your description, sounds like you had arthrodesis which the entire joint was removed and pin used to fixate for a period of time to correct your hammertoe. ... (18 replies)
... mobile and have had failed bunion and hammertoe surgery in the past. ... (7 replies)
... I had bunion surgery on both feet and could not believe how extreme the swelling was. Expect this will be as bad. ... (7 replies)
... Thanks so much for the encouragement. I have a follow-up appointment Friday and have to decide if I should have bunion surgery on the same foot before year-end to take advantage of the fact that I've met my out-of-pocket. Just don't know if it would be better to get all the hobbeling over with or stretch it out for mental health sake. (46 replies)
Triple Arthrodesis
Oct 22, 2008
... Thanks; this is encouraging. But I do think I'll wait to have my bunion surgery on the same foot until I, too, am pain-free. Was supposed to do it before year end to take advantage of having met my out-of-pocket. Don't think I can emotionally handle another round of non-weight bearing this soon. Any advice? (62 replies)
... alex, i like the idea of that cold water pump. i wish i had known those existed. i am sure i will need another foot surgery down the road, and will look into those. mimi...i cant believe there is a doc who thinks people dont get arthritis in their feet. if you dont have history or particularily like this guy, i would find another doc. he seems ill informed. hoppyfeet ,... (92 replies)
... I had bunion surgery back in '91 for what they called metatarsus primus varus. My feet were really splayed as well. ... (11 replies)

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