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... Had bunion surgery 7 weeks ago and my big toe and instep is still very swollen. I still also get periods where I get bursts of sharp weird pain deep in my foot. Worrying! ... (4 replies)
... I only know that she said, "once i get in there , if i find i need to do a tendon release i will cut behind your knee and realease your tendon. ... (23 replies)
... I also had bunion surgery on Dec. 6, 2012 and my doctor also cut my tendon. However, now I cannot lift my big toe and the tip if floppy. I was wondering if you are having the same issues? ... (8 replies)

Tendon Lengthening
Sep 30, 2012
... suggest that you do NOT have that done. My feet were flatter than a pancake, but I now have an arch due to a good good therapist who knows kiniseology. Your a. tendon is very important and so is your plantar facia and everything from your foot to your hip. ... (6 replies)
... hours but it's retail so add another 30 minutes on each day. I was ready to cut my feet off on day 5 but after a few days off things went back to "normal". ... (11 replies)
... I had bunion surgery on both of my feet . One was 15 years ago and doing fine. ... (0 replies)
... Well, it turns out that the foot was actually broken and a pin was used to secure the area. I had the tendon on the second foot cut and and of course, the pain of the bunion cut. He did remove the dressing, which made a bit of a difference. ... (4 replies)
... e boot. Recently, my calf has started to hurt and I'm not sure if it because I'm using it more or because I had flat foot surgery and nothing was done about the tendon in the leg. ... (0 replies)
... half size in shoe and make sure the toe area is rounded and large. On top of this I have the bunion beneath the big toe which hurts me and a smaller bunion on the side of the bone for my little toe. ... (151 replies)
... if you had the procedure done. What this procedure does is cut the tendon so the toe does not lift up. What that means to you is, you will not be able to lift the toe after the procedure. ... (1 replies)
... may not be connected, but your letter rang a bell for me. I had the bunions on either side of the right foot operated on at the same time. I too had the wedge cut out on the big toe side, but no tendon issues. What I did find was I had hip pain when I started to walk for excercise, about 7 wks post op. ... (3 replies)
... Hi everyone. I had a bunion surgery on my left foot Dec 12 2007. They cut a tendon and relocated it. Shaved off the bone that stuck out and cut a wedge piece shape of bone out to straighten out the big toe. I have a plate and 4 screws to hold that together. ... (3 replies)
... What you say makes sense but it seemed as if what littlebit was saying is that the doc said it was by accident so most likely a different tendon than the one that is supposed to be repaired. ... (24 replies)
... The adductor hallucis tendon is usually cut in almost all bunion surgeries where the great toe is "leaning" laterally. A lot of doctors don't even mention this step as it is just part of the procedure. ... (24 replies)
... I never heard of having to cut the understanding is that the way one is walking puts pressure on the toe joint and pushes it outward thus the bunion.. ... (24 replies)
... For my bunion surgery I was actually told by the doctor that the tendon would have to be cut. Part of the reason that the bunion occurs is that the tendon between the big toe and the next one tightens and pulls the big toe to the left. In order to correct that leftward pull you must cut the tendon. ... (24 replies)
... I had surgery for a torn tendon in my elbow.. ... (24 replies)
... I go back to the Dr. tomorrow and have my bandage taken off. I think they just tape it now. I have to go in for the next month once a week. I know they cut the tendon on the inside of my big toe. Does anyone know what happens to the tendon? ... (13 replies)
... Hi my name is Lisa, I'm 34 and having bunion surgery Wed. ... (13 replies)
... toes there is some sort of risk involved for further problems. I know someone who had good feet except for a tendon that needed cut to help her toe lie flat. She had the procedure done and now has a hammertoe forming on the joint that was operated on. ... (2 replies)

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