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... Hello everyone, I ran across this form by acident. I've read a lot and so much of the info. Has been very helpful. I am 11 days post op and in two days I will be getting my stitches out but the three k wires that I have in my toes will have to wait another two weeks. ... (1 replies)
... KatieFeet - sounds to me like you are doing a LOT for only five days post-op! I had a somewhat similar surgery done (but no neuromas) - 4 incisions - on May 1, but I am much older than you and I'm sure that makes a big difference. I was told to be mostly non-weight-bearing for almost two weeks. Doctor said I could get up (with the boot and crutches) to go to the bathroom... (2 replies)
... y normal.. I had both done in 1999 and 2000. In 2012 they still let me know when we are getting rain and snow... barometer feet. You are doing good for 7 weeks post op... ... (1 replies)

... I'm new to this posting to message boards - but honestly, was so happy to read about other experiences in recovering from bunion/hammertoe surgery,that I want to hear more. I am 2 weeks post-op (rt. foot) bunionectomy with hammertoe correction & I feel like I'm about to go nuts - wondering if I did the right thing. Dr. says I need same thing done to left foot but I don't... (30 replies)
... On the 23rd I had surgery to correct the problems from the bunion/hammertoe surgery I had 3 yrs ago. The doctor lengthened the tendon in my big toe and removed the hardware from the previous procedure. He fixed my dislocated 2nd toe and (because to bone loss/deterioration of the joint) stabilized it by webbing it to my 3rd toe. So far my recovery is going fine. I go on... (0 replies)
... op and my pod said everything was looking good. Just a little swelling where he did the hammertoe surgery. I have had little discomfort, probably due to diligent icing and elevating the first 36 hours or so. Now I am only elevating, not icing. ... (40 replies)
... Hi I had my surgery on Friday (2 days ago) for 3 different procedures. Left foot...Mortons Neuroma surgery which is a nerve entrapment in ball of foot and also on left leg an endoscopic gastroc recession (lengthening) for a tight gastroc muscle. Right foot...hammertoe surgery for a rigid toe where the cartilage and some bone on both sides of the joint are removed. The toe... (40 replies)
... I had been doing rather well with just the run of the mill kind of pain after day 8 following the bunion and hammertoe surgery and had stopped taking the pain meds. Days 8 through 13 were pretty good but since yesterday I have been experiencing something that is a bit troubling. ... (15 replies)
... Sorry you had such a bad post op visit. You evidently had quite a bit of reconstruction done on your foot. ... (7 replies)
... I had an Austin-Akin bunionectomy 30 days ago. What you describe is completely normal- you just need to keep trying and you'll find that your toe will start to "obey" you over time. Also, you can gently move the toe manually with your hand- google for "bunion surgery exercise" and you'll find a Kaiser-Permanente site with good exercises on it. If you use Google, it should be... (5 replies)
... I am now 18 days post-op bunion/hammertoe and metatarsal resection on right foot. When I went to my doctor this past Tuesday, he said he wanted to start trying to move my big toe more. However, it seems my big toe has a "mind of its own"! Whenever, I try to move it downward, my foot starts "quivering". I cannot more it upwards at all. Anyone have any suggestions/similar... (5 replies)
... Hi: I"m 8 weeks post-op and doing well. I had both feet done and was in a cast on the forefoot for three weeks. My first shoes were Birkenstock sandals. I kept my forefoot wrapped with 3 inch coban bandage to prevent swelling at the site of the incision. I could remove the bandage at night and I always kept my feet elevated on 2 pillows when sleeping. At 6weeks I could... (16 replies)
... op from bunion surgery on my left foot including hammertoe correction on my little toe. ... (0 replies)
... did you have bunion surgery and hammertoe or just one or something different? ... (5 replies)
... That's wonderful that your foot (just one foot, right?) is healing so nicely! It's nice to hear good things about bunion/hammertoe surgery. My sister unfortunately is afraid to have either her bunions or hammertoes operated on because she has heard "terrible things" about surgery! I can't imagine it is as awful as some people have said, and I imagine the benefits outweigh the... (14 replies)
... Have you seen your doctor or PT yet? Just curious as to what they've said. I'm 6.5 weeks post-op bunion/hammertoe surgery and have been doing the big toe exercises for a week. I was told not to be afraid to force the toe to the maximum range of motion. It hurts! But I was told that if it doesn't hurt then I'm not pushing far enough. You have to get that joint's flexibility... (2 replies)
... I was casted for ten weeks with my bunion fusion and hammertoe correction and started pt at 12 weeks. No pain and no swelling. ... (2 replies)
... I had bunion and hammertoe surgery April 7th. My toes are straight and even but at fourteen weeks post op there is numbness and stiffness which I hope physical therapy will help. There are always going to be issues after surgery that will take time to work out. ... (7 replies)
... I had bunion and hammertoe surgery in 1997. My doctor put pins in each of my toes except my pinkie toe. ... (3 replies)
... i had bunion and hammertow MIS surgery 7 weeks ago. I had my 2nd toe with a pin in it but with no ball on the end. My surgeon had pushed in just under the skin. ... (3 replies)

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