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... to be sure I can get somewhere if I have to but don't plan to venture out too much until I can ditch the crutches. Would love some ideas on exercises to do while healing so I don't lose all the muscle tone. I've been doing leg lifts for quads and bicycle motions to work the rest of the leg. ... (13 replies)
... glad to hear everything is fine! you are healing so just take care of yourself and hopefully walking will come soon and when you are ready. ... (240 replies)
... s out. My advice, stay away from using one crutch. You had a pretty serious procedure done to your foot, I would think the longer you are off it, giving it more time to heal, the better. ... (240 replies)

... ing and scar tissues, which for some can take months to go away! I was almost a year before I really felt like my foot was returning to normal and I had a hard time healing. As for feeling like you are walking on the bone, I had the same thing too! Is your big toe sticking up any? ... (19 replies)
... and I wear very very wide skate shoes. I also pointed out that while I'm still young I have a better chance of healing and I don't want to get to a point where they are serve and will have to have complicated surgery, plus my family suffer from Arthritis! ... (16 replies)
... as long as I was comfortable. With the bunion spint, the only pair of shoes I could get my foot in was a pair of Ryka gym shoes a half size bigger than my original size. ... (39 replies)
... I am nonweight bearing for at least 6 weeks so it's crutches all the time. I know that the healing process is long so make sure to ask about your activities. All surgeries are different. Just ask! ... (39 replies)
... Hi, I am 22 years old and will be having a lapidus bunion fusion on Wednesday. The podiatrist is also lengthening my calf tendon at the same time. I am scared because this is my first major surgery. ... (39 replies)
... Maybe you can pool your sick time and vacation time together. ... (17 replies)
... scar is still healing that whole time. ... (6 replies)
... remember how you're feeling. At nearly 4 weeks, I was still so swollen, and the incision wasn't healing, so I'd gone back to crutches for a few days to give it time to heal. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Katie... I'd re-think going back to work too soon if you don't have to. Of course everybody's different in terms of healing...but with the pins in you have an increased chance of infection. Then, you have bones that have to heal and that takes a least 6-7 weeks. Swelling is also an issue. How long have I been out of work?...Don't ask. I'm an anomaly! I had to have a... (10 replies)
... healed. I guess the last bit of healing is what takes the longest. I can walk and jog on the treadmill but my foot is still a little swollen. ... (6 replies)
... Full recovery can take as much as a year. For me the bulk of the healing (75%) took place the first 8-10 weeks. It's the last 25% where your foot will feel completely "normal" again that takes so much time. It's been 2 steps forward 1 step back. I was back in my regular shoe wardrobe (no heels) by the 12-14 week mark. I'm now almost 6 months post op and range between... (6 replies)
... At any rate, I will be going in for my first post op appointment tomorrow, so soon I will know if it is healing according to plan. ... (15 replies)
... Let me add my 2 cents depends on the procedure and your doctor's orders. Plus, everyone is different. After my surgery, I had minimal pain for two days and nothing thereafter. But, I was NWB for 8 weeks which meant crutches for the entire time. After that, when I was partial weight bearing, I used one crutch to ease my way back walking. Everyone is different... (5 replies)
... Hi! I had my bunions removed, both feet at once, when I was 17. That was a few years ago. My main reason for having it done at that time, was that I was having trouble staying on the balance beam. Also, I was about to lose my insurance (upon turning 18) & decided to do it before that happened. Healing from the surgery wasn't too bad. Since I had both feet done at the... (14 replies)
... The hardest part for me has been being NWB for eight weeks. My bunion was severe, though, and one of the worst the doctor said he had worked on. ... (18 replies)
... I had bunion surgery 3 weeks ago, on my right foot. I took one week off from work. My doctor told me that I can drive as long as I would be able to break. ... (10 replies)
... workers understand, that you cant stand or walk alot throughout your time at work, I made sure my boss understood that before I had my doc return me to work..It helped a ... (10 replies)

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