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... To make a long story short I have mild arthritis in my right big toe and a little bunion because of it. ... (2 replies)
... first and second metatarsal is 5 degrees over and the degrees between first metatarsal and the phalange is 10 degrees over healthy. He also feels like a dorsal bunion was created during surgery and this jams my joint at every step. ... (4 replies)
... You know, neither of my surgeons ever mentioned to me that I shouldn't take anti-inflammatory drugs. My first surgeon actually prescribed them to me. Could partially explain the non-union. I go back to doctor tomorrow for my 8 week check up. I'm still totally NWB. It's been tough but hopefully the end is in sight. I'm glad your surgery went well! (17 replies)

... op, and can honestly say it wasn't that bad. My bunion was moderately severe, with the second toe affected and general metatarsal discomfort radiating to the outer ankle. ... (17 replies)
... I was due to have Bunion surgery on Feb 15th, It was pushd back to March 15th. I am very anxious not knowing what that "aftermath" will be like. ... (17 replies)
... K Lana, Thanks for your post. The MRI did show some tenosynovitis which the doctor is not too concerned about. It will correct itself. I also saw a pain managment doctor who ordered an EMG test which I had yesterday. The test showed no nerve damage. The doctor compared my left and right foot, and the right foot is red, swollen, and the sole was very moist with sweat. ... (6 replies)
... You know, I'd get a second opinion from a sports med ortho who is foot and ankle board certified. The bunion could be compressing the joint to the point that it's some bone on bone at times. ... (6 replies)
... Hi All, I'm shamelessly venting and looking for a bit of encouragement and support. I'm just about 10 weeks post-Austin bunionectomy. Recovery has been going pretty well so far. I saw the surgeon for our last visit at week 8 and he was happy with everything. I've started jogging again and can get past a mile before things start really hurting. I always have a mild,... (3 replies)
... Hi Linda, so glad to hear that your feet are coming along well and that your company paid for the operations, you have worked hard for them so you deserved this. For me, I had to pay my own $ as there was no other options. But again, I can save up the $ for the operation, but health is really important, it is priceless. I am thinking I should start saving next week for 12... (18 replies)
... I'm glad you are doing well. I had my austin bunion surgery back in mid-March and is recovering very well. Apart from the leftover stiffness of the foot (due to the scar tissue), I am pretty much back to normal. I can wear normal shoes again (the wider style) for work, and wear runners with no problem. I still have mild swearings at the end of some days if I walked a bit too... (18 replies)
... for the cutting of my bunion. According to my doc, my bunion was not too bad but due to it pressing against my nerves, it has been giving me a lot of grieve the past years. ... (18 replies)
... I also had bunion and bunionette surgery on my right foot, as well as a hammertoe fixed and tendons loosened on the other 2 toes to straighten them. ... (4 replies)
... weeks later, as the doctor said, she is able to walk with a mild limp and no crutches. Her foot still swells up if she's walked too much, but otherwise, the swelling has gone done greatly. ... (18 replies)
... I had bunion surgery on my right foot 3 weeks ago. I am in so much pain still. I have a full cast almost up to my knee and no movement in my big toe. I can't move it at all. ... (24 replies)
... go to an ortho foot surgeon. yes, you will be put under, but its mild. good luck! (29 replies)
... OMG! I'm glad I found your post because I am feeling the exact same way! I had bunion surgery 6 weeks ago, I had a very mild case of a bunion that cause no pain (I just didn't like the way it looked). But my podiatrist advised me that I should have the surgery done in order to avoid the problem getting worse and perhaps having arthritis complications as I got older. I... (24 replies)
... additional procedure is usually required ie akin osteotomy to better align your toes after the bunion osteotomy. This sounded like malpractice but unfortunately you need evidence to go that route. ... (6 replies)
... Welcome to the boards. You will find a lot of information here, there are many people with foot problems who have insights to share. A bunion is usually caused by structural problems in your foot and these problems have a lot to do with the arch being flat. ... (2 replies)
... Hang in there! I was wearing a walking shoe 2 weeks after surgery. Swelling is mild till noon & then starts up. I will be starting my 5th week 4/7 and am doing therepy 3 times a week. Not much pain, just swelling! Amazing what they are teaching me. Stretching the toe forward and backward, resistance bands. walking on a slant board & swelling goes down but not for long! (50 replies)
... my bunion never came back and i dont recall what the dr took out. go for it and end the pain once and for all. ... (6 replies)

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