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... days ago I had foot surgery. Chevron, and tailors bunions both removed. My 2nd metatarsal was shortened, it was about 5mm too long, 2 neuromas removed, and my pinky was turned so it wouldn't go sideways. Needless to say I had a lot done in one foot, and now have 3 incisions, and 3 screws. ... (2 replies)
... I iced the back and top of my knee and it worked better than icing my foot. I think it helps cool the blood or something. But it works wonders :) Well keep us posted and I hope you don't need the tendon release tendons are painful to mess with. I'm doing okay, thanks for asking. I've been posting updates in my thread called "no toe wiggle" right now. I'm a week and a day... (23 replies)
... first and second metatarsal is 5 degrees over and the degrees between first metatarsal and the phalange is 10 degrees over healthy. He also feels like a dorsal bunion was created during surgery and this jams my joint at every step. ... (4 replies)

... or the first 4 weeks and then a hard soled velcro sandal for another 5 weeks. Up until now my foot looked great and was healing fine, my pain was mostly from the pinky toe. but nothing too unexpected. After that i pretty much put my foot in anything it fit into..which was mostly sneakers and grandma loafers. ... (4 replies)
... correction surgery, I developed a swollen knot on the TOP of my foot at the base of my pinky toe. But only on the left foot! ... (4 replies)
... Hi CG71, My recovery is going well I think, I still have some stiffness in the mornings but I'm pretty much into my normal flat shoes. I'm 4 months post op now (I had my op mid May 2011). My feet do slightly swell by the end of the day and I sometimes still ice them in the evenings. I can't really walk properly in heels, I don't really wear high heels but I would love to... (18 replies)
... Hi Pinky I have been reading your threads with interest and notice you are in London area. I am near London and am due to have double scarf procedure on 9 Nov and am at the nervous point at the moment. I am excited about the pain going and having pretty feet for the first time ever but am terrified about having to get my life organised by 9 Nov. Most scary of all is... (18 replies)
... Hi cards5fan, sounds like you had some sort of bunionectomy with akin. Our scenario is slightly different, as I only had the bunionectomy without correcting the big toes. My surgeon decided not to touch them as aesthetically and anatomically they don't look bad, but you can see slight crookedness if I bend my toe 90 degree. The recovery process is much quicker without the... (18 replies)
... Hi. I don't know what the surgery i had is called but my doctor broke my big toe, straigtened it, and put a screw in to hold it (is this what your doctor did?). He also removed a toenail from the other foot (left foot bunion and right big toenail removed). Stiches were removed at 1 week 5 days and i started PT at 3 weeks 2 days. I had a follow-up appt on Fri june 3rd (8... (18 replies)
... I wore my MBTs I think between 7 month to 10 month post op and prior to that, I was wearing old pair of my sneakers that were "wrap-around" (no shoe lace or tongue) so they conformed to my swelling feet quite well :) Happy shopping! (18 replies)
... Hi Pinky, Congrats on getting the bandage off! Yes, stay off your feet for as long as you can as it will help with the recovery process by letting the bones to have a chance to heal faster without any weight. Believe it or not, I never iced mine as I was staying at a hotel at a time, so I just kept them up all the time for the first 3 weeks, then I had to take a flight to... (18 replies)
... Hi Earthworm, I had my bandages taken off last week (I didn't have them changed at week 1 as my surgeon told me to come back after 2 weeks). They didn't look too bad! I do walk about a little more than I did in week one, I'm hoping that's not a bad thing although, most of the day my feet are up and iced. How long did you carry on putting ice on your feet for? Did you put... (18 replies)
... Yay!! that sounds exciting! Bring the camera! lol Did you get your bandages changed at week 1? I got mine changed at week 1 and they were not a pretty sight! My heart fell to the, just kidding, but it really wasn't a pretty sight. They will likely remove your external stitches tomorrow, you will feel a tug and a pull here and there, but nothing too uncomfortable.... (18 replies)
... Hi Earthworm, Thanks for your reply! I get my bandages off tomorrow, can't wait! Hoping I'll have a full recovery and am able to use my toes the same as I used to but without the pain and the bunion! Are you able to bend your toes, put full pressure on them now? How do you walk now? Are you able to wear heels occasionally? How long after your op did you start walking... (18 replies)
... Hi Pinky, Hope your recovery is going well. I had mine done almost 2 years ago (2nd anniversary coming up next week :)) Just absolutely grateful to my surgeon and the tips I read on this forum and the result has been excellent overall. Speedy recovery! Cheers! (18 replies)
... Hi, anyone out there who has has the same/similar surgery recently? Would be great to swap recovery stories! Pinky P (18 replies)
... Hi, I am having a bilateral scarf bunion op tomorrow - is there anyone else who has had this surgery recently as it would be nice to go through experiences etc? thanks, Pinky P (18 replies)
... Ok, sounds about like what I had done to the big toe bunion - I have 2 screws in there, plus another 2 on the pinky toe (where the bunionette was located). The bunionette area is actually more painful than the main bunion. I was also given a 6 week recovery, and have been in a boot thus far, and likely will for another 10 days or so, making 4 weeks. This stuff is all case by... (6 replies)
... I am 3 weeks post op bunion surgery in my right foot and tailor bunion on same foot. I have 2 screws in my pinky area and a pin that my podiatrist says will dissolve in my big toe. I have a hard cast almost up to my knee. ... (10 replies)
... Have your husband's foot checked by a doctor. I had bunion surgery on the big toe side and the little toe side of my right foot last May. ... (4 replies)

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