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... Thanks. Some days are better than others. I've noticed a lot of it seems to depend on the weather and how humid it is. I'm hoping I'm just still in that healing after surgery phase, but I get a little more nervous as each month goes by without seeing a whole lot of change. Maybe more is happening than I think. I just walked out into the kitchen barefoot and realized how... (10 replies)
... So having more surgery to correct a postop complication caused by surgery is probably not the best thing for me. ... (10 replies)
... so I am 3 weeks postop today. ... (23 replies)

... o the nitty gritty, the scar tissue next week! I'm still in the air shoe and can't walk barefoot and still have pain as I imagine it would still hurt some in the bunion area. ... (4 replies)
... No, it wasn't there before the surgery. I was on crutches for 2 weeks postop and out of my surgical shoe by the third week. It is not a corn. I feels like I am walking on a marble under my little toe. ... (3 replies)
... s bunion before I had the bunionectomy. ... (3 replies)
... g pillows we had and I used those to elevate my entire leg while lying down on the sofa watching TV . At least an hour a day of raising your leg according to the PostOp papers I recieved. I'm shocked you didn't get any! ... (3 replies)
... oops! 11 WEEKS postop! sorry Had bunion/osteo (screw) May 22nd I was told to wear the toe spacer until Nov Use the scar cream until Nov (sunscreen at pool) Can do lunges in another 4wks (Early Sept) Told I should get more flexibility into my workouts instead of cardio & heavy weights Ok to walk 20-30mins daily. 4 miles/day too much (sound familiar Jane?) Should be... (2 replies)
... Had bunion/osteo/screw 8wks ago tomorrow. I returned to the gym 2wks ago. I feel Im ready to increase weights, etc. Told doc Im doing squats when they do lunges, not doing their exercises that involve the toe - he really doesnt even want me doing squats. However I feel Im ready to go against his orders. Im ready to try increasing weights, etc. Want to push till I start to... (5 replies)
... It wasn't until after my pins were removed (4 weeks postop) that I was allowed to do any kind of movement with my foot. Then after that I was told to start by holding my foot and gently pushing it up and down, the toe. Also, partial weight bearing for a week or two after the pin removal. I'm almost 6 months post op and still have some stiffness, especially in the morning,... (9 replies)
... Being so long in a cast will make your foot and toes very stiff. I'd ease back into gentle ROM and if possible go to PT. Use hot water therapy and ice. If you have scar tissue, start to massage that, because it will also help with ROM. I am 6 months postop, from an akin.austin bunionectomy and I was in alot of pain. I never wore a cast for more than 8 weeks, but, ugh, was... (24 replies)
... At 10 weeks, having had a similar procedure, I was still in alot pain. In fact, i was in alot of pain up through the 4th month, as I struggled to regain ROM, in my big toe joint. Now, at 5 1/2 months postop, my pain has travelled to the arch of my foot and the ball of my foot, as I try to increase my activity level, though it's much less than the first 4 months. I'm a... (13 replies)
... Hi All, I'm almost 4 weeks post op (bunion and hammertoes). My stiches have been removed and i'm coming along. When I take my showers afterwards, I lotion my legs and the areas of my feet that aren't affected. As a result the skin in the surgical areas are of course dry. I have liquid stiches on the main incision from the bunionectomy. When were you able to use... (3 replies)
... I think I'll have to have the other foot done before I am able to wear shoes though because of the bunion on it and pain. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. All good things in time. ... (11 replies)
... how many weeks has it been? I am at 8 week postop-been working out several weeks, but I am back in the boot-as wearing "normal" shoes (my running shoes) causes my foot to swell and then I am in for days of pain! I can do the elliptical (3o min max-and I am feeling some pain now cause of that), biking, or swimming and definitely weight lifting. I am going to focus on weight... (23 replies)
... months postop and my foot will still ache, especially after walking for any length. ... (240 replies)
... That is so helpful to know, wmk. The ball of my foot aches so badly by the end of the day, even though I don't have any pain by the ex-bunion. My doc also told me that the ball of my foot is bearing most of my weight because I haven't stretched my tendons enough to make my toe hit the ground when I walk. (11 replies)
... I would strongly recommend that you DO NOT go out on the 23rd, even if you feel up to it (unlikely). My doctor told me that if I stayed off my foot for the first 4 days, I would make life a lot easier for myself for the next 6 months. You really want to do everything you can to reduce swelling and movement in your foot for the first few days, which means keeping it elevated,... (11 replies)
... I have 2 pins, in my bone, above my big toe. They'll come out, if they start to bother me. As of now, 4 months postop, it's a little comforting knowing they are there, holding the bone in place. It can take bone a full 12 months to heal, so, I'm in no hurry to remove them. (8 replies)
... My downward bend is pretty good. I'm not as flexible as you, but it's improving. I've achieved close to a 90 degree upward flexion by doing pretty painful PT, using my body weight to bend it and my hand. My foot swells after these sessions, but a few weeks ago I was only 45 degrees. Keep at it. I found bending in hot water to be the easiest, when I used my hand. Can you... (28 replies)

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