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... and the scars are still very prominent. I've used Mederma but of course that doesn't help too much. ... (0 replies)
... The scars will pretty much fade on their own but vitamin E oil or Mederma work well. ... (3 replies)
... My daughter is getting double bunion surgery. I am hoping to get as many tips as possible to be prepared. ... (3 replies)

Bunion op
Mar 18, 2016
... Once you have got the green light from your doc that you can shower and get your foot wet, you might want to consider massaging your scars and doing isometric exercises. It will keep the internal scars to a minimal and helps with your recovery faster. ... (1 replies)
... op from having 4 hammertoes removed and a tailor's bunion broken and reset. It's been a pretty long and arduous six weeks but I'm getting through. ... (1 replies)
... About 10 years ago I had bunion surgery on both my feet the doctor also worked on the bones in my feet as they are not positioned properly. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks for the advise about massaging. I will now do it more often as well as the toe excercising. I have 4 wedding in the upcoming year & I have no idea what type of shoe to wear to them. Fullersloane (4 replies)
... Congrats and welcome to the road of recovery post bunion surgery. It will take quite a long time for your toe to go back to the "normal" state and strength. ... (4 replies)
... t was nice to have it done in March so this Summer I can wear relaxing scandals. Believe me, back then, even wearing sandals my R foot was in pain, reason is the bunion was sitting on some foot nerves and was pressing on them hard, that was painful to my R foot! ... (18 replies)
... I am still working on my big toe to get it moving better when I bend and it seems to be coming along nicely. Hopefully the scars will fade with time. ... (18 replies)
... If you are freshly recovering from bunionectomy, I strongly recommend massaging your feet especially the scars with oil frequently. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, olive oil in your cupboard will work beautifully. ... (18 replies)
... min each session. I am the type prone to keloids and hyperpigmented scars, but I have to admit you can barely see the scars on my feet! ... (18 replies)
... I totally agree with you. I had minimal pain and opted for surgery partly for cosmestic reasons. Now I'm in pain daily and my toes are hideous due to scarring. My Dr came highly recommended and I was hoping for a better outcome. Now I'm paying Dr bills, in pain, unable to wear shoes, and have unsightly scars. I so regret my decision and like you blame myself for destroying my... (20 replies)
... I also had this done in 03 & 04, yep both toes. After staples came out I was able to put the lotion and creams and whatever to it. As long as there were no spots not healed, just work around. Mothers Friend is great, or bee's cream, something with lots of softness. I can barely see my 3" scars. Will have same surgery soon on upper joints next. yep something that can or can't... (7 replies)
... As soon as the staples came out I was able to apply the lotion... Oh my what a feeling, Can use the mederma for scars or something a bit cheaper with cocoa butter. Just keep putting it on and your scar will fade away soon. ... (7 replies)
... Overall I am very pleased with the result. I have no pain now, my toes no longer rub together and bleed, as they were before, and the the scars are neat and fading nicely. ... (5 replies)
... NW, since your hubby had gone through similar event so I am sure he will understand what you are going through and not squirmish about the scars etc. Rest your feet well, don't overdo it before surgery! ... (87 replies)
... DancingFeet. In answer to your question about what your foot may look husband called my appendage Frankenfoot. I had the black stitches and long pins sticking out on either side. It was kinda messy looking (sorry) and at first I was a bit light headed, but honestly, I was thrilled by how tiny it looked. Over a year later, one can barely see the scars. ... (87 replies)
... Thanks Pearl66. It is encouraging to know that I am doing ok. Feel much better today. The scars have really healed well. Take care. ... (87 replies)
... Hi can anybody tell me how soon it is safe to resume driving after bunnion surgery. I had my surgery 7 weeks ago and am walking barefoot in the house. I find it difficult to wear sandals as they hurt my scars. I had 3 toes fixed in addition to the big toe bunnion and these pins were removed 2 weeks ago. The swelling is not too bad except if I am standing or walking a lot. I... (87 replies)

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