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... My podiatrist said to wear the small separator and is ordering a small flexible toe brace of some sort. sigh! ... (4 replies)
... I find I still have to wear a toe separator between the big toe and the second toe. If I don't the big toe still has a tendency to 'drift' toward the 2nd toe. ... (0 replies)
... Thank you Scottv, teddie2 and debbie :) Some of you are lucky to have felt less pain than I did! I have a below zero pain threshold and I am a big baby! I am still very sore from having my plaster taken off and I can't believe how different this time round has been, last time I was always tired, and my foot would twitch like crazy and my little toe hurt real bad. This time,... (240 replies)

... and had bunion surgery last April. I had a base wedge osteotomy and hammertoe correction on two toes. ... (17 replies)
... I did tell my surgeon and he said to wear a toe separator when I wear shoes longterm. I too also worried that it may get worse. I am sorry I can't really help and I hope you don't worry about it too much. ... (2 replies)
... uch and it will dissolve in time. As for the toe angling a bit to the other toes and the second toe slighting overlapping onto the big toe, he said to wear a toe separator long term when I go out! Overall, I AM FREE!!!!! Well, until the next foot is down, which I forgot to ask him about! ... (240 replies)
... I had surgery two years ago for arthritis and hammer toes, and had constant pain which was getting worse. Recently I went back to my GP to ask for a referral to an orthopedic surgeon, to get an MRI and to get a scrpt for pain killers. He said it would be best to try pain management for nerve damage. So that's what I'm doing. I've been on medication for about 2 and a half... (32 replies)
... I had a bunionectomy on my right foot 13 years ago and lost my range of motion in the big toe. And though I lost the bunion my big toe now goes inward and under my second toe creating much pain and an ingrown toenail on the big toe. ... (32 replies)
... and so I've got this V between my second and third toes. I'm wearing a toe separator between the big toe and second one but it doesn't appear to be doing much. I also wonder how it could help when the bones are already set? ... (15 replies)
... Thanks for your reply. Do you think the toe separator really works at this stage? ... (15 replies)
... You know what? I was really concerned that my toe was leaning toward my other toes too, but that was before I was full weightbearing. Once all five of your toes are squishing on the floor under you, it looks much much straighter. Give it time, and look at your "before" pics. Sometimes that's all it takes. You could also wear a toe separator at night just in case - I... (15 replies)
... Have you tried a toe separator? It's a simple rubber thing you but in between your toes. They sell them at drug stores. Carlos (1 replies)
... I had bunion surgeries on both feet about 10 years ago. Both big toes started to shift direction towards the second toe few years ago. ... (1 replies)
... hese gel toe separators to put in between my big toe thinking that since I am still growing it will straighten out if I keep wearing them. I found that using one separator didn't seem like it moved my toe that much so I use a pair of them for both feet on the big toe. I wear them when I am in the house or when I am sleeping. ... (12 replies)
... Well, what kind(s) of anesthesia did you have, and does your foot look good? TIA. I'm just starting to research this. (15 replies)
... e on my toe becasue it was twisted as well as having the bunion.. I had been walking on the side of the toe and whenever I tried to straighten the toe with a toe separator and walk on it more fully before the surgery .. it hurt with a burning kind of pain that was so bad I did not use the toe separator anylong.. ... (10 replies)
... sandals and get a soft bunion splint that you can wear inside your shoes, as well as a soft gel toe separator to put between your big toe and 2nd toe.. ... (6 replies)
... My pod said he was excited to be able to do the Scarf, since my recovery was so long with my other foot, but that with the Scarf, the chances of the bunion returning were higher. ... (15 replies)
... right now, it still points a bit to the lateral side. i do wear a splint when i'm at home...and when i wear shoes, i also wear a bunion toe separator. ... (114 replies)
... f and can't afford to be out of work for a month or two. I have read about splints if the toe can still be bent into normal position. I slept with and used a tow separator for a while and this helped. ... (1 replies)

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