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... I had (past tense!) one dorsal (on top) bunion of the great toe (hallux limitus), that was preventing me from bending my toe. I managed it conservatively so that it would not hurt, but I was prevented from doing most of my favorite activities. I had surgery 8 weeks ago and kept my foot way up in the air for most of that time, and had no pain and swelling only when the foot... (8 replies)
... A spacer or bunion splint can help reduce the pain by putting your big toe in proper alignment. Neither will make your bunion go away but they will help with toe crowding when you're wearing them. ... (8 replies)
... are you wearing a toe spacer so big toe doesnt overlap the next toe in? I was given 2 big spacers and a little one and told they will be with me for a long time When Im wearing my sneakers i wear the smaller one, when im around the house or in my crocs i wear the larger one (5 replies)

... weeks post op from bunion surgery. I had it done on my right foot five years ago and am very glad I did. I have no pain and my foot looks great. On May 1 I had it done on my left foot. ... (24 replies)
... op from bunion surgery. I was in a boot for 4 weeks. Had 10 sessions of therapy. ... (6 replies)
... My foot had so many pain issues. I just remember two months after the external device was removed.....I wore sneakers to try to return to my exercise walking. ... (11 replies)
... congratulations on the sneaker! once you can walk in the sneakers the better you will do in terms of healing. walk as much as you can. it does take a long time to heal. ... (13 replies)
... Has your doc recommended physical therapy? Perhaps there is some exercise you can do to eleviate some of the discomfort. I have heard from others that the recovery often takes longer than you expected and some pain can continue for 1 year. I am only one week post op and long for my new balance sneakers. Good luck (40 replies)
... I did go and buy a new pair of sneakers (new balance on an amazing sale ($40) normally they are over $100 so I think this will be a good transition shoe. I bought a half size and width larger. Today was the second day in shoes and the first in the sneaker. I have more pain now then I have had since the surgery. It hurts with every bend and every step.. I can manually wiggle... (23 replies)
... It is so interesting how everyone is so different. MY surgery was for a more complicated bunion and I was cut further down the foot than the austin chevron so I think healing takes longer. ... (23 replies)
... i know how frustrating this is. sneakers and merrils should be first and then try slowly into a cute structured shoe or another slip on. ... (23 replies)
... Skate shoes are cushioned, the most chusioned in my opnion, and when you add an insole, even better. The popular brand are DC, Etnies, some Vans are ok. I wear the Etnies, they are very wide, it was the Callicut style, the kingpin are quite wide also (Visit the Etinies website, they have some samples). Clarks are supposed to be good, don't they have some casual sneaker type of... (23 replies)
... I can't wait to wear my shoes, but it's true, in the morning, the foot isn't too swollen, but come 1pm, it's another story! I am two month post-op and I am wearing my skate shoes like last time (Skate boarders’ shoe, very wide, cushion and flat), they are so wide, I am wearing my old size, in fact they are an old pair! But because it's been quite hot lately, I brought a... (23 replies)
... I know that there are some that question using a cheaper shoe, but I just feel like that seemed the smarter route. The sneakers I bought are from Target, Champion brand. The have good support. I figured that I'll just change them out more often. ... (23 replies)
... so close in time to you. I just got into a flat surg shoe Monday because my ankle was hurting me and my doc said it was time. Now sneakers will come in two more weeks and I did not have an infection but I did have a second procedure on my toe so that may be why slower and longer.. ... (240 replies)
... your heel to mid foot for close to 6 weeks. I started having pain in my ankle so my doc said ..time for a flat shoe.. he put me in a flat surgical shoe and said sneakers in two weeks. He has a foot support in the surg shoe as well. THis is the first time I am full weight bearing in 6 weeks. ... (7 replies)
... lol, teddie, I wouldn't even like to try using them down the stairs!!! I am also glad to hear you are doing well :) I find it really easy to get around wth crutches, also to go up and down the stairs. They say down with the good, up with the bad, so when you go up the stairs, you put your bad foot first on the heel and then push yourself up with one of the crutches, and the... (240 replies)
... Thanks everyone for all the great posts :) It's really helped through my ordeal. Yesterday, after 12 days, the stitches from the surgery came out. It DID NOT hurt at all. The dr was excellent/gentle. I did not want to look down at my toes, (I got 8 done btw) and when I did - GROSS! The lines were really hard to look at. HOWEVER, It was a HUGE difference from what I... (0 replies)
... Hopefully someone here can help me gain some insight. I am now 7 weeks post bunionectomy. As I discussed with my doctor, I tend to create excessive adhesions internally and keloids externally after a hysterectomy scar took 3 years to finally break down and soften. If anyone has had a similar issue can you please respond? What did you do to reduce the buildup?... (28 replies)
... At 4 weeks I could wear sneakers and was told to let the toes bend as long as I didn't over due it. ... (17 replies)

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