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... lly felt like my foot was returning to normal and I had a hard time healing. As for feeling like you are walking on the bone, I had the same thing too! Is your big toe sticking up any? ... (19 replies)
... l have pt each week and i know this helps a lot, although when i come home my feet are so sore i just want to rest them. i still have the problem with the second toe sticking up after the hammertoe correction, at the moment i have it taped down to see if that will help.The big toe has a lot more movement in it now. ... (18 replies)
... I am so very sorry for everything you have been through. I can relate to the questions you are asking about toe fusion because I myself was extremely nervous as well. I will give you some background on what I went through. ... (22 replies)

... I'm one week post op after a bunionectomy, and everything is going great! No pain, walking around all day, etc. However, I have the sensation that my big toe sticks up just a little more than the other toes. ... (5 replies)
Bunion surgery
Jan 11, 2015
... I have had my bunion removed an my big toe has a pin which looks more like a rod with a ball sticking out of the end of my toe, I wasn't told about that part an was quite a shock to see and still is so gross looking. ... (3 replies)
Toes sticking up
Jun 15, 2014
... splints on those two toes, pulling them down and my big toe, pulling it to the side. I'd appreciate hearing what anyone else observed after having the pins out. Thanks. ... (3 replies)
... I had a bunion removed and a 2nd metatarsal osteotomy 9 weeks ago. At 3 weeks post op I developed an infection and the wound split open resulting in a big recovery setback. I still cannot put ANY weight at all on my foot. My 2nd toe just sort of hangs down from the others and I cannot move it at all. ... (2 replies)
... I had a very similar surgery like you. I'm 20 yrs old and I also had my bunion cut at the side with my big toes broken and realigned with a temporary screw. My surgery was done Oct. 2 and today marks my 6th week post. ... (14 replies)
... marks 6 weeks since my bunion surgery. Im in my late 30's.They cut off the bunion, and broke the big toe to straighten it, putting in a permanent screw below the joint in the big toe. Did not have anything done to smaller toes. ... (14 replies)
... nkles. And out of curiosity i tried on a pair of my old shoes and managed to get it on my left foot. My right foot has not gone the same was as the left and my big toe is sticking up from the ball of my foot. ... (18 replies)
... op at the moment. I had two metal rods on the inside of my foot that were sticking out, in order to hold the big toe in place. ... (50 replies)
... nd thank you for your responses. I HAVE BEEN VERY UNLUCKY you got that right. I just don't understand how things can go do wrong. I was supposse to be a simple bunion surgery, so they say. I am very depresses, sad, angry, I think all I do anymore is cry. All I can think about is feet. ... (22 replies)
... I hope it's okay to take a kind of poll on how those of you who had surgery for a problem similair to mine fared after surgery. About four years ago my right toe which always had a small bunion turned into a big bunion. The big toe then begin to move over toward the second toe. ... (14 replies)
... About four years ago a bunion near my big toe on my right foot that I had since a kid but it was very small then, started to grow much bigger causing the big toe to lean over toward the second toe. Now the bunion is very pronounced and very painful when it rubs my shoes. ... (5 replies)
... op and I still occasionally wake up and suffer from a leg ache not foot ache. The nerves still spark up! ... (240 replies)
... However, last night I woke up in the middle of the night with the biggest pain in my baby toe on the same foot that was operated on. It felt like someone had taken a hammer to it. I'm not sure why. ... (240 replies)
... op from a chevron bunionectomy myself. I was told to ice it about 4 times a day for 20 minutes directly after surgery. Granted, my foot was bandaged up so much that you could barely feel anything cold, but it did help with the pain a little bit. ... (15 replies)
... tried the first night, and lasted about an hour before I was up, tearing it off, with very loud velcro noises waking up my husband! ... (18 replies)
... opod who didn't have enough experience doing bunionectomies and though his basic approach to my problem was on target, his technique obviously wasn't, as I wound up worse afterward than before. I would highly recommend sticking with a podiatrist but one who is very experienced in surgical procecures of this nature. ... (8 replies)
... I been lurking and reading a bit here, and see that many of you have or are having bunion surgery. ... (8 replies)

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