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... have to go for bathroom runs etc. If you have the heel weight bearing surgical shoes, crutches are highly recommended. I tried the shoes alone the night before surgery and I thought, no problem, a piece of cake! Then after surgery, I couldn't walk with the shoes on because of the swelling and the bandages! ... (87 replies)
... I phoned my OS yesterday and he still says to do the exercises he said there is surgery that would help it by shortening of the toe, i really do not want more surgery as that would be more time of work and im not sure whether i could cope. I do not know what type of hammertoe sugery he did i thought there was only one type. ... (18 replies)
... I am trying to remember if your second toe had the pin in after hammertoe surgery or not. Do you know which exact technique was done on your second toe to correct for hammertoe? ... (18 replies)

... So don't despair, it will take time and most feet don't heal equally. Just keep massaging the scar tissues and do your flexing exercises as often as you can. Take good care!! ... (18 replies)
... The mechanical action creates "microtears" on the scar tissues so that the scars can break down faster as well as other suggestions of exercises and movement of the joints to improve flexibility. ... (12 replies)
... Given any exercises to do? ... (12 replies)
... Do you know the surgery will be inpatient or outpatient? ... (5 replies)
... hi skyking, how soon after surgery did you start doing exercises? ... (50 replies)
... You certainly should have full range of motion. I had a cheilectomy and have no problems from that. Be sure to do those exercises! LOTS of them. Also, oyu might find it helpful to do them in the bath so you can warm the toe up by soaking it in warm/hot water. I found that very helpful. (1 replies)
... I am assuming they either shaved or cut the bunions. Not sure about cutting the bone through. I had a bunion on the big toe towards the top of the toe and had a metatarsal bunion. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks for the advice. Once I get stitches out next Friday, I will give this a try. Thanks! (4 replies)
... Once you get the stitches out and can wash your foot, try warming it up in the warm/hot water before doing the exercises. I found when I had my cheilectomy that it helped a lot to do them when I took a bath! (4 replies)
... p break up scar tissue from the neuroma surgery. Thanks for the detailed description of your exercises. Even though we don't have the same problem, I think your exercises might be of help for me. I do alot of toe and calf stretching exercising at therapy. ... (27 replies)
... Stitcher..i had an extra 10 days with bandaging. at 3 weeks the doc went to take out the pin, but my family doc who took out the stitches bound it too tight, so curved part the doc is supposed to use to pull out the pin had been pushed back into the foot and healed over. so he had to cut my foot again to get at the pin. so another 10 days with a light tensor type bandage.... (5 replies)
... arthritis. I put off having surgery as long as I could, in part because of the horror stories I heard. I tried taping, othotics, rocker shoes, etc. ... (24 replies)
... So all together it is wiggle toes move ankle up and down and use hand to move big toe. Those would be the ROM exercises I have for the next 4 weeks until my appointment. ... (9 replies)
... I didn't start PT in earnest until I got closer to 12 weeks and PT WAS painful. It won't be easy, slowly ease into the towel scrunches and gentle bending of the big toe; etc. Now, at 6 months, I have a 90 degree ROM in my big toe, but I climbed a mountain to get that back. Once I had confindence my boned healed, after 12 weeks, then I sort of bent my toe joint through the... (13 replies)
... I take baths with Epsom Salts at night. This seems to help alot. It helps when I massage the foot and it helps with sleep. You need to be doing your ROM exercises religiously, regardless if you have pain. ... (13 replies)
... hi dl, i hope you have good exercises to strenthen your ankle. i know it takes time, but you can do it. i would have thrown the crutches in the garbage! ... (240 replies)
... so frustrating. I think it was around 10 or so months after surgery that it finally settled down and then just the odd time my foot would get a "hot flash"! Now that is completely gone. ... (19 replies)

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