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... I had this surgery done on Jan. 24, I was amazed at how much improvement there was in one week, even more comfortable in two and gradual improvement since then. ... (19 replies)
... I saw my PT today. He was reassuring. He said to not rush things, and he also emphasized the importance of massaging the foot and the incision site. I'll post later, about my exercises. Thanks Dark Light... Hope all goes well, with your 2nd surgery. (240 replies)
... RunnerMac, thank you for replying. Your bunions are more severe than mine, and I am sorry to hear that. But I am glad you are happy with your surgery so far. ... (240 replies)

... I understand your anxiety over the second surgery. I went through a similar feeling recently. I dislocated two toes due to severe bunions so on Jan. 24 had surgery that put pins in the toes, shortened the bones, and corrected the bunion. ... (240 replies)
... Hi wmkkcolors, I am glad to have helped you; I hope I can continue to do so. :) At present, I am 3 months and one week post-op and I am doing very well, of course, my toe is still stiff and I can feel it when I walk. Yesterday, I wore my converse for the first time since my op (I was wearing wide sneakers/skate shoes from week six), I had been trying to wear flat dress... (240 replies)
... hi dl, maybe you should let up a little on the toe exercises, but dont give them up so you have the flexibility. i think the recover goes in stages. if you are worried, call the dr, but overall you have only improved! (240 replies)
... I am doing my toe exercises but not as frequent but still at least twice a day. ... (240 replies)
Bunion Surgery
Jan 16, 2008
... I had my first surgery done in DC, having the second one here. ... (11 replies)
... Your type of quietness is a blessing in disguise; things are going well for you and I am very happy to hear that the bone stimulator is working. You will find that once you ankle recovers from it's stiffness and aches, your energy will increase. I noticed my ankle improving when I returned to work because it was getting exercise. It’s a ten minute walk from the station and... (240 replies)
... Thank you dbgoalie! I am surprised with how fast I have recovered, it's more noticeable since week seven when I returned to work adn started walking regularly. I have been pushing myself and I have been doing a lot of foot/toe/ankle and leg exercises. My left leg is still skinnier than the other. My ankle feels so much better, but I am still doing the twists! Yesterday... (240 replies)
... ch as leaning my arms on the wall in front of me with my bad foot behind and the good foot in front, you can really feel the stretching. I am still doing the toe exercises although not as much as I use to now that I am back at work. I can walk down the stars faster and use both feet, which is a big improvement as well. ... (240 replies)
... st to be patient, I just hope it's not permanent because it's so slow! I've just returned home and my ankle is swollen and aching intensely. I will do some ankle exercises tonight, I am regularly taking Ibruprofen to help with the swelling and aching. ... (240 replies)
... In regards to my toe angling, my bunions weren't bad prior to the surgery but they were painful. My toe angles a little but not too much, I don't mind if it's like that, as long as it's not a sign of it returning! ... (240 replies)
... oe leans a little towards the other toes and my second toe it slightly on top of the big toe, a little over the toe nail. When I start walking barefoot or do the exercises it goes back to its normal position. Is this ok? ... (240 replies)
... hi dl, so glad to hear you were able to put on a shoe!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up with the exercises. did you go back to work? 3 or 4 times a day is plenty of exercise. look how well you are progressing. stay optomistic and tryu to stop looking at your foot so much. everything will be fine. (240 replies)
... still a challenge. I still suffer from swelling but it doesn't swell a great deal. The only problem is my ankle, it is still very weak and I am doing some tiptoe exercises using the banisters. I try to lift myself whilst I hold on for balance. ... (240 replies)
... Obviously quite the contrary. I did the exercises many times a day. At least once an hour at the beginning? ... (240 replies)
... s wide as well. His helps a great deal because I can go out and walk. I am too a bit surprised at seven weeks, but I had to do a lot of vigorous toe exercises for this to happen and it only took one and half days! I have to say my foot and toe was aching in the evening! ... (240 replies)
... Good for you getting a shoe on your foot, that is real progress you are making, only a few months removed from surgery. I am very happy for you. I think 3 or 4 times a day with the toe stretches/exercises will suffice. While you are at work, see if you can't sneak off somewhere for just 10 minutes and do it. Or, while you are sitting, do like they recommend when you are... (240 replies)
... when you mentioned that we aren't apes needing to swing on branches! Well I certainly don't plan on using my feet to swing on anything! I have been doing my toe exercises as often as I can and I find doing them after a bath helps me pull the toe further. ... (240 replies)

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