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... Ms Tammy your mom did not make that up.. generally itching is a sign of healing but I am sure it could be a sign of other things as well and if something else is going on (infection, some bacteria that could cause a rash) that could also itch. DL let us know what your doc said. I hope you got to him today. (240 replies)
... I sure did have a rough night and I am glad it's over. Right now my foot and incision is itching a lot and all I can do is dream about putting it in cold water! ... (240 replies)
... I was having a rough night, but i am back to normal now. I am mostly worried about my infection. Right now my foot is itching like crazy! ... (240 replies)

... I am not sure why it is itching so much, but I always thought that was a sign of things are getting better. It itches on and off, especially at night. ... (240 replies)
... hi dl, hopefully its just a little infection. i dont think all the itching sounds good-maybe you have very dry skin from the wipes you are useing. hope you get in on monday. (240 replies)
... It has been itching very bad last night and it was itching today, but not as bad. I thought itchiness was a sign of healing! ... (240 replies)
... The twitching, shooting pain and aching incision is all very normal and good! I have had less twitching this time and more itching! It is itching really bad, feels like I have ants crawling in there! The incision site aches less now since the stitches were removed. ... (240 replies)
... Hi! Thank you all for being so encouraging :) Teddie, I am glad I give you hope, because the recovery is rather long and the foot goes through many weird stages, it’s so unpredictable. Even my right foot is going through different stages to the left! I am quite lucky because I do not have any hardware in my foot, but I have read on the board, some people have no problems... (240 replies)
... 3 weeks is not unusual actually, I read that if you have some under your foot, you wait three weeks. It says so on teh NHS website: '* End of week two: Have the dressing and any stitches removed (although this may happen at the end of the third week if you've had stitches under your foot). You can usually stop using crutches. You can start to walk around a bit more,... (240 replies)
... I was really unsure about having the other foot done, it's not the greatest surgery to have because of the recovery and imobility. ... (240 replies)
... Thank you for all of your replies, they make me feel hopeful because you have said that the antibiotics does the trick and that means I may not have to have surgery to fix the problem. The incision has stopped weeping which is a good sign, but my foot is red still. It has began itching a bit again. ... (240 replies)
... The foot seems start itching from 3pm, and it drives me a bit crazy because I can't do anything about it! ... (240 replies)
... hi dl, you are such an inspiration! so glad you went and you can take more time off. hopefully you will go out more. (240 replies)
... My foot was down for most of that day and evening but the swelling, to my surprise was minimal, this could because since my surgery i always had it elevated, and since week 3, I put it down to do the ankle twists and then elevated again. ... (240 replies)
... I am two weeks out of a bunionectomy and hammertoe surgery, but fortunately I do not have to wear a cast for this surgery because it would cause tightness around the nerves that I have to have surgucally fixed at a later date. ... (19 replies)
... The itching is relentless, and YES the little water blisters pop right up. ... (5 replies)
... old bunionectomy scar does not itch, but I would say itching is normally a really good sign of nerve endings regenerating. ... (5 replies)
... Has anyone experienced terrible itchy feet where the scars are? I also have developed little bumps blister like spots where it is itching.Is this part of the healing after infection or is it something to be concerned about? I never had this on my other foot. Thanxs, Sue (5 replies)
... Had my surgery late yesterday to repair my PTT and bunion. I ended up with a screw for the bunion repair. ... (11 replies)
... you had bunion surgery..on both feet...ouch!..i only had bunion surgery on my right foot..but i was supposed to have surgery on both feet for flat foot and instability of ankle...but all in all...glad to have everything done at once.. ... (8 replies)

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