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... Well, I am 8 weeks post bunion surgery... And was wondering if others are still having horrible pain when trying to wear a shoe? ... (4 replies)
... JD's. I too had a long acting nerve block done the day of the surgery and would highly recommend it. I never felt a thing in my foot until after 11 pm that night and had surgery at 0815! I took pain meds every 4 hours from Friday until Monday and then stopped and only took them ocassionally when needed. ... (14 replies)
... ning, but swells as the day goes on. I just started putting weight on it Friday. The hardest thing is trying to find shoes that my foot will fit in. I don't have pain in my foot, just feels as if the top is burning. I am worried because I can't bend my toes. I go back to doctor in three weeks. ... (17 replies)

... pe all went well with your surgery! I just had my 1 yr anniversay May 1st. The worst part was the nwb. My Dr only allowed me to be up for 3 minutes each hour for 10 weeks. So the only time I was up was to go to the bathroom. The rest of the time I was in the recliner with my foot elevated and iced. ... (11 replies)
Bunion Surgery
Oct 24, 2008
... I was wondering if having pain in the big toe is normal after 4 weeks. My doctor shaved off the bunion and then moved my knuckle so that my toe was is still very tender..I am suppose to get the pins out in about 10 days... ... (19 replies)
... Dito to everything Dancergal said... I am only 10 weeks postop and am just walking upright, full weight bearing, with some confidence, though my foot swells and aches fairly quickly. ... (17 replies)
... you are still healing. you have to fix your walking, though. you must walk from heel to toe. i wish your therapist could help you with the bottom of the foot. massage can help, othodics and sturdy shoes. your dr has to come up with an answer. (13 replies)
... congratulations on the sneaker! once you can walk in the sneakers the better you will do in terms of healing. walk as much as you can. it does take a long time to heal. (13 replies)
... The swelling is almost gone, just some puffiness on top of foot. Physical Therapist says it takes time. I just put my foot in my sneaker this week. Maybe walking in that surgical shoe all that time wasn't helping. I still ice and elevate at when I can. (13 replies)
... healing does vary with people. what does your therapist say? also, how much swelling do you have? (13 replies)
... Hi Delightfuldior, thanks for your reply! It is always nice to hear from people from the other side of the world of their bunion healing experience. ... (41 replies)
... Hello All, Nice to hear from the other side of the world of their bunion healing experiences. ... (41 replies)
... Don't be subjected to the negative influences of other people when deciding to have the surgery or not. People were telling me how aweful, terrible, how long the recovery was, how I would not walk for months, how this and how that.... ... (0 replies)
... gery, strengthen your legs and ankles with exercise, e.g., stand on one leg to improve your balance. Lower your body and then go back up. If you have the type of bunion surgery that does not allow you to put weight on your foot, you will need your opposite leg to be very strong, otherwise you will require more assistance. ... (16 replies)
... Hi! Thanks for your questions and I'm glad that some of what I had to say has helped! You actually sound like you have worse foot pain than I did. In my opinion, you should definitely get it done. ... (15 replies)
... and wicked arch problems, I broke down and made an appointment with ortho surgeon. I have lived with and dealt with the pain for so long, I finally had had it when I started having like phantom pains while shoes off and shooting pains in bunion area for the past 6 months. ... (11 replies)
... t it was very painful to walk FWB. The toe wasn't bending, it was horribly swollen, and the incision site was so very very painful. In fact, most of my post op pain has come from the incision and the remaining scar itself...otherwise, my bunion area has had zero pain. ... (40 replies)
... I've read through several threads since this happened yesterday and you all have brought me so much comfort and relief, but I'm so terrified I ruined my surgery I didn't sleep a wink last night and am fighting back tears. ... (4 replies)
... My husband thinks I should leave it alone because I might be sorry if I end up being in worse pain after I should have healed, then before I had it. I have a friend who had the surgery and she is now sorry she did. ... (14 replies)
... I've been in a CAM boot for three months, which is much longer than I expected, as I have had too much pain when transitioning from PWB to FWB. I am finally doing much better, walking short distances in my house only. ... (3 replies)

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