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... Wow, I just read this thread and am touched by the pain and courage of you all, especially pickgina, the Toyman, boyush, and Phil29. I'm both saddened and inspired. I do hope your pain is better, pickgina. How are you?? And Phil29, I'm so sorry for your horrific accident --you will be in my thoughts and well wishes. I myself am 4 weeks post-op for double... (9 replies)
... Hi majorfeet, I would also like to read your blog. As I'm 4 weeks post-op but still feel quite a ways from being back in the swing of things in my life (not driving yet), I'd really appreciate reading about your progress. How would I find your blog? I hope you're doing well now and continue without problem! (7 replies)
... No, I'm not in a wheel chair. I wear the high "ski boot"-type post-surgical boots. At this point, I use one crutch -- mostly for added support. At the beginning of the day, after a night of sleep I find my feet are less painful. By the end of the day after numerous trips to the bathroom, kitchen, doing a load of laundry, my feet do hurt and it feels good (mandatory!) to... (10 replies)

... Thank you, jpsumner, and others for your responses. This is helpful. Today, exactly 2 weeks post-op, I'm beginning to see the possibility of driving may not be too far away. But like you, I only want to make very short trips. Fortunately, where I work is just about 10 minutes away. Cab fares can add up very quickly, so I want to avoid using them as much as possible! ...I... (10 replies)
... op appointment. I had surgery on my right foot and had to wear a special hard "Driving shoe" in order to drive. ... (10 replies)
... It is now 12 weeks post op and both feet are still swollen and quite painful most of the time. I do elevate them when I can which gives slight relief. ... (1 replies)
... ave pins in place. However I would rather have the security of the pin then have the toe drift back. I also am kind of glad the pin is in there because 2 weeks post op I feel and put ALL the body weight onto the bad foot. Talk about panic. If the pin was not there I think i'd have done serious damage. ... (3 replies)
... one in each foot, from my bunion surgery that have remained in my foot. The doctor said they will remain there permanently just as long as I have no trouble with them. ... (3 replies)
... yep surgeon said i was okay to go back to the gym. But im not sure what to start off doing. im still finding it pretty difficult to walk, as having lots of pain in the toe joint. I wanted to get back to Bikram yoga...but not sure if the 37 deg heet will cause my foot to swell? (6 replies)
... At 12 weeks post op, I was cleared to do anything. Is this the case? ... (6 replies)
... Hi guys, I am about 12 weeks post op bilateral bunionectomy (osteotomy). My surgeon has said I am able to go back to the gym but I'm kind of unsure what kind of things I should be doing. Does anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks (6 replies)
... Hello, It sounds like you are having a terrible time, I'm so sorry to hear that. I just replied to a lady who had a bilateral bunionectomy on the very same day as me. It sounds like she is doing well, as am I. I only have a little discomfort from time to time with sitting in the same position. But I've been pretty much fine since. What you're experiencing is not... (15 replies)
... I'm so glad you are feeling better. t\The neurontin sounds like a great intervention. When I had my pain/setback, it was definitely nerve related. I will be having the other foot done either this summer or next, and if I have a similar experience, I will absolutely mention the neurontin. The pain I had was the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced. Keep up the... (15 replies)
... Hi eyelure. Thats was terrible that you couldn't walk around the shopping centre after 11 weeks post op. I am sure the pain must be awful. Do elevate your feet at night if you can tolerate it atall. I do hope with rest you will improve very soon. ... (12 replies)
... hi there, iam 11 weeks post op bilateral bunion surgery. i walked for about 1.5 hours in a shopping centre day before yday. yesterday...i was in agony.. ... (12 replies)
... notify your dr. dont mess around with your feet. (15 replies)
... Definitely call rge doctor immediately. If all is OK, he can prescribe something besides percocet for you. (15 replies)
... Sorry you are in so much pain. I recommend you see the doctor right away. I had a lot of pain at day ten, but that was a result of walking too much after the stitches had been removed. The ankle swelling etc. sounds extreme to me. I was heel walking immediately (but only to the bathroom and back) after my bunionectomy with osteotomies and pins (bunions on either side of... (15 replies)
... Hi everyone. Last Wed I had a bunionectomy and osteotomy with a pin inserted. So its been 10 days ago. I am in tremendous pain. I have not slept one night since this was done. I wake up with a throbbing excrutiating sensation and also my leg and calf are cramping up. I have a few percocet left but they seem to make me sick. Anyhow my ankle is so swollen and also... (15 replies)
... I don't regret having either surgery at all. ... (12 replies)

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