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... but the podiatrist has implied that surgery is inevitable. She said she will clean up the joint and use a pin to straighten my toe out again. She never gave a name for these procedures. ... (1 replies)
... hi runner, i had bunion surgery with just a surgical shoe. i always took it off at night. now i have 2 big surgical shoes with wedges and i tried sleeping with them at night. ... (10 replies)
... Hi, I am 22 years old and will be having a lapidus bunion fusion on Wednesday. The podiatrist is also lengthening my calf tendon at the same time. I am scared because this is my first major surgery. ... (39 replies)

... I have had bunion surgery on both feet. The doctors actually cut the tendons to release the pressure then fused the big toe bones. Also on the right foot the little toe was fused. ... (61 replies)
... Hello. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to have found this site. Anyway,lots of ques. Had bunion surgery, with hammer toe correction(on my left foot)exactly five weeks ago - how long will it be before I can walk normally on my foot? Surgery was fine, walking is ok as long as I put all the weight on the outside of my foot, while wearing my lovely surgical boot -... (2 replies)
... After 2 hours at work I had to take my runner off and put on the velcro shoe. ... (11 replies)
Bunion surgery
Feb 2, 2012
... Well, withut knowing what exact procedure you had, it's very hard to say where you should be at this point. From your description of a bump on top the toe joint and pain in certain shoes it would seem that you didn't have a true bunion but rather a bump caused by hallux limitus (aka turf toe, runner's toe, tennis toe ) and very common in women who wear high heels. The... (2 replies)
... ASk around to some athlete friends - runners would be good because they get a condition called runner's toe which is also called turf toe and tennis toe. It is hallux limitus which can become hallux rigidus. If you already have one joint that has fused on its own, I would go with the ortho because he wants to refuse it in the correct position. The chances of a floppy toe... (5 replies)
... My Bunion surgery was only uncomfortable for two days but I did take pain meds. I also had a pain drip in my foot. ... (2 replies)
... Hi. I am newbie to this board. I had hammertoe surgery on three toes on my left foot. I also had bunionectomy on big toe of left foot. I'm waiting to do my right foot. anyway, this all happened on Jan. 5, 2010. ... (3 replies)
... OK, am very confused here but would like to try to help. First of all, hallux rigidus (that the proper spelling) is not a bunion. The surgeries for the two are different. What is the name of the procedure you were supposed to have and the one you actually had? For hallux rigidus it is usually a cheilectomy, with or without hardware, or a fusion wher the toe is fixed in... (19 replies)
... At 10 weeks, having had a similar procedure, I was still in alot pain. In fact, i was in alot of pain up through the 4th month, as I struggled to regain ROM, in my big toe joint. Now, at 5 1/2 months postop, my pain has travelled to the arch of my foot and the ball of my foot, as I try to increase my activity level, though it's much less than the first 4 months. I'm a... (13 replies)
... Thanks Iceweiden, that was a helpful post. I am about a month ahead of you and have tried similar things to desensitize and soften my scar tissue. It hurts alot, so, it's affirming to know you are going through something similar. I have been doing aggressive PT, and, I now have an almost 90 degree bend, in my big toe joint.......but PT has been painful and has increased my... (28 replies)
... I was NWB for the first 2 weeks and I was PWB up to the 6th week. That said, I was still off my feet 80% of the time the first 6 weeks, and I was icing and elevating when I rested. While I was PWB, in the soft cast boot, for 4 weeks, I mainly ran quick errands...nothing strenuous...and I limped....struggled.... My foot swelled and ached. At the 5th week mark, my incision... (22 replies)
... Thanks, I am not in pain when I walk, but I only walk on my heel. I am up and about a lot. I am used to being busy all the time. Just hate not being able to just jump up and do things. I have to find shoes that I can wear. None of mine will fit. Thanks for the reply. Jean (17 replies)
... I am 9 weeks postop and, though I'm wearing wide running shoes, after a 2-3 hours on my feet, my foot swells and aches. I still ice and elevate. I am a runner, and, from what I've read, it takes a few months, 4-6, to get back to normal. I'd think dancing would be similar. I finally found a runner who said she was running after 8+ months postop. I now feel I won't be... (17 replies)
... I had my bunionectomy on Dec. 27th, much earlier than yours and my doctor didn't want me to put much weight on it until now, 8+ weeks postop. He did say I could use a stationary bike at 7 weeks, but, as a runner, I must admit that is too much pressure on my foot right now, so, I'd be hesitant about spinning for awhile. I have been swimming laps....some....but walking for... (23 replies)
... hi runner, it took about 4 months and i was able to go back to tennis(singles). it took a while to get my timeing back. you will get there, its so hard to wait. (7 replies)
... ope to be running within 6 months. I'm just now swimming, but, as fit as I've been, it will now take months to get back into shape. It's amazing how exhausting surgery is..... On hindsight, I probably wouldn't have had this surgery, because the postop struggle, right now, far exceeds any discomfort I did have. ... (7 replies)
... I am a runner too, so, 9weeks post op, I'm starting PT to help me get back into running shape. My PT says it probably won't be until the summer, when I'm running strongly. ... (240 replies)

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