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... HI, Have you gone for PT yet? If so and it has been 5 months I would check it out with your doctor.If not maybe you could try some PT.But I do believe after 5 months it should be pretty much flat.I had my surgery 8 months ago and went to PT and mine still sticks up quit a bit. I have been to all kinds of Doctors, PT and have found that a mistake was made during the... (13 replies)
... Hello, I was wondering if any of you have had problems with your big toe not going flat on the ground after bunion surgury, its been like 5 months since my surgury and was wondering if I should worry about that? ... (13 replies)
Bunion Help!!
Jul 28, 2006
... y wont operate on your foot unless they are sure that your foot has stopped growing. For me getting orthotics helped a lot and comfortable roomy shoes. i got the bunion surgury a week ago and so far so good ill keep u posted. ... (4 replies)

... Hi, I had bunion surgery 2 years ago and have been left with a big toe that sticks up. It bends up but not down. My original podiatrist says he doesn't know why? ... (13 replies)
... hi susieblueyes! i had the bunion surgery too. ... (13 replies)
... i'm 20 and had bunion surgery when i was 12, 8 yrs ago. ... (13 replies)
... HI, I had bunion surgery just a month ago, and at first I felt the same as you, that my big toe was raised higher than the others. ... (13 replies)
Bunion surgury
Jun 10, 2002
... I have surgury in 2 days and I'm getting scared has anyone had a screw put in their foot for a talor's bunion. ... (1 replies)
... The surgury went well, but as for pain, its still very difficult to bare with. ... (2 replies)
... Good idea, I'll asked mine if he'll do my surgury (14 replies)
... verify you are or aren't getting the proper care. This will cost you a few dollars but if you don't address it now, it may cost you more in the long run. If this surgury you just had gives you trouble and keeps you from working, the lose of income and possibly you job will cost you a lot down the road. ... (6 replies)
... Hi! I am so happy I came across this board - it helps to know others are in the same boat - or should I say boot - that I am! I don't know the proper name of my surgury, but I will ask on my next visit. I had 2 hammer toes corrected where he took out a little bone on each toe. I also had the bunion corrected, where he but the big toe bones (the one for the toe and the... (7 replies)
Is This Normal?
Aug 8, 2006
... are peeling toes and bottom of feet normal after bunion surgury on the operated foot? ... (4 replies)
... i had my bunion surgury about a week ago. my doctor was awesome and leading up to it i wasnt really nervous. ... (7 replies)
... I was concerned about my toe sticking up as well - my xray shows my big toe sticking straight out while the others curl down - but PT has dramatically helped. You have to keep doing that towel exercise! Put that towel on the floor and scrunch it with your toes, over and over and over. Then pick up marbles with your toes. Then - stand up and keeping your baby toes on the... (13 replies)
... Hi there!. Crutches, I have exactly the same problem as you. My big toes stick up slightly and I feel like I'm walking on a golf ball. It's horrible. I have orthotics which help slightly, but my second little toes are turning into hammer toes and the orthotics make that feel worse. My surgery was done by a podiatrist surgeon, and after it was clear to me that it had caused... (13 replies)
... Hi Aggravated1, You're the only other poster that I have read that has had a osteotomy on my 2nd metatarsal. I had a bunionectomy PLUS osteotomy on my 2nd metatarsal for the same reasons (ball of foot pain, calluses - due to the 2nd head taken most of the weight. I am now 7 weeks post-op, and my 2nd toe is sitting higher, and is stiff and does not bend! I am hoping that it... (13 replies)
... Hello, I had surgery last year for an osteotomy on my 2nd metatarsal. My doctor basically shortened my 2nd metatarsal slightly, so the pressure when I walk would be evenly distributed across all my metatarsals. Currently, my second toe sits higher than the others and it is very stiff. My doctor explained that I developed scar tissue at the base of the 2nd toe, in the area of... (13 replies)
... Let us know how you make out :) Sue (13 replies)
... Thank you all for your advice, will go to the doc again and see what he thinks, origionally he didn't put me in any PT and just gave me toe exercises to do and that was about it, thank you I'll get into PT as soon as possible.. thank you all for your time and goddess bless.. (13 replies)

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