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... weeks. First 2 weeks I had a plaster type cast and last 4 i had an air cast. After x rays at the 6 week mark my Pod said I was okay to bear weight. I walked with the same air cast for 2 weeks and then wore a surgical boot for about 2 more weeks. ... (12 replies)
... I am in the midst of transitioning to a sneaker with an ankle stirrup brace. ... (7 replies)
... my bunions decided to get them fixed. I was terrified after reading all the posts. I found a Dr. who does minimally invasive surgery which will get me back to dancing . Yes, get a second opinion. ... (8 replies)

... This is a very personal decision. My foot hurt, but I could live with with it and I wanted some range of motion in my toe for dancing as long as possible. My podiatrist knew that I did NOT want the joint fused and agreed not to do it. ... (14 replies)
... normally people are back dancing by this time!! Anyway, i feel your depression. ... (71 replies)
... d I am getting disheartened a bit because I am not fully weightbearing. I am also very swollen and black and blue. I feel like I am healing so slowly. I also had bunion surgery 17 years ago on my left foot and I don't remember this level of pain at all. I am turning 40 soon and I think that has something to do with it. ... (15 replies)
... I had a bunionectomy with osteotomies and pins on both sides of my right foot two years ago. ... (24 replies)
... It was VERY discouraging to feel like I was going back in my recovery in the 3rd post op month. Also I got married and wore small heels and did some dancing which also contributed to the sesamoiditis I'm sure. ... (5 replies)
... wow, pain free, sounds great!! so what do you do for work? how come it took you 9 weeks before going back? My doc told me 4 weeks at the most...( I have a desk job) is yours more physical? a massage sounds great!! will do that once I get these bandages off:angel::angel: keep dancing!! (87 replies)
... weeks post surgery. This time around, I'm not working, but the pain and recovery has been much worse than the first time. Twelve years ago I was dancing 2 months after surgery. This time I'm almost at 2 months and only walk when I have to. The swelling continues to be a problem even with icing and elevation. ... (87 replies)
... call the sports team office and ask who they use for ortho foot specialist. if you cant wear any shoes now, you have to have something done. but it has to be with the most quaified dr even if he is 2 hours away. mine is 1 hour away. ... (20 replies)
... Thank you to those who responded. My foot actually doesn't hurt when I am barefoot or if I wear extra wide shoes or shoes with a stretch etc. but it makes it hard to find any shoes that are half way attractive. ... (14 replies)
... a kind of poll on how those of you who had surgery for a problem similair to mine fared after surgery. About four years ago my right toe which always had a small bunion turned into a big bunion. The big toe then begin to move over toward the second toe. ... (14 replies)
... weeks post op from bunion surgery. I had it done on my right foot five years ago and am very glad I did. I have no pain and my foot looks great. On May 1 I had it done on my left foot. ... (24 replies)
... nd my foot does not swell during the day, but at night, when I take the shoes off and take a shower, my ankle and foot starts to swell. I do not know why.I sleep with my foot elevated and it is fine in the morning. I do think my toes are fused. Just my guess because I try and try to bend them. ... (17 replies)
... e going to need to rebuild certain leg and foot muscles and also because you need to improve your range of motion in your toes. I don't know if this is the case with you, but my 2nd toe, which I had the hammertoe correction, I cannot bend my toe because the joints or bones were fused together. ... (17 replies)
... and had bunion surgery last April. I had a base wedge osteotomy and hammertoe correction on two toes. ... (17 replies)
... I had bunion surgery with 4 hammertoes on Jan. 8, 2008. My foot still swells. I try to keep it up and on ice as much as I can. ... (17 replies)
... miles a day IF I wear the wide toed shoes I have with the memory foam inserts that stretch at the bunion area. They're getting kind of faded looking but I have no pain when I walk with those. ... (5 replies)
... on my right foot that I had since a kid but it was very small then, started to grow much bigger causing the big toe to lean over toward the second toe. Now the bunion is very pronounced and very painful when it rubs my shoes. ... (5 replies)

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