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... I just hit 4 months yesterday!!! ... (18 replies)
... my PT started at 2 weeks post op. ... (18 replies)
... months post op and doing well, I have been back to work since feb 7 and on my feet all day since early March. ... (18 replies)

... at I am allergic too, but an allergic reaction wouldn't make my toe go crooked. My foot looks and feels like I never had the bunion removed and it has been over 3 months now. The other foot looks fine and has less pain. I am 3 weeks post op on that one. ... (4 replies)
... I did not experience the pain and allignment issues, but I did have a LOT of swelling (still do 4 months post op). Did you get CT scans of your foot to see if things are fusing correctly? Did you have any fusion in your proceedure? (4 replies)
... other foot was Dec 26, 2013. The one I had done on Dec 26 is doing great. Very minimal pain. However the one that was done first has been nothing but pain. Post surgically it did well until about day 5. Then a had a lot of pain in my big toe and in the area where the bunion was. ... (4 replies)
... guess I still have 6 and a bit months left..... right now I fee like I have replaced bunion pain with toe pain.. ... (18 replies)
... Keisha - this whole bunionectomy experience is about patience and I know it seems like it has been an age since you were able to move that toe but really 12 weeks is just the bone healing period. I found that once I was released at 12 weeks and began exercising again, the movement soon began to return. I am now 6 months post op and have about 95% of my movement back (I was... (4 replies)
... still have that. I was told it takes 12 months to fully recover from a bunionectomy and that I will have some swelling at least until 6 or 8 months. ... (8 replies)
... Anyway, I saw him today for my 3 month check and he said that there had been some recurrence but that I'm still swollen and would be for another 3 months so we should reserve final judgement until that time. ... (8 replies)
... i am about 3 months post op and I can walk at a normal pace, i can run up and down the stairs, and would say that i am doing pretty well. ... (9 replies)
... Of course everyone's recovery is different but my experience was that the recovery with my left foot took about 5.5 months. I keep saying that on this board because I think I had it in my mind that the recovery was about 8 weeks (ha) so I was distressed when I was not normal then. My left foot did FINALLY feel normal (my definition of normal is being able to run down the... (9 replies)
... For anyone who has recently had this foot surgery...I had mine 1/6/04 so I'm about 3 months post-op: I had a big weekend at the zoo first and then to Six Flags the next day. All I can say is OUCH! :eek: Right now my foot isn't bothering me too much but is still a bit swollen but trying to walk on it for any length of time was really hard. Basically, I walked from ride to... (9 replies)
... No icing. I have been compliant with all instructions. Starting tomorrow all these restrictions are lifted and 3 days after that, I will have the stitches removed. I should be back to work 4 weeks after surgery. ... (4 replies)
... It seems you are happy with your feet......;) I did wonder about the "three month" thing because I am at almost three and a half months, and you were before me. I am impressed with the heels......oops, I just re-read your post. No heels, and no painless running. That will come in time. For now you will have to be happy with beauty. :jester: (18 replies)
... swelling can last up to a year. it can go on even longer. 3 months will be a major improvement. ... (39 replies)
... There is another message board out here for Bunionectomy. I would check that one out. It looks like swelling is a long term thing. From 3 months up to a year. I am 3 weeks out and still have swelling and some pain. It got much better once the pins were removed. ... (39 replies)
... I'm glad you brought up this topic. I just had a very frustrating appointment with my pod today. Even though I am only 3 months post op, I too have an issue with swelling and return pain issues. I'd like to have a better answer than the one I got..."Let's just wait and see what happens. ... (5 replies)
... I am 3 months post op from a bunionectomy. ... (2 replies)
... It is still very early for you yet. You should wait probably another 3 to 4 weeks and then see how it goes. Your foot is still adjusting to the new settings. ... (10 replies)

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