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... It's so helpful to read all your posts. I just didn't realize how hard it was going to be to not be able to walk for 8 weeks. ... (70 replies)
... This Friday will be 8 weeks post op for me and I am going to try running around the one mile block near my apartment! I was able to run that at 8 weeks post op for my right foot, so I'm hoping I have luck this weekend. ... (149 replies)
... I miss running too, I am itching to start and try a trip around the 1 mile block near my apartment. I'm trying to hold off one more week (so I'll be 8 weeks post-op) because that's when I felt comfortable doing that run on the right foot. I really haven't run since February, although there were a few weeks in between surgeries when I would try 1-2 miles and did okay. I miss... (149 replies)

... Hi everyone...I'm new here and still trying to learn a lot about what to expect. I had a bilateral bunionectomy on both feet last Friday so now I'm 5 days post-op. I'm not sure what the name of it is--just know that my doctor made an incision along the side of both feet, broke the big toe joint, re-aligned it with permanent screws, and then cut off the excess bone. I now have... (149 replies)
... and after about 8 weeks, I was able to start running again. ... (149 replies)
... Thank you for responding. I was hoping that you would ;) Your info was very helpful. I've decided after reading the responses that I'm going to have the surgery. Thanks again...I appreciate that you took the time to help. I'm from Boston too (Winchester) I moved to Fl 4 years ago for work. I miss "home" and the family so much. I travel back every 6-8 weeks to visit. I... (14 replies)
... Dear Nurse, Hi, I have not had to have that procedure, but my friend is the sister of a top MD surgeon in a Harvard teaching hospital and she is the daughter of a (late) professor of physiology at a famous medical school, and a long time medical social worker: So I listen to her when she is trying to find a good doctor for her feet. I have worked in hospitals, too, but... (12 replies)
... As for time off, I think 8 weeks off work is sufficient for most people. It also depends on how good of a patient you are. ... (12 replies)
... Hello all, I'm new here, and just wondering about whether those who have had bunionectomies have used an orthopedic surgeon or a podiatrist? I am a nurse, and know PLENTY of orthopods who will do this procedure.... but I just feel that a podiatrist will give a more cosmetic effect. Also, I'm finding that those who've used podiatrists may also weight bear sooner and have... (12 replies)
... Hello All: I am 8 weeks post-op as of yesterday. I had a scarf osteotomy on my left foot. I saw the doc on Wed. and I can now wear SAS sandals. I can't walk for exercise or even jog for 6 months. :( My foot looks great and when it's cold, I wear uggs with my orthotic in for support. I don't know if I should get them redone or not, my doc is not a fan of them so he... (30 replies)
... sorry I should day 8 weeks later. As I've just reazlised it's not even 12 weeks since my surgery. So isn't that even more amazing. ... (97 replies)
... I am 8 weeks post op yesterday! ... (97 replies)
... Thankyou girls for all your kind congratulations Im off work for about 8 weeks with my feet so i will be getting plenty of cuddles in even though i wont be able to walk him in the park. ... (97 replies)
... I had my initial bunionectomy the last week of October and a routine screw removal in late February. Since then I've been having a great deal of pain in the instep area. ... (0 replies)
... weightbearing for 8 weeks or more both times. Foot surgeries take a very long time to heal. ... (7 replies)
... this, I am 8 weeks now and started PT and PT gave me strretcheable rubber bands to exercise. ... (39 replies)
... My surgery was Nov 12th. I go back to work this Friday. I work 12 hour shifts so I may try and just do 8 hours a day for a week or so. Did I read that you are 3.5 weeks post op and you're doing stationary bike? ... (39 replies)
... That's the person I would ask or at least call the office and check with them. I didn't start using the compression sock until I was 8 weeks out but that's because I was in a cam boot until then and couldn't weight bear. ... (39 replies)
... I had a Lapidus bunionectomy done 2 years ago. You are right, everyone is different. I was out of work with my foot elevated for 2 weeks. ... (4 replies)
... out 9 months total to really feel healed. It just depends on how are body reacts. I had two bunionette surgeries years before and bounced back from both within 8 weeks, but the bunion surgery didn't go so well. ... (90 replies)

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